Monday, June 1, 2009

With His Feathers.

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth [shall be thy] shield and buckler.
Psalm 91:4

Hey Girls,

"I am back and going to post over here for a week or so. I am having a new Samaritan Women designed a real talented lady and I am going to wait to post over there till I have my "new look".

BUT...... I am back and it is good to be back and I will spend the next few night catching up on some reading and then I am going to post a Pay It Forward that is long over due. That will be sometime around Friday. I have some picture of the yard that we have landscaped and some pictures of the little house where Mom and Dad live. So I want to share what I have been doing around my house.
I finished my last job in the shop today at 5:00 p.m. I was hoping to finish earlier in the day so I could post early tonight but I am here now.

I have to deliver the shirts tomorrow and I will be finished. I am so looking forward to doing my own thing in my shop. I have a web site about finished called Sew Very Prim and I hope to have it open in a week or so. We (my sweet DH and I ) have to figure out the PayPal buttons. That seems to be the hardest part. I had thought about an Etsy shop but not sure how well they do. Let me know if any of you out there have an Etsy shop that does well.

We have finished fencing in the back yard and it is just wonderful not to worry about the dogs coming in or anyone else because of the pool. I am going to take pictures for you and post Thursday or so and let you see what I have created in the back yard. I love going out there now and it is such a place of peace..........

I have moved into a new place in my life. I am finding such peace and contentment that has never been there. I am rested and refreshed and find that the Lord is always so very near even when we are too busy to see and hear. I have taken a deep breath and surveyed my life and found that I am not lacking in any good thing. There are always going to be things in our lives that cause us stress and pain but if we just stand still and rest we will soon see that HE IS in control and HE is quite able to shoulder our burdens.

We carry our burdens around for too long, then once we are aware that they are there we are already bowed over. It is in the giving over of our burden to HIM that HE replaces it with HIS peace. I think that is an awesome trade don't you. Why does it take us so long to learn. Will I remember these days and not repeat the past, I hope so.

Soooooooooooooooo what have YOU been up to? I have missed you all so much and it was an interesting thing to find that I had withdrawals from the blog world. What a gift the Lord has given each of us............. Sooooooooooo I am out of here to read and comment and find out what you have been doing in your life...............

I have sooooooooooo missed you each and every one


  1. Dear friend...I don't know why it takes a long time to learn some things....but I'm thankful that He is ever patient and faithful!

    We have been steadily fighting off the enemy and working on the bloggers retreat....and YOU know far too well---when you are trying your hardest to do something that God has laid on your heart...the old enemy will fight....but we hold the Sword! (the WORD)

    I love the ducks...the life that He blessed us with---to enjoy---is incredible...we really can't even fathom the magnitude of all that HE has done!

    I can't wait to see what you've been doing in the shop!

    Share!!! Tell!!!

  2. Soooooooo glad you are back....
    looking forward to seeing your the ducks....God is so good.

  3. I love your attitude and it warms my heart when people realize that inner peace is a gift we give ourselves when we trust God to handle our burdens...I'm excited to see all these new things you are excited about, so do share!

  4. You sound sound rested and refreshed just as you said. I've missed you too. I can't wait to see the photos and hear all that's been going on.

  5. I missed you SOOOOOOOOOO much too! is that why I don't get so upset over things any more, cause I have peace with myself, that only our father can give? or am I just learning to hide it, something to pray about, I love to pray, its my own time with my father, my very own personal conversation, and I feel so much better when I do, that's because the Holy Spirit is with me.I love you....

  6. Hi Lady, Welcome home. :)
    See how your missed. Yet it seemed like you have been there all the while in your thoughts and prayers. As you have been in mine.
    It has been a full time for me. Now I am readying to go camping this week end. That stone center is a nugget of paridot. It is said to be of assertiveness. .
    I hope the colors fit your tastes.

  7. So does this mean you're going to have time to swimming now?

  8. Denise, it is soooo good to have you back. You sound so energized and your spirit has been lifted I can hear it in your words. Look forward to all the pictures.
    Sweet, sweeet ducky picture and the most perfect verse with it. hugs, Linda

  9. Denise, your post hit home with me. I have given so many of my burdens to Christ these past few months. It is so true about letting him shoulder the load that we cannot carry in our hearts and mind.

    Keep on living through Him. You sound wonderful!

    sending a hug to you and a smile,

  10. Glad you are back and refreshed.
    He is faithful!
    Love the picture too.

  11. I have really missed you, lady! That picture is precious and goes so well with your scripture reference.

    When you wrote"I have taken a deep breath and surveyed my life and found that I am not lacking in any good thing.", it really spoke to me because I have been realizing that very thing....especially over the past few weeks.

    Can't wait to see what you share with us next...

  12. Welcome back! I Love, Love, love that picture of the ducks! So thankful you're finding contentment where God has you now. I need to read this blog more, to find out more about you and what you've been doing. I'm not sure I understand it all, but I'm sure it's good! God bless.

  13. Welcome back!! Yippee:)hee hee :)
    I am very happy for you!! We are all a work in progress, we are all learning as we go. . .and learn we do:) God Bless you my friend, love you, keep the PEACE:)

  14. You sound like you've reached a place of peace, that's so good. Maybe I'm not there. I do know that he's ever near me and that he knows the desires of my heart, sometimes even silly desires. Welcome back, I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. Welcome back and can't wait to see the complete new design!

  16. Glad you're back...missed you!

    Nothin new on my end here...kinda boring if you ask me.


  17. Wonder post. Glad your back. Will look forward to seeing pics.

  18. Dear Sister,

    I'm glad you're back but I'm even happier that you are refreshed and renewed in the LORD!

    Looking forward to your sharing with us as the LORD leads you.

    The photo is beautiful and what an image of our Abba Father over us.

    Love you.

  19. Dearest Denise,

    SO good to have you back amongst us:-) I haven't been blogging/visiting as much lately because of being so busy with so many things but everything seems to be settling down again, thank goodness. Sounds like you have been very busy as well and I look forward to seeing pictures of your newly landscaped yard and what you have created back there:-)

    Being able to find inner peace within ourselves is a wonderful thing indeed and I'm so glad that you've now reached that point:-) Love you girl!! xoxo

  20. Denise,

    So glad you are back. I am looking forward to all your photos. You've been doing a lot of work at your house and I'm sure everything looks lovely.

    I've been down with the flu the last couple of days and still quite weak and not eating much.

    I can't view my blog again. Getting operation aborted. This happened two weeks ago and it took me three days to be able to see my blog.

    Take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  21. Love this shot and will follow your blog...

  22. Love this shot and will follow your blog...

  23. Hi Denise, it is so nice to be here again... and it is so nice to hear that you are back blogging...
    Beautiful illustration you showed up about God's word.
    Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  24. I love that sweet!

    I have an Etsy shop although I am on vacation for the no selling until September. I like it, but then again I sell as a Hobby so if I sell one or two things I'm happy. The fees are ok, 20 cents to list something for 4 months...not too shabby. I usually list vintage but I am trying to do more handmade items...but I have to wait until the kids are done with school. I like doing things at my own my own time. :)

    Thanks for popping by to see me recently. :)

  25. Went looking for you this morning...could not remember for the life of me what your new blogsite's name was....

    But I found you!!

    I am so glad you are rested up and that the Lord is showing you some good things.....

    I would love to just be able to lay all things aside (and that would include family) for awhile, and just concentrate on my relationship with the Lord...but yet maybe that is not how God would want it for me....

    Anwyway, so glad to "hear" from you again!!

    Blessings and love!!


  26. Thinking of you dear sister.

  27. Dear Denise,
    I'm so glad to see you back blogging. It's so wonderful to hear of the peacefulness that you are experiencing. I am always so heartened when I read your posts. I'm looking forward to your future posts and pictures.

  28. I know the issue a I think first off remove several pictures and if it goes away this is the problem
    I have to purchase more space $20 a year because I have to use a greater band width fo the images I use are full size.
    Another fix is to shrink the pic but what fun is that?
    MY Steve could tell you how.


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