Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pearl of Great Price

    While still going through the things that belong to mom I have found a treasure. Mom had lots and lots and lots of jewelry. Lots. Many years ago when Dad was stationed in the Azores, we stayed with Grandmother in Roff Oklahoma.

    While in the Azores Dad sent home a pearl for me and one for Mom. Mine was a single pearl on a chain but Mothers was a pearl encased in a gold "cage" so to speak. Many years ago mom decided that she had lost her pearl. Dad and I search over the years and we never found that pearl. It was decided that it was lost forever.

  I have been going through moms things over the past couple of years and this past week I am dealing with her jewelry boxes. One of the boxes is the one that I sent to her from the Philippines. It is carved on the top and the front of the draws and it is chocked full of pieces of old jewelry and chains. While unraveling the many pieces of broken chains I found THIS! 

 It is mothers pearl. It is dull and worn and needs some TLC........ but after a little soap and water and some cleaning, it will look just like it did 50 years ago......... It is truly a pearl of great price.  I will show you what it looks like after some TLC and a new chain.... I will wear it with great pride.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More of the Past

  I am still going through the pictures and there are times that I have to stop and take a break from the pictures. Some days it is overwhelming......... Where did life go, I turn 66 tomorrow and going through these pictures is turning out not to be the best birthday present for me....... Reality checks are not always good for the soul......... 

 Newmarket England...  1966 I think. I was writing a letter to my mom and dad. I left when I was 17 and flew to England and was gone 3 years. I think in this picture I was home sick and words were not coming easy.
    This one is of me and my brother Larry. Were were in mom and dads kitchen in Roff Oklahoma. I have no idea of why the face but I was the family clown and making people laugh was always something that brought me joy. The year must have been around 1976 give or take a year.
   This one brings great joy to my heart. It is me and my mom and my son Darryl in the blue and son Chris in the red. In 1977 me and my Dad built a green house that was 50 x 100 feet and we were going to start a business. My Dad was a grower for years and he had a very green thumb.  It was a beautiful thing and my days were filled with fun and laughter and playing in the dirt. It is my passion, always has been. Had I not been married to the son of satin it would have been a life long business but sadly it ended all too soon. Anyway, I have no idea who was behind the camera and what they were saying but I think I was busy and did not want to mess with them... hahahahah

  There are many many more pictures. I do not know if I will get through them all. It is really breaking my heart.

!-- gt;