Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pearl of Great Price

    While still going through the things that belong to mom I have found a treasure. Mom had lots and lots and lots of jewelry. Lots. Many years ago when Dad was stationed in the Azores, we stayed with Grandmother in Roff Oklahoma.

    While in the Azores Dad sent home a pearl for me and one for Mom. Mine was a single pearl on a chain but Mothers was a pearl encased in a gold "cage" so to speak. Many years ago mom decided that she had lost her pearl. Dad and I search over the years and we never found that pearl. It was decided that it was lost forever.

  I have been going through moms things over the past couple of years and this past week I am dealing with her jewelry boxes. One of the boxes is the one that I sent to her from the Philippines. It is carved on the top and the front of the draws and it is chocked full of pieces of old jewelry and chains. While unraveling the many pieces of broken chains I found THIS! 

 It is mothers pearl. It is dull and worn and needs some TLC........ but after a little soap and water and some cleaning, it will look just like it did 50 years ago......... It is truly a pearl of great price.  I will show you what it looks like after some TLC and a new chain.... I will wear it with great pride.



  1. Oh Denise I am SO HAPPY you found that pearl! I can only imagine what it meant to you... and how excited you must have been! What a heaven sent gift.... xoxo

  2. Isn't that the greatest thing -- to find that pearl after all this time. I agree with Lea --- a heaven-sent gift! I'm sure it brought back so many loving memories for you. Nothing better than when the lost is found once again!

  3. This is a sweet find. I think it was waiting to be found on the right day to have the most impact. Like coming out of the oyster its first time.
    Hello Denise. I was here thinking on you. I trust your doing well and happy. I think I have been in that oyster a while myself. Ha!
    I am beginning to come up from the deep and show my heart above water.
    Sorta like a hibernating injured bear. Healing has given me a chance to wake and see the sun once again.
    Life is good it was just real hard for some time there.
    I trust your well and happy. May you be enjoying a beautiful day where you are.

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