Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

In the coming New Year let us all strive to

"Love Like We Have Never Been Hurt"

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
And surely you’ll buy your pint cup !
and surely I’ll buy mine !
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.
We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine ;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.
We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.
And there’s a hand my trusty friend !
And give us a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

 Happy New Year Girls.........


Better pictures of the house and the lights!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my little Mom's 91st birthday. I always baked her a cake and bought her flowers. Today there are others that are singing to her, others that she has not seen in many many years. What a time she must be having. I know that Dad sang to her first thing. He always sang Happy Birthday to each of us. I miss baking her a cake an I wish that the Father God would let me here the singing, but I will just need to wait.  

Happy Birthday Mom..............  I know today's celebration is unlike any other you have ever had.........

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Merry Christmas girls.  I will be signing off now till after the New Year. My sweet husband is home now till the 3rd of January and we are making some plans to run around a few days here and yon....  We will have Christmas here with my son and brother and SIL.  
Walden Home 2010

We are then going to work on the little house that belonged to Mom and Dad and get it rented out. I think I will do better if someone is living in it instead of it sitting empty. I have not yet moved Mom's things out so me and my sweet husband will tackle that Sunday.  I have a load of things to take to Tulsa an a few things to give away to the two SIL's .  I will only keep a couple of hats that I gave Mom for Christmas and her Birthday's over the years.We both have a love for hats.
Other than that there is not much over there. Mom and Dad was not material people and everything they have is mostly of sentimental value and nothing more. 
I just need to suck it up and get that little house cleaned out and put it to good use. Mom and Dad would want that. I am hoping to find a woman near my age retired or semi retired to live out there. I think that would be wonderful.  I am asking the Father God for just that.
Again I say, Merry Christmas to my blog world friends. Please forgive me for not sending out Christmas Cards this year. Seems my heart is in another place this year. 
I have VERY exciting news to share with you in the New Year, actually it is two different stories to tell you. One will be here on this blog an the other will be on the Samaritan Women Among You blog. I am anxious to share what the Father God has done and is doing. 

 Mom and Dad Christmas 2009
Had I known that it was my last Christmas with them, I would have hugged on them longer and kissed their cheeks one more time.. I would have filled their stockings to running and overflowing with candy and their favorite thing........ 
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

Until then........... 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Healing of Relationships

I think I might have said something about the healing that has come to me and my brother Larry and his crazy wife Mary Marty (inside joke) .  We went to visit with them last night and we laughed and we cried.  I took him a quilt top that was hand made by our grandmother on my mom's ,  Ida Potts.  I have been quilting them and giving them away for a couple of years now. Marty did not want me to have his quilted, as she has a lady that does all her quilting so I took just the top. AND I forgot to take a picture!!!!!!!!!   I will have Marty take a picture of it for me and send to me later.

Anyway, Larry is the second oldest and out of all four of us he is the most kind, honest, giving, compassionate human being that I know.  He always has been. He was the middle child actually.  PE being the oldest and me being the youngest with only 14 months between each of us.... PE just turned 66, Larry will turn 65 in Jan and I will turn 64 in March. My poor mother.   There is a sister but she came along 8 years after me so actually Larry was the middle child and we tormented him without mercy when we were children.

PE is an extroverted person with a wild sense of humor he took after the Walsh side. My dad was very outgoing an extroverted. I also am extroverted to a fault thus I too am a Walsh. Larry on the other hand is quiet and introverted a bit and took after my Mom which is the Potts side of the family. Now can you imagine living in-between the two of us for years and years with our Type A personalities! OMG....... It i a wonder he is not plumb nuts! 

I think in later years it crated some insecurities in him but being the person that he is, he has overcome them and has a passion for the Lord. We laughed about those years as children growing up and I told him that the Lord used our abuse to make him stronger, so he really needed to thank us!   lolololo...........  We laughed and laughed..........

Now Mary oops Marty on the other hand is a hoot! Where Larry is pretty laid back and quiet , she makes up for it for both of them.........  She is more fun to sit an talk with and let me tell you, she will speak her mind and you might as well just sit and listen. She IS going to tell you..........  Isn't it strange how each of us has our own unique personality but in those personalities we are all individual and different and we add to the lives of others different colors from the color wheel. How sad it would be to be a world of  all neutral and gray world. If I had a box of 120 crayons she would be the HOT PINK!    hahahhahahahh
Larry would be the light sky blue. What a combination!  

We have not been over there since we lost mom so we had some tears to shed over the oh so tender open wound that we all still feel. It was good to talk with him to see how he is doing so I can gauge it with how I am doing.  Tender heart is Larry.  I gave him a picture of Dad standing tall and proud in his uniform and a young man in the military and Larry was visibly shaken.  
It is one thing to know that Mom and Dad are rejoicing with the heaven host but it is another thing when we talk of how we miss them.

It was a good visit. I promised to have a big Sunday dinner one day in January and have them all over. I love my brother Larry I love his funny funny wife Marty. They are my family. 
I am thankful that the Father God has healed a relationship that was once so very strong. 
It is once again strong. It will remain that way.
What a wonderful gift this Christmas, my brother.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He Came........

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government
Shall be upon His shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful,
Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.
(Isaiah 9:6)

I was listening to this song this morning while getting my day in order (what ever that means)  My mind was in 20 different places and then all of a sudden my spirit man was stirred and I sat still and listened to what HE was wanting me to hear. 

For unto US.........  

For you see we are the reason for the season.
He came without hesitation, leaving His crown at the feet of the Father. 
He came as scripture foretold. 
He came, His future planned before the foundations of the earth. 
He came with a whimper in a manger, 
knowing that He would die as a result of His birth.
Yet He came.
He came from the Father so we could be reconciled back to The Father. 

He came from the Father and He was without sin. 

He came in obedience to the Father, so that we could
cry abba Father.

Romans 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have  received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.
Let us rejoice
He came. 

He is coming again.

Merry Christmas and with that said let it melt your heart to the real reason we celebrate.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad...... I am guessing the heavenly host sang to you this morning. I am guessing that they did a much better job than I use to but I bet they did not bake you a chocolate layer cake. 93 today and celebrating with the angels and with mom........ I miss you...

I sat in my chair today drinking an A&W Root Beer. It is my favorite.  I cried most of the day.  Tonight I will eat ice-cream.   Not needing your sympathy............Just a listening ear...   Just saying..........!  Tough day here..  


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We had the best weekend this past week.  You hear me talking about my brother Paul an his sweet wife Alpha all the time, well he was a featured artist at The Paseo Art Walk on Friday night in Oklahoma City. It is a very quaint little part of  OKC with little shops and sidewalk cafes'.  Every Friday night they have an "Art Walk' and there is one featured artist.

This past Friday PE was the featured artist and so we headed to OKC.
I do not know what happened here.. no idea of why the orange!  BUT there he is standing in the doorway..

This is what the door way should have looked like.  The outside is actually blue... Very small but such a fun place

Here is the outside color........  and then other gallerias that go up the street are orange and pink..

I was so unprepared for what we found.
there were about 20 art galleries, and each one had a little mini  band playing. You could hear anything from hard rock to classical on flutes!   Each one had a table set up with a beautiful spread of finger foods and a vast array of hors d' oeuvers.
Here is PE  doing what he does so well..............  TALKING ART!!!!  We just leave him alone and let him do his thing.........  This was a beautiful gallery........

Table full of dolls out of clay...  They caught my attention.......

Each store and gallery was decorated with all the twinkling lights.. I wish the pictures did them justice........

It was about two block filled with these little galleries with caorlers on the sidewalk and lots and lots of people!
Street side hot chocolate and cookies   YUM!!!!!!!!!


The harmonica man........ playing Christmas carols!!!!!!

PE had to stay with his gallery but me and Dennis and Alpha were free to see the sights. 

Do you see the gal standing on the upper balcony?  Click on the picture to see her better....

She is a mannequin!  There were several standing around the galleries........ If you did not look closely you would have thought they were just people standing around..

We walked both sides of the blocks and we did not miss a gallery. Each one filled every one of your senses with beautiful art which is candy for the eyes and sounds of music for the ears and oh my gosh the smells and tastes of all the different cuisines for the taste! It was such a treat for me and Dennis. We have not enjoyed anything like that in such a long time. 

After walking the blocks up and down both sides (which took us over two hours) we ended up at one of the sidewalk cafes' for coffee and Dennis and Alpha to split a delicious blue cheese hamburger!  OMG I got just a taste of that......... slobber slobber!!   I did not take a picture!  Shame on me........  We must have sat there for over an hour drinking the most wonderful coffee and people watching..... and let me tell you there were some people to watch there!

The weather was PERFECT for December. We sat just a few doors down from where PE was hobnobbing with all his friends and people that stopped in to see his art. (He was in hog heaven)
This was outside the door of a very very nice gallery.  Me and Alpha and Dennis so enjoyed this one. Good food and lots to see....... It is called "The Elms"  The following picture of a bronze statue is just outside the front door.
I think she needed a coat!

I did not know my camera would take a video......
This young man was so cute!
I caught him on video!   It is only 30 seconds long...... take the time to listen...

Did you know that I am going to buy a Cello? it is something that I have wanted to do for a few years now..  So my sweet husband is going to buy me one after Christmas and we look around a bit and then maybe find someone that gives lessons.......  How neat is that!

Well, me and Dennis and PE and Alpha are going back to OKC one of these Friday nights and do that again!  This time PE will be able to go with us to each gallery and not stay at just one.......  I look forward to that!



Saturday, November 27, 2010

And a Child Shall Led Them!

Listen very close at the beginning.. She is thanking him for the new bible. It is very nice of you is what I think she said.........




Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah

For the lord God omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
For the lord God omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
For the lord God omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
For the lord God omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

For the lord God omnipotent reigneth
Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

The kingdom of this world;
is become
the kingdom of our Lord,
and of His Christ
and of His Christ

And He shall reign for ever and ever
And he shall reign forever and ever
And he shall reign forever and ever
And he shall reign forever and ever

King of kings forever and ever
hallelujah hallelujah
and lord of lords forever and
ever hallelujah hallelujah
King of kings forever and ever
hallelujah hallelujah
and lord of lords forever and
ever hallelujah hallelujah
King of kings forever and ever
hallelujah hallelujah
and lord of lords
King of kings and lord of lords

And he shall reign
And he shall reign
And he shall reign
He shall reign
And he shall reign forever and ever

King of kings forever and ever
and lord of lords hallelujah hallelujah
And he shall reign forever and ever

King of kings and lord of lords
King of kings and lord of lords
And he shall reign forever and ever

Forever and ever and ever and ever
King of kings and Lord of Llords

Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

Friday, November 26, 2010


This is what we woke up to on Thanksgiving Day.   ICE!!!!!!!   It is far too  early to have ice in Oklahoma.  BUT we did.   It was beautiful, and I caught it just as the sun was coming through the trees in the back field. The picture does not do it justice.  It is Friday morning now and it is still there!  Temps are going to go back into the 50's today so it will all go away, but it was just a beautiful sight on Thanksgiving morning.

We had TG over at my son's house yesterday and I took my camera but never took it out of my purse!  I am so ticked off!  BUT Christmas is coming and I will take pictures then.  

PE and Alpha were there me and Dennis and Chris.  We have such a fun day and great food. My son is getting to be quite the little chef!  After we ate we watched a couple of movie on his BIG screen TV and laughed and talked and yes of course took a little nap.  Chris was headed to Lawton to be with his main squeeze later that night so we headed over to our house for coffee and cake and just to sit and visit.  I wish you could know my brother PE .......HE is just a hoot and he and my husband get along so very well.........  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  Me and Alpha just look at each other as those two get on a roll. 

We did not share stories of Mom and Dad this year as I think they knew I was not able to do that so it was loudly avoided.  
They stayed late and after too much coffee and more desert, we divvied up all the food and everyone went home happy. They are headed out this morning southwestern Oklahoma to have TG with her siblings.  She has a big family and every year I am always very envious of her. She has two sisters that go and do a lot together and four brothers.

I then talked to my other brother Larry. He wished us a happy TG.  His wife's family was there but he wanted to wish us a Happy TG..   Me and Dennis are headed over there sometime this week.  She is the SIL that is getting all the quilting books. It has been about a month since we have seen them so we are anxious to get over there.  
It was a wonderful day and having it over at Chris' house was a good idea.  

I am looking forward to Christmas. We are going to have our Christmas the day after to accommodate for a couple of other family members to be here.  It will be here, so I need to spend this next few weeks doing a little more decorating.  

I will be doing all the cooking as I have planned something so very different. I am going to cook an English meal with roasted leg of lamb and Yorkshire pudding with roasted potatoes and carrots with brussel sprouts!!!!!!  Followed with English trifle pudding an maybe black pudding if I can figure out how to make that.  I have been promising Chris and my brother and husband to fix an English meal like I used to and I think that Christmas will be a good time to do that!  Makes me hungry to even type it!  I promise to take pictures! 

I promise........  Some of you might know that I spent many years in different countries and England was one of them. I lived there 3 year from 1965-1968. I lived in a town called Newmarket and learned how to live "English" I loved it!  Soooooooooooo  it will be English cuisine this Christmas. It will be fun! 
Well time for me to do some work here, my shop is full of empty totes from all the Christmas decor and I need to clear them out so I can work on some dolls and Christmas gifts planned for a few folks.......

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do........We are NOT shoppers after TG......... We stay home and let the rest of the world fight that traffic!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Happy Thanksgiving girls.......... I am cooking today. Turkey and ham and my best dressing in the world. I could not seem to get past having Thanksgiving here so we are headed over to my sons' house. My brother PE and wife Alpha will meet us there.

I have decorated the house and everything looks great but my precious son and husband suggested that we go somewhere else this year. I think it is a good idea.

Sending Thanksgiving wishes to each and every one of you and may we always remember to be thankful for the good things that the Father God has provided. Pray for our nation.......

I Thessalonians 5:18 "In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Do you quilt? Ok..... Then do I have a deal for you.   I am getting rid of ALL my Quilters Magazines.  I was going to put them on Etsy but I was going to give them away free... So I thought, why pay to list them when I have a blog!  

These are very nice, good condition Quilters Magazines.   I have many! I am going to give them away, 10 at a time because that is all that will fit into a Flat Rate Mailing Envelope.  All I ask is that you pay for the shipping. The flat rate charge is $4.75.  

I have not counted my magazines but I am sure that I have close 100 of them.  If you would like all of them just let me know and I will box them up and see what the media mail will be.   

I thought that I would like to learn to quilt but I am not..  Some of the magazines were given to me by my MIL who is now gone and then a subscription in 2003- 2008,  So some of them are newer and some are a bit older but all in great condition.   

So the first one to want this group just leave a message.  I will be posting picture of others soon. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE PICTURE YOU ARE LOOKING AT IS JUST A STOCK PICTURE. You may or may not get the ones in the picture.  
If you do not quilt but know someone that does. Tell them to come and see.



Thursday, November 11, 2010

105 Degrees

Good morning girls!   It has been so long AGAIN since I was here to visit and share.!!  I so miss visiting and sharing with you girls!   105 Degrees!  NO NO not the weather, a new restaurant that me and my sweet husband found in OKC on Tuesday.............   I have seen it in the paper and read about it on line but we finally got up there and had lunch. It was WONDERFUL.  

As some of you might know I have been going "raw" for sometime now and I do good and then do bad and then do good and then do bad. You know the routine.  I was so excited to go and eat someone else's raw food to see if I was even remotely close to the way it is supposed to taste.  I can tell you I have  MISSED the mark on taste and my efforts are renewed.   My goodness what a treat to the taste buds and it was every bite RAW.  

While we were waiting for our meal I was busy looking around the room at all the wonderful things that others were having. I was like a kid in a candy store.  I was even bold enough (fancy that) to ask the two pretty little twins sitting next to us what they had in front of them.   Lasagna !  OMG.........  it looked wonderful and that was what I had ordered........  I was now ready to dig into one of my own.  

I actually took pictures!  

Now this one is my sweets dinner. He ordered Mediterranean Wraps,, Swiss Chard, Zucchini, Kalamata Olives, Sweet Red Pepper.  On the side was his hummus (white stuff) made from Macadamia  nuts, olive oil and touch of paprika. YUM!!!!!!!!!   The other little dish is Tabouleh,  Now this was VERY tasty.  Made with sesame seeds, finally chopped tomatoes and finely chopped spinach.  It had olive oil and something else that my palate just could not figure out. BUT I bet I figure it out.  You dip your wrap in the sour cream (macadamia nuts) and eat it with the Tabouleh. It is kind of hard to see the wraps but there were three of them.

Now this one was mine. OMG!!!  Heirloom Tomato Lasagna, Macadamia Ricotta, Spinach, Pesto, Sun Dried Tomato Marinara. I took this with my phone so I did not get a good picture of the layers.. so the next picture is a stock picture from their web site... It gives you a much better view of what each layer looked like.

 Mine looked just like that but the spinach was left whole whereas this one is chopped.  Now let me tell you about the layers. Bottom layer was very very very thin slices of zucchini squash and yellow squash. Now when I tell you it is thin I mean it is thin. On top of that is a very nice thin (not as thin as the squash) slice of  Heirloom tomato. on top of that was a ample portion of  the  Macadamia Ricotta. It is cheese made from macadamia nuts with other spices. Then again a layer of raw spinach with a ample layer of the Sun Dried Tomato Marinara.  Now that stuff is tasty! Then comes another layer with the tomato, spinach and then the basil pesto! OMG.......Taste buds are dancing now!  And then so goes the layers and then drizzled with the Olive Oil and sliced tomato on top and sprinkled with a bit more of the Macadamia Ricotta cheese. It was a lot of food and after my sweet finished his meal he helped me with mine!   YUM YUM............  I cannot tell you how all those flavors just exploded in your mouth.  

While waiting on our meal I tried to take some pictures of the kitchen. It was wide open and you could sit and watch them build your dinner or other dinners. We kept watching and saying "what is that" .......  They were wonderful to watch and you did not hear any noise at all from behind that counter. A well oiled machine working together to create the most wonderful healthy food. 

 The front of the building was solid glass. It was an incredible building just one year old and made from solid black iron beams and looked to be very 21 century.  The inside was purple with white and every thing was spotless and tidy. The servers were very attentive and knew the menu as to make recommendations if needed.
 Right next door to the restaurant is a teaching center where they have classes on raw food. They have week long classes for those that are wanting to be chefs and daily classes for those just wanting to learn a bit more about raw food.  Each class centers around a certain topic. The blue represents the week long classes and the green represents the one time day classes.  Would that be fun or what! Click to read if you want... 

We have promised ourselves to go back once a month and taste everything on the menu...........  AND to top off our experience we splurged and got dessert! 
Blood orange cheese cake!  OOPS !!!  Got so excited about eating it forgot to take a picture!  But yum yum. Cheese cake so smooth you would never know it was cashews, almond milk and drizzled with juice and sections of a blood orange.. topped with pieces of pistachio nuts. Need I say more. 

What a wonderful day it was and by the expression on my sweets face no more words need  be said.  


Monday, October 25, 2010

Helen Denise

I asked Mom years ago why they named me Helen, she said that after two boys she really wanted a dark haired little girl.  That is what she got on March 7th 1947. She said she and dad was thrilled, thus they called me Helen.  I do not remember where they got the name Denise but it goes well with Helen.  I wish all these years they had called me Helen and not Denise but that was then and this is now.
So I have told my sweet husband to call me Helen Denise now.......... What do you think......  
I wanted to share something about my mom this morning.  She so loved flowers and hats and earrings. She had a jewelry box full of them.  She never went out without her hat or her earrings. She always wanted a little bit of makeup on and a touch of lipstick.   Does that sound like anyone you know..... YEAP that is me. Remember the story about the lipstick I posted here a while back?  No Lipstick!  I have a jewelry box full of earrings and I have a closet full of hats.  She and I always worked in her garden when she lived in Roff and I built her a garden here where she had some beautiful flowers. We loved the same things me and mom,  I miss her.
Anyway, she always looked so sharp and did not look anything like 90 years young.

The pictures that I posted here is my very favorite of our family. I was not yet three and it was before I was badly scalded. I was born with very curly hair but after being burned it came in very straight and it was dark brown before and came back in black.

Let me show you.....

This is me at 27 and I was on my way to the Senior Prom with my brother Paul. He taught at this school and he hosted the Senior Prom every year. This year, he was still single and I was living at home. My hair was jet black and straight as a string. It was before the bottled color I now wear.  Strange huh?
We had a good time.
Those of you with very natural curly hair would most likely tell me it was a blessing and those of you with straight hair would be sad for me as I am my self. So many perms in my life!    I love love love curly hair.  Anyway, just wanted to share that little bit of information with you this morning..........  I will share one day about the miracle that came about when I was badly scalded. The Lord was there that day..... I guess HE has been in our lives every day watching.  I am glad of that.
 Pictures of our vacation in the Ozarks and visit with my son Darryl coming soon..



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee and Root Beer and Good Company

Me and my sweet DH went out last Sunday night and met up with brother Paul and Alpha.  With coffee and root beer and good conversation we had a wonderful night. Brother PE brought me a plant stand with a red  ivy that goes back to my grandmother.  I need to take a picture..........  Ok........  Just a minute.............  

There now you can see what I am talking about.........   

We made plans for dinner at their house next week. I am going to make them the BEST soup!!!!!!!!!!

I will post the recipe next week for you, it is amazing soup, great for winter. I promise to post it.

I put up some wreaths from last year, not really into making any new ones this year. I am thinking that I am not going to be very festive this year.
They look ok, could have used a little more flowers but did not want to go up in the attic.

I took the third one over to  my son's house, Chris, I put a big black crow on his.  It was the wreath that I made for Mom fall of 2008 for her porch. She sat outside in the shade while I worked on the wreaths.
 I have no idea what she was saying.  But we talked and laughed.

This was the finished product.  She loved it...

I will miss them this year. We always had such fun decorating their little porch.

Other than that, it has been a quiet day  here . I went out and sat on the porch a while and low and behold, I had a visitor sitting quiet watching and sometimes taking a nap. Can you see him?

 Just a minute

Now can you see him?

A cute little tree frog. He seems to be napping under my fall colors. Sssshhhhhhhhh  do not wake him.

DH has been off for 3 days and that is always nice. I love being at home with him. Lots of things planned for the next few weeks that I will share, but not today, time for bed.

!-- gt;