Monday, October 25, 2010

Helen Denise

I asked Mom years ago why they named me Helen, she said that after two boys she really wanted a dark haired little girl.  That is what she got on March 7th 1947. She said she and dad was thrilled, thus they called me Helen.  I do not remember where they got the name Denise but it goes well with Helen.  I wish all these years they had called me Helen and not Denise but that was then and this is now.
So I have told my sweet husband to call me Helen Denise now.......... What do you think......  
I wanted to share something about my mom this morning.  She so loved flowers and hats and earrings. She had a jewelry box full of them.  She never went out without her hat or her earrings. She always wanted a little bit of makeup on and a touch of lipstick.   Does that sound like anyone you know..... YEAP that is me. Remember the story about the lipstick I posted here a while back?  No Lipstick!  I have a jewelry box full of earrings and I have a closet full of hats.  She and I always worked in her garden when she lived in Roff and I built her a garden here where she had some beautiful flowers. We loved the same things me and mom,  I miss her.
Anyway, she always looked so sharp and did not look anything like 90 years young.

The pictures that I posted here is my very favorite of our family. I was not yet three and it was before I was badly scalded. I was born with very curly hair but after being burned it came in very straight and it was dark brown before and came back in black.

Let me show you.....

This is me at 27 and I was on my way to the Senior Prom with my brother Paul. He taught at this school and he hosted the Senior Prom every year. This year, he was still single and I was living at home. My hair was jet black and straight as a string. It was before the bottled color I now wear.  Strange huh?
We had a good time.
Those of you with very natural curly hair would most likely tell me it was a blessing and those of you with straight hair would be sad for me as I am my self. So many perms in my life!    I love love love curly hair.  Anyway, just wanted to share that little bit of information with you this morning..........  I will share one day about the miracle that came about when I was badly scalded. The Lord was there that day..... I guess HE has been in our lives every day watching.  I am glad of that.
 Pictures of our vacation in the Ozarks and visit with my son Darryl coming soon..




  1. Wow, that is amazing how your hair changed. I am thankful you were okay! What a cute little girl. Isn't it funny how people name a child something they like, then use the middle name or a nickname?

    It'll take getting used to, calling you Helen! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Helen (Greek) "light". Var. and dim., Helena, Helene, Hellene, Eleanor, Eleanora, Eleanore, Elena, Elene, Elenore, Elinor, Elinore, Ella, Ellen, Elnore, Lenore, Leonora, Leonore, Leora, Lora, Lorine, Ellie, Lenni, Lennie, Nell, Nellie, Nelly and Nora

    Just love name meanings and thought you might find it interesting.

    Denise (Greek) "wine goddess" The feminine of Dennis. Bar., Denice Denys.

  3. That is a wonderful family pictures and I loved all the dear memories of your sweet Mom...and you are your Mom's daughter...I remember your lipstick story, where Dennis took a tube back for you it was so cute..still makes me laugh...hugs, Linda

  4. I loved seein' your family picture and hearin' about your dear sweet mama. Yep, most of us can do that 'mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all', thang! Heehehe!

    So glad you enjoyed your 'almost' Ozark trip.

    I just wanted to thank ya for poppin' in with your sweet comment. Please drop in often, the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

    God bless ya'll and have an incredibly blessed day!!! :o)

  5. special memories! Good lookin family. interested to hear of how you got burned - Really weird that your hair came back different! Must have damaged the roots.

    Glad you are missing her - them . It's a healthy part of getting on. Mama's been gone 8 years and ohhh how I miss her - especially in this season.

    Thanks for sharing your hubby will have a really hard time putting Helen and Denise together. After all, he did marry Denise :)


    Patrina <")>><
    warrior bride in boots

  6. Hello darlin'
    The child is alright a concussion perhaps but no brain bleed. Bless God
    Thank you for your prayers for her.

    That would be cool to need no more.

  7. My grandmother was the same way your Mom was when it came to hats and earrings. She always had to match.
    Mom never wore jewelry...that is until I was about 18 and I took her to have her ears pierced. She now wears them all the do I.
    Thank you for sharing about your Mom and your hair. I must have missed the post when you told about being scalded. I have pretty straight hair too...and my sister has hair that curls if she air dries it.....we both wish we had each others hair. :)
    Love you girl

  8. Oh Helen, Helen......Denise, what name shall I call you, fair maiden of all that is love and truth!!!! He he, just wanted to make you smile....did it work? I love you no matter what name you pick, although Helen is really beautiful, but Helen Denise is perfect!!!!

  9. Aww, you were so cute (still are) and look at that nice straight black hair. I love reading about your Mom. Helen Denise. Nice. But I like Denise better for you, that why they called you that!

  10. Such a precious picture of you and your family when you were a child. It will take everyone a bit of time to remember to call you Helen Denise but I'm thinking it's a beautiful name which it's yours so why not:-)

    I hadn't realized you had been so badly scalded as a child, that you lost your hair!! A friend of mine who has passed away from cancer had straight hair when she lost it to chemo and it came back all curly, she loved it:-) xoxo

  11. Denise, what beautiful memories and lovely pictures. Your mom and dad are certainly watching over you. I hole my few memories of mom and dad close to my heart and every day I am reminded of some childhood memory. I really should write them down because I am having problems with short term memory. May God keep you close to His heart and heal you. Looking forward to your story about being scalded.Sounds horrible, so will have to wait and read. Glad you had fun in the Ozarks. I love it there. We didn't get to see mom and dad often because Branson was their second home, so we enjoyed it when they came home for the winter.Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat
    which really I wish everyone had called me by my birth name of Patricia.

  12. Love the fall look and your header!

    I also love reading what you have shared of these memories and having pictures to go along with the stories is always interesting to me...

    Praying the Lord will shower you with all the good blessings that you give each of us every time we visit here....

  13. Lovely post! I love the look of your blog~~it's you! And your pics are a delight. So great to see you posting. Big hugs!

  14. Helen is a beautiful name and has such beautiful meaning. I have always wanted a different name than I have b/c people are often unsure of its pronunciation.

    Your hair was so beautiful. I had black hair as a teenager, too, but mine was wavy.

    Thank you for your caring, sharing heart! And, many, many blessings to you!



  15. Loved this post!! I miss my mother too! But I have got to tell you, I read about your lipstick episode!! Too funny!! I too am like that...I have actually turned around and gone back home if I realize I have forgotten my lipstick...well, to be honest, my whole makeup bag that I carry with me!! Yep!! And my mother was one too that always had on her lipstick and her heels!! Yes, heels!! And mother would also touch her fingers to her "red" lips and then rub that on her cheeks for her blush...


  16. Great story and pictures!! I see it more and more that as we get older or go through Trials or such devastating grief, we tend to change or go back to a name that we found to be special to us:) I see this also working with my seniors, also in my own family and myself. It is a New Beginning.. . A new You. . A New Season in your life. . . Enjoy and be at Peace, Love you Helen Denise:)


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