Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Valentine Day and Blog Break

Just wanted to stop and wish each of you a sweet Valentine's Day. I am taking a blog break from today through February.

I am so far behind already this new year and need to finish a couple of projects.

I have 6 Pay It Forward boxes to send out and my brother PE is in need of his web site being updated before his one man art show in February. I have not undated his web site in a couple of years and want to do something different for him.......... soooooooooo I need to get started on that today.................... ALSO............

I need to get my Sew Very Prim web site and blog open. I have been working and wishing on it for two years now maybe longer. My plan is to stop every project in my life and finish it! I need to learn how to create a Paypal button for each design and how to direct them back to the web site to download that design! Whew....... makes my mind spin just thinking of it.
It does not feel like I am retired but it sure is nice to be doing what I love.

Have a wonderful February and please do not forget me! hahaha........ I will try to get out and about now and then and leave a comment!

I will be posting on my Samaritan Women a couple of times as I want to tell you a story about my book that I have started. It will be in several parts as not to be so long that you get bored reading.


There is a big big surprise that I have for you in March! It is big! It is really big and I am having to bite my tongue to keep from telling you now! I think I am going to combine it with my first 2010 giveaway! So don's miss it!

Soooooooooooo..... be well and have a wonderful February and I will chat in March!

Looooooooooooooooooooooooo ve you all!



Monday, January 18, 2010

Out With the Old: In With New

Out with the old and in with the new. Well, not really new, old new.

I have had this little inexpensive desk for a couple of years and it has served me well, but sometime around Christmas my sweet husband decided to swap desks.

We went to an auction in Wichita Kansas about 8 years now and got a great deal on an office desk.

We at the time did not have a place to put it in the house when we moved here so we took it to the college campus and put it in my husbands office. That is were it has lived for almost 5 years now. BUT .........


LOOK! It has a front panel and all closed in. It has a few bumps and scratches but I think it looks wonderful! It has DRAWERS! 4 of them! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Now if you are feeling a bit sorry for my husband and the thought of that old desk sitting in his "office" do not be alarmed.

My husband's "office" is actually a work room and it stacked from the ceiling to the floor with computer components and cables and speakers and bracket. Sitting on his desk or what was his desk is a computer where he tapes and records and moves in and out of the university servers and computers and works his magic. It is a utilitarian office and not a "swank" office.

Oh you ladies know that if it were a "swank" office I would never have allowed him to swap the two desks! My old desk is very useful for him and the nice desk is LOOKING GOOD IN MY SHOP!

I have my laptop to the left and my work PC monitor to the right where I do my designs. I can work and blog at the same time.......

(in the first picture you can see my wreath on the window.. in the second one we have taken it down)

All is well in my life!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunshine Award

I was honored with this award today from Mama Bear over at Bears in Exile .

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity
inspires others in the blogworld!

The rules for accepting this award are:

Post the logo on your blog.
Pass the award on to 10 bloggers.
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I am going to pass this on to:

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All of these ladies have become such wonderful friends to me here in the blog world. Each of them bring something special to my life. Go over and meet each of them.....


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Pile Stays-This Pile Goes

I am cleaning out today as instructed by the Lord a few months back. I have a PILE of material scraps that came from Grandma's house. A PILE.. I have visions of grandeur and those vision cause me so MUCH stress! I think that I am going to take those scraps and make a crazy quilt or sew each little piece together and make a nine patch!

YEAH right!

So today I am cleaning out the back closet with the quit items and sorting through them and throwing things away.

Here is what I have decided to do. I love the look of an old vintage YoYo quilt thrown across the bed so I am taking the pieces of fabric that is large enough to cut out a circle large enough to make a YoYo and throwing the smaller pieces away.

This is a picture of a YoYo quilt. It is actually not a quilt but more of a throw. No backing and the gathered side is the top side. They look very vintage when thrown over a lace white bedspread. I have grandmothers iron bed from the fire and I have had it sand blasted and painted antique white. I will put my YoYo quilt over that bed when finished. If we are still blogging when I finish I will share pictures with you.

One wonderful thing about sorting through the pieces is that many of them triggered wonderful memories of Grandmother. She was my friend and my mentor and my life coach. No matter how bad I would screw up my life she would just look at me though those dark charcoal eyes and say" Just put it behind you and move on with your life". She was a treasure to me.
There are pieces of fabric from when I was a pre-teen and most always they were pieces from an Easter dress or special occasion dress for school. A lot of them are feed sack material.

One thing that I realized while sorting into piles, I think of my grandmother in the present tense. THAT is a gift from the Father God. I have never thought of grandmother as being dead. Only as having moved somewhere better. I do not grieve over her, I miss her and I so look forward to one day peering into those dark charcoal eyes.

This is the keep pile.

This is the throw away pile.

I have two huge bags just like them to finish maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog Crashing?

Is anyone having trouble opening my blog? I have heard from a couple of you and I would like to know if it is happening to others? If so...... email me please and tell me............ I will need my sweet DH to go into my blog and see if he can find the answer..........

Love ya!

Cold Cold Cold

Well, I guess it is going to get cold. My sweet dad is so worried. We are total electric out here the silly news channels are warning people not to turn the heat up too high as not to stress the terminals.

That is all it took and now dad is a nervous wreck. Bless his heart. This part of the country has not seen temperatures this low in 10 years. I have assured dad that my son Chris is only 3 minutes away with two bedrooms and natural gas heat. Now he is worried about having to go out in the cold to get there. To help with the electric crunch he unplugged the humidifier, and we think he is unplugging the timer on the coffee pot! I make their coffee every evening and have it on a timer, both of them have forgot how to make coffee.. Bless their hearts! Help me in asking the Father God to keep my dad's electricity on, I just do not need him stressing out.

Cannot work in the shop right now. It is a converted garage and there are no heat ducts in there. We have a small wall propane heater that usually keeps it very comfortable but not in this weather. So I am holed up in the living room/dinning room with Moses and Zeke. I have moved my computer chair to the dinning room table and going to work on my web site today and start a pot of stew or maybe even add to the beans that we had last night and another pan of cornbread. YUM!

I am headed outside after while to fill up the bird feeders and the bird baths with hot water. Last winter I had an old artificial Christmas tree sitting on the back porch with suet and bird seed hanging all around and inside. I had birds everywhere taking shelter in that tree.. It was something to see......... BUT decided after cleaning up the porch and dragging that tree to the dump that God has created them well enough that I do not need to worry about them being in the cold. I am a goober!

Stay warm and cozy girls.. I am dreaming of Spring!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st 2010

January 1st 2010

Well is it Twenty Ten or 2 thousand and ten. I think I like Twenty Ten. It is easier.

I did absolutely nothing today, nothing and I am not a bit guilty. We are fasting today to get our bodies away from the high carbohydrates and sweets from the holiday. Dad offered me chocolate cake left over from moms cake but I turned him down. Can you believe that, chocolate cake.
I am in Windows 7 now girls. My sweet DH spent the entire day wiping out my laptop and installing windows 7. So far so good. I had Vista and that was a nightmare so he wiped it out and put Windows XP on here, but time to upgrade to Windows 7. I will let you know.

I was up all night last night with my RLS (restless leg syndrome) and did not go to bed till 5 am or so and then up at 8 am so I was dragging all day. If you have ANY information as to what will help that I would soooooooooooo appreciate it. I can go for a long time and then all of a sudden it gets bad again. Anyway, I sat in my comfy chair all day today and watched some movies that we had saved and napped. Now drinking flavored decaf coffee and listening to the last half of the rose bowl. I do hate football and I am so thankful that Dennis is not a football fan. Now baseball is another story....... We follow the St Louis Cardinals.......... We love love love baseball season.

I was a bit melancholy this morning but had a long talk with the Lord and cried a bit and then things were fine. I prayed for mom and dad and asked the Father God for grace to care for them. I never question that HE has asked me to do this and if HE asked me to do this then HE has already supplied the ability.

Among the gifts that I got for Christmas was a small hand held recorder and mp3 player. Now that might not sound like much to you but it is something that will make a HUGE change in my life this new year. You see, most of the time when the Lord drops something into my heart to write about I am busy doing something else. HE ALWAYS gives me a solid lesson with scriptures to back them up and try as I might I will forget what HE said and by the time I get to my desk with for pencil and paper some of what was dropped in my heart is gone.
I have been saying to my sweet husband for a few years now that I have got to get something that I can just take out of my pocket and speak those gems that the Father has given me into a recorder to play it back later when I can write it down. So a simple little gift is a wonderful tool for my new year.
Watch for a new devotional on Samaritan Women in the next couple of days. It relates to what I have just shared with you.

I do not make new years resolutions as I never keep them and then I label myself guilty of those things, so I have refrained from doing that for many years now. BUT one thing that I promised myself a couple of weeks ago I have followed through with today and have purposed in my heart to see it through. It is regarding the health of my spirit man and the focus toward purpose of my life according the calling of God in my life. I have loosed myself from some hindrances that have dragged me down for far too long. I feel good about it and I have talked in depth to the Lord before taking some actions. I am excited as to what HE will do with my life this new year...... I am ready and I am willing and

Christianity is not my responsibility, it is my response to HIS ability.

I am completely out of the shop now with regards to my retail business and I must tell you that it causes my flesh to be a bit fearful but I feel somehow excited in my spirit man as to what HE can accomplish with my life now that I will have a bit more time. In today's economy there are those that wonder what in the world I am doing but I must look through my spiritual eyes and not on the circumstances of life. HE has set before me a specific goal and I intend to move toward that goal.

I just wanted to start this new year with one of the blessings in my life and that is my blog. Who know 2 1/2 years ago that I would meet so many wonderful ladies and would make lasting friendships.

Let us all move into 2010 with the energy and desire to be a witness to the overwhelming power and love of the Father God. Let us all be that light that will lighten the path of many that are faltering. Let us shout out that we are children of the most high God and we will not and cannot be quieted. God in the Blog............ HE is mighty!


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