Thursday, April 28, 2011

He is Home

July 30,1922 - April 28, 2011

Of all the pictures of Uncle Ed, this one shows his personality. 

He went home today around the noon hour. He slipped away and joined his mom and dad and brother and sister and wife of many years. It is amazing how the Father God gives us a glimpse into glory. Uncle Ed was talking to his wife Nay and to Helen and Paul (my mom and dad) just a short time before he went to join them.
Those glimpses into glory are a gift to us from the Father God. Today the Father God answered for me what my heart longed for..............

My heart is joyful for him, but hurts for his kids. He will be missed. We will see him again. 

Listen to the is very short The first part is just music.... but LISTEN..... to the very last statement.........Do not miss it!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peaceful Shore.......

My Mom's brother, Uncle Ed, he is in the hospital. He is not expected to go home. He is the last of his brothers and sister. He has bee struggling for over a year now but always seems to bounce back. He will not bounce back from this. He is talking to Ida, his mom and talking to Helen, my mom and to James, his younger brother that died 64 years ago... He is seeing the promise land. Hearing sounds and seeing sights that we can only imagine. Things that  we can only long for. He is moving across Jordan and he will soon visit with those gone before. I hope he tells mom and dad that miss them so...... Pray for his kids...... There are 4 of them.... many grandchildren and many many people that love his so....... Pray that he will slip quietly over..... peaceful and without pain............

Listen to the is very short The first part is just music.... but LISTEN..... to the very last statement.........Do not miss it!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

State Capitol Art Show

 This is what we did yesterday. We left here at 10:00 am and headed to the State Capitol building in Oklahoma with a car full of food and decorations for the tables. 
My oldest brother Paul is being  featured at the Governor's Art Gallery from March 14th through May 15th 2011.
Yesterday was the reception. 

I was in charge of the decorations. I wish I had pictures this morning but my sweet sister in law put my husband in charge of the pictures with her camera and he forgot to take pictures with mine!!!!!!!!!!  So I am going to have to wait till she sends me pictures ! So being the impatient person that I am , I wanted to post about it this morning, so I will show pictures at a later date.
I am sharing with you the poster that is hanging in the Gallery at the entrance of the room. It is a beautiful room with marble floors and high vaulted celings. 
We had the BEST day! 
Larry and Marty the other brother and his wife came up and of course my son Chris was there. The table was beautiful and people came and went all afternoon. 
We left there around 6:30 and headed home with a stop in Shawnee to sit and visit a while. We have not been all together since Mom's funeral. 
We were all so very tired but still managed to laugh and talk and visit. I promised myself that I am going to fix a Sunday dinner every couple of months and have them over. We love to sit and talk about the years growing up and laugh and laugh. We need to do that more often! 

Anyway...... it was a wonderful day........ I am very proud of him. 

Take a quick look at the poster hanging in the gallery and I want to wish each of you a blessed Easter Sunday.

Governor's Gallery

Paul Walsh

Between Wood and Grass

March 14 – May 15, 2011

Artist Paul WalshPaul Walsh considers himself fortunate to be an artist living in southern Oklahoma where picturesque scenery is abundant. Walsh says that in and around his hometown of Roff, "the diverse landscape offers a rich theater for a landscape painter. Snuggled here between the eastern woodlands and the prairie is a diversity that enriches the viewer." Walsh's interpretation of the scenery is showcased here in the exhibit titled Between Wood and Grass.
Painting by Paul WalshWhether it be the landscapes featured here or structures and people of small town Oklahoma, Walsh paints what he finds interesting in his surroundings. He says he strives to make extraordinary what is thought to be ordinary. "Much of the beauty [of Oklahoma] is subtle and does not reveal itself easily," he says. "The countless hues of grass alone are unique and cause for interest." When choosing his subjects, Walsh says he looks for abstract patterns of light and dark, subtle color changes in prairie fields, or trees silhouetted against the sky or fields. Walsh paints on location when the weather allows, but when it doesn't, he uses photographs as reference.
Painting by Paul WalshWalsh is a graduate of East Central University (ECU) in Ada where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Art and a Master's in Art Education. After serving in the Army during the Vietnam War he returned to Oklahoma where he taught art in public schools for forty years. The last thirty-five years of his public school tenure were served at Sulphur High School. He recently retired from full-time teaching and now devotes his time to his artwork and serves as an adjunct instructor at ECU. Walsh says he can be found painting most every day. He says, "If you're going to be good at something, you have to do it every day."
Painting by Paul WalshWalsh has received the honor of "Best in Show" from the Ada Artists Association in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009 as well as from the Cossatot Art Show in DeQueen, Arkansas in 2009. He was also named the "Gloria Westheimer Best of Show" at the Studio 107 Annual exhibit in Ardmore in 2010. His paintings have been featured in multiple solo exhibitions at venues such as the Leslie Powell Gallery, Lawton; Marvin Embree Gallery, Oklahoma City; ECU, Ada; Southeastern State University, Durant; and the Goddard Art Center, Ardmore.
Painting by Paul WalshSponsored by the Oklahoma Arts Council.

What an honor it was to be there with him. He has been a stable influence in my life all my life. There is no other place I would have rather been than there with him today. After all, isn't that what family is all about. Give and take and showing support and being there for such a time as this in his life.    It was a good day, it was a very good day.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter....

If you came here to read What's Love Got To Do With It? Then hop over to the Samaritan Women blog.......

Happy Easter........


Friday, April 15, 2011

Look at This! The Promise......

click on the picture to get a better view......

We had such bad storms yesterday. 

Dennis and I ended up going to the University. Dennis has an office on the second floor of the Library but the first floor is underground, or should I say built back into a hill. So it is a perfect place to go for shelter. It is very comfortable with a couch and soon to have a TV so that we will be able to watch the weather while we are there.

Anyway, when you are standing outside his office door there is a huge window that runs the length of the building. After the storm passed over us we went out into the hall to look out and we saw this! It did not show up on the picture but it was a double rainbow...... All we could do was stand and stare. 

Thank goodness Dennis had his camera!

Right at the bottom right where the rainbow seems to touch all the trees and roofs of houses seem to be washed in the same colors as the rainbow. It was just a sight to behold. The picture does not do it justice but I wanted to share..... 

A gal that posted a comment on my FB page said something so profound................

Jena said:

Awesome...I love how it's darker over the rainbow and lighter underneath...definitely a lighter load when living under God's promise!

I need not say any more......


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Two Son's

Me and my two son's. 

What a day...........  This past Friday me and Darryl (he came down from Springdale)
to landscape the front of Chris's house. It was a blank pallet.  The best kind. 

We decided to move the border just a bit, you see the blue hose marking out our new path. We needed to make room for a new tree!

He gave us permission to do anything we wanted!  How is that for faith!

I think going shopping with them was the most fun. We laughed and laughed and had to make those hard decisions. So many flowers so little room!

Of course, while we were there, some woman smacked into the back of a parked car. Chris being in uniform jumped right in there and got all the info from both people and in a few minutes a local office showed up and all was well. So while he was doing his duty we were spending his money!  Lots of Encore Azalea's . If you have not seen them , they bloom many times in a season. Beautiful !

They are everywhere, flowers, they are everywhere. What to buy, be still my heart!

Darryl  (on the left) is busy getting information about a couple of plants that we are unfamiliar with. I am off somewhere else just drooling. BUT !!!!  I did not buy ONE thing for me, not one thing! Can you believe that?

Now tell me, how in the world do you make a decision about a small place when you really want enough to plant an acre!  It is a good thing that I am older and not younger, there is no telling what my ten acres would look like!

Now comes the work, and you do not see me in there do you!   I am the project supervisor. How do you like that split in that boy's britches!

In goes the FREE Japanese Maple !Yep, I said free! It is good to have friends that do landscaping for a living.  (I got one too and now I need to finish my yard)

Oh the energy of the younger generation.  Wait, they are not the younger generation! One is 41 and the other is 45!  BUT when I was in my 40's I could have kept up with them till the sun went down!  I hate getting old!

Several hours later!  Look at that!  Beautiful .........  Job well done........ It will be such an improvement to his property. Can't wait to see it all filled in!  Wish dad were here, he had a green thumb and grew flowers all his life.

That little extra shape to the border sure did turn out nice. Gave it just a bit of personality!  It needed to have a bit of personality, the boy that lives there has more than his share........ Between the two of them it was a wild day!

Now Chris's keep it watered. Tender lovin care will make it grow...  He is lovin' it !

Had to have a couple of hanging pots! Finish off the front of the house.  AND it is hard to see but I was in charge of the planter across the top. It has candy stripe Phlox and behind that is mixed Vinca (periwinkles).This faces south so they will LOVE the hot sun and they will grow and spread and  look great!   The Phlox will not bloom till next spring but it will be pretty and green all summer.

He is a happy camper.  (The week before that I put monkey grass around his tree in the front and along the wall right by his feet.)  Give that a month or two and things will look mighty spiffy!  (is that a real word)

This mom had a wonderful day. A wonderful day.  


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