Sunday, December 30, 2012

Warmth From The Fire.. Hope for Tomorrow..

   Just as the whirlwind it is, it came and went with hardly enough time to enjoy. Christmas this year was a blur and I think I enjoyed it, not sure.
   We have been remodeling a room in our house for months. Converting the shop (my business) which was once a two car garage into a family room with a wood burning stove. I must say that it is beautiful despite the fact that there is still some small details to finish, chair rail and crown molding. BUT we moved in three days before Christmas and just in time for the bitter cold weather and the beautiful snow on Christmas day.
   How many of you know that when you disrupt one room to move it to another it involves much more than the two room.. It involved my kitchen in the process.
  BUT except for some trim work we are enjoying the room and the warmth of the stove...

The wood burning stove! My sweet husband did a wonderful job! We still need to put trim around the tiles and put up the mantel. He did all the tile work himself and installed the stove himself. I guess the most tense time was when he was cutting a hole in the roof............... BUT he did good and we love it!

You can see where we still need to put up the chair rail and then trim around the tiles on the floor, but we decide due to the cold weather that has moved it we might as well be enjoying the warmth. We will work on it most of the winter.

 My son Chris... He bought me a bottle of Channel # 5 for Christmas. I don't know about you but it don't get no better!

MY SILLY BROTHER.......... He looks just like our Mom......... We laughed and laughed.

A gift just in time......... An ash vacuum for the fire place. Sure beats cleaning out by hand. A great gift and my husband, being the designated ash cleaner-outter was thrilled!

And last but not least, the cutest little mouse couch sitter I have ever seen. It was on the back of the couch at my cousins house Christmas Eve. I snapped a picture... I am going to make one! 

Got to get up and get busy, I am taking down the Christmas lights from the fence. Time to put them up for another year...

The hope of Spring.

Happy New Year to each one of you and I pray that your New Year is filled with Jesus.


Friday, December 21, 2012


Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends.. and a New Year filled with Jesus...

!-- gt;