Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Triggers a Memory

      I have been scanning hundreds of pictures from photo albums that belonged to Mom and Dad. There are hundreds of pictures. While living with my grandmother in 1994 her house caught fire and although it did not burn down the fire started on the back of the house right by my room.

 I lost everything in my closet along with all my pictures of life from 1964 when I flew to England up until 1994. I traveled around the world from 1964 traveling to England and Philippines and Taiwan. We traveled all around Europe and saw Japan and many things in-between.  All those pictures of me and my boys and places that we had seen were lost, along with my jewelry box with precious personal jewels from around the world. I never really gave it any thought until we were going through Mom and Dad's stuff and I discovered that there were a lot of pictures from those years. 

     So, I am scanning them in and making photo albums for my boys. HOWEVER... it is amazing what triggers a memory. In a pictures is a thousand words, and unspoken emotions. 

     In 1957 or so Dad was stationed in the Azores ( Lodge Islands) Mom decided not to go with him so we stayed with Grandmother in Roff, Oklahoma.  They (Mom and Dad) decided that with Dad nearing retirement it was time they built a home. Grandmother had 5 acres just north of town and years before they had divided the property with Mom and Uncle Ed. it was on that land that they decided to build.

      I remember playing outside between grand moms and the new house being built. It was bitter sweet memories. I remember me and my two brothers coming home from school and seeing what the day had brought. This picture is of me standing in the living room looking out the  picture window. You can see that the door is still not installed and the concrete blocks still sitting in the front of the house.

     It is amazing at the emotions a black and white photo can resurrect. The most important thing to me in those days was playing at the creek with PE and Larry. The things I have learned these past 50 something years and the wisdom that is greater now unctions me back to a simpler way of life.  A picture is worth a thousand words and a plethera of emotions. 

 . Denise
!-- gt;