Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I RAN ..........HAHAHAHA

The word tells us that laughter is good medicine. I have found myself the past few months not laughing enough, so I plan on changing that.

I was born laughing and it was always my intentions of making people laugh. My sweet grandmother said that I had "dancing" eyes full of mischief. She was such a wise little lady. Me and my older brother PE used to get excused from the supper table more nights than we were allowed to stay (you would have thought I would have been a skinny child NOT!!) AND church, I will not even go there. We would sit on the back pew, like most adolescents and some where in the course of the song service or preaching, something would get us started and there was no hope. We would have to slip out the back door and hope that we were not heard though those large wooden doors.

I remember once on a Sunday night the little women from the WMU
' s (I think that is what they were called) They were doing a little skit about different countries and where the Baptist Missionary's were teaching and preaching the gospel. Each one of these little ladies were dressed (as best they could) in the native dress of their country. They wore a banner across their chest much like the beauty contestant that cross the floor in their little skimpy bikinis. Anyway, across the stage they came one by one and read or quoted a little bit of information regarding their country and the missionaries there.

As each one finished they would cross the platform and go out the side door of the sanctuary which led outside to the parking lot. There was on particular lady who we all knew as Mrs Reed, a precious saint of God that prayed more than she did anything else, across her banner read " I RAN. I do not know who made the banners but they place a space between the I and the R, well that got us started and before we could contain ourselves she finished her little speech and headed out the side door. It was not 4 seconds that we heard a motorcycle start up out side and it was Katie Barr The Door. Me and PE could no longer contain ourselves and out the door we went with the entire body of Christ watching as we went, INCLUDING little Grandmother. Boy were we ever in trouble. You just had to be there............ Laughter, we did a lot of that when we were young. IN FACT you get me and PE together in person or even over the phone and nothing has changed. Ask anyone, we can laugh and laugh and people just have to stand aside and wonder what in the world.

Laughter is good medicine........... Have you taken you medicine today.......

(I got this in an email today)

I had to post this......... I laughed out loud....... If you have seen it, read it again.


I had a flat tire on the interstate, so I eased my car over to the shoulder of the road, carefully got out of the car and opened the trunk.

I took out 2 cardboard men, unfolded them and stood them at the rear of my car facing oncoming traffic.

They look so life like you wouldn't believe it! They are in trench coats exposing their nude bodies to the approaching drivers.

To my surprise, cars start slowing down looking at my lifelike men which made it safer for me to work at the side of the road.

And of course, traffic starts backing up. Everybody is tooting their horns and waving like crazy. It wasn't long before a state trooper pulls up behind me.

He gets out of his car and starts walking towards me. I could tell he was not a happy camper!

'What's going on here?'

'My car has a flat tire', I said calmly.

'Well, what are those obscene cardboard men doing here by the road?'

I couldn't believe that he didn't know. So I told him, 'Helloooooo, those are my Emergency Flashers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh The Love Of God

I get an email each morning called "This Day's Thought" and it so touched my heart that I wanted to share it with you. We need to all stop and be still and understand what HE has done in each of our lives. We need to have a heart that is filled with gratitude for HIS grace in our lives.

The poem was followed with a scripture that was so perfect.....



One midnight, deep in starlight still,

I dreamed that I received this bill:

“( . . . . . . . in account with Life):

Five thousand breathless dawns all new;

Five thousand flowers fresh in dew;

Five thousand sunsets wrapped in gold;

One million snow-flakes served ice-cold;

Five quiet friends; one baby’s love;

One white-mad sea with clouds above;

One hundred music-haunted dreams

Of moon-drenched roads and hurrying streams;

Of prophesying winds, and trees;

Of silent stars and browsing bees;

One still night in a fragrant wood;

One heart that loved and understood.”

I wondered when I waked at day,

How- how in God’s name- I could pay!

Cortland Sayres



For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on thee.

Isaiah 54:10

The King James Version

(Shared by Freddy of Nairobi, Kenya)

There is nothing more to say. HE paid a debt that I could not pay. HIS promises are precious and unmistakable in HIS word.

Have a blessed Tuesday. It is mammogram day for me I covet your prayers. I have had two lumps with two surgeries and two biopsy's.. and two very very long waits for results. You ladies understand........ Just pray for my peace of mind..


Friday, September 18, 2009


Head over to Mary's at Mary's Writing Nook and put your name in the pot for her giveaway! She has been published in the Chicken Soup for The Soul and she is giving away one of the books!!!! OMG would I love that or what! Go and put your name in that pot, what a wonderful gift that would be......................


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mother Is Home

Well, mom is home again and she is feeling good. They gave her 2 units of blood and got her number up where they belong. She has appointments next week for a colonoscopy to see if there is a slow leak somewhere. Her Dr thinks not, but that her bone marrow is just not making red blood cells. Sooooooooooooo I am doing the beet juice every day and red meat, red meat, red meat. Dennis and I do not much red meat at all but the Dr said it is the best way to build blood for mom. Sooooooooo tonight was meat loaf and tomorrow night is roast beef.

I am headed to bed, the last two days have been a bit long, but I did want to stop in and give you an update.

Thanks for the prayers..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I put Mom back in the hospital today. Her blood has dropped again. Her doctor called at 4:30 and told me to take her out to the hospital and he had called ahead and we did not have to wait long to get her into a bed. Bless her precious heart, she takes everything so very well. I came home a few minutes ago at 9:15 to sleep a while and then go back to the hospital. They will need to try and find where it is going this time. It has only been 3 weeks since the last transfusion so there is something wrong. I would covet your prayers.

Isn't she about the cutest thing.............

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I will get back here when I can.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Dirty Dancing

He was one of my favorite actors. What a handsome man. It was very strange today as the Lord told me early in the day that he would die today. I have this happen on occasions but today I was so busy with other things I did not stop and pray. I regret that.
I believe he was a wholesome man that loved his wife of 35 years. He did not live the lifestyle of the rich and famous but a family man. I pray that he was a born again man. I would like to meet him one day.

My regards to his family.......... He was so young.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Olympic Divers

When we put in the pool last summer we just did not have the bucks to put on a diving board. We regretted that decision and come the middle of July this year we come up the the bucks and we put a diving board on the pool.

(all captions are below the picture)

They had to take down my fence to pour the concrete. I have a story to tell another day about my Iris flower bed right by the trees by the pool.

The fence needed to be down over night so I spent a lot of time outside because of Mom. From her deck that pool had to look mighty inviting! I bet it would for anyone. So I just found lots to do out side and did enjoy ever minute.............

I did not say anything but these guy trampled under foot a brand new Yellow Peace Rose that I had just planted and it had one tiny little bloom just before the diving board project. Oh well, they have more at the garden center. I never did find the little thing....... bless it's heart.

Now, that is better and they put the fence back up so no longer needed to worry about Mom.

NOW.......................... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am not much of a diver, but love to swim BUT....... there are a couple of my favorite people that I swear have fins!

Chris and PE this day had been working on the shop behind Chris's house and it was 103 this day and they were hot! I was sitting in by the pool when around the corner they came and the new diving board was fixing to get it's first work out! Enjoy the pictures...............

That is my son Chris............... LOOK MOM........... NO HANDS.......... I have no idea why he thought he had to do his first dive HEAD FIRST!
Click on this picture to see it up close! It is too funny!

I think I will think about this a minute and maybe next time put my arms out first!

Now the teacher teaches the student. My brother PE (short for Paul Edward) helped me raise the boys and he taught them to swim. He took them to the Roff lake and threw them off the diving board and told them to swim....... They did....... hahahhah He had them in his sights all the time of course....... They are very both very good swimmers, and he taught them to dive.

Now, show me that again, I would love to try that one!

Ok,ok, let's start with a strait forward dive , now watch me! Let me give this some thought first!

It is that easy, now you try............

Ok, let me show you again, are you watching?

Ok, ok, it's your turn.

Go on, you can do it!

That's it...... good job!

I think Chris got some height on that one.. I just do not have the intestinal fortitude to jump on that board....... Maybe they will teach me next summer.

OK........... Cannon ball time! Let the games begin!

Right there, I am going to cannonball right there! Watch now!

Are you watching?

I can do this but I have to cover my eyes!

And down I go!!!!!!! I think I got your mom................ AND HE DID... I was sitting on the steps at the end of the pool and he got me good!


My sweet DH cannot swim so he loves to just float around on his noodle and watch.. He always wears his hat and he always has his sunglasses on......... He got such a kick out of watching! AND so did I................

Last but not least, my sweet brother PE........ He was headed out of the pool headed back to the diving board....... He could not see very well without his glasses so I took advantage of him and snapped this picture! He is a blessing in my life............

Hope you enjoyed this summer day with us........ It makes good memories........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dad Is Home

Just wanted you guys and gals to let us know that Dad is home. There are some results from an echo cardiogram that we are still waiting on but there does not seem to be any damage to his heart.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made says the word of God!

I have learned many things in the past few days. Dad was anemic (they gave him two pints of blood) He was dehydrated thus his kidney function was way down. He had developed very mild congestive heart failure. Sooooooo when you add that all up he was in a terrible shape on Monday morning. The stress on his heart from the anemia and the dehydration caused the minor heart attack and thus short winded.

Did you know that if you are dehydrated, your kidneys are not functioning properly and there is a hormone that the kidneys secrete that tells your bone marrow to make red blood cells. When the kidneys do not secrete that hormone like they should due to the dehydration then the bone marrow stops making red blood cells in quantity as they should be. Now comes the anemia and when there is not enough blood there is not enough oxygen, and the heart is trying to pump blood that is low with fluid around it constraining the contractions! Whew!

They had to treat him with kid gloves, as any slight overreaction to any of the conditions it could have been fatal. We have a wonderful Dr that takes care of Mom and Dad and it just happened (yeah right) that he was working the ER Monday morning. He is a christian and believes that all life is valuable. I just know that God placed our Dr there on Monday morning.

Anyway, after hydrating Dad and giving him two pints of blood, and taking fluid from around his heart and lots of bed rest, he was up and around today without any shortness of breath. We are blessed with a body that will heal itself when just given the opportunity. He came home with NO NEW MEDICINE.

So now I am dealing with two little people with anemia and I guess I need to get busy and find out what to do to help them.

I am stand in awe again at the complex and intricate design of our human body. The master designer did not leave out one minute detail. HE is the great physician.

I am thankful to HIS grace, I am thankful to HIS provision and HIS healing touch.

I need to go to bed, I need sleep, but wanted to let you know that Dad was home.

Thank you each and every one for the prayers. HE hears and HE answers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am home from the hospital and it is 10:30 a.m. I need to go to bed but wanted to give an update. More tests today and also two units of blood for the anemia. Echo cardiogram this afternoon will tell them what is going on with his heart. He has some valves leaking but the Cardiologist does not seem to be alarmed with that. He will be there another day and night.

I am headed to bed as I have the midnight shift again.

I am overwhelmed by all the emails and prayers of people I do not even know..........

Love you gals!
!-- gt;