Saturday, September 12, 2009

Olympic Divers

When we put in the pool last summer we just did not have the bucks to put on a diving board. We regretted that decision and come the middle of July this year we come up the the bucks and we put a diving board on the pool.

(all captions are below the picture)

They had to take down my fence to pour the concrete. I have a story to tell another day about my Iris flower bed right by the trees by the pool.

The fence needed to be down over night so I spent a lot of time outside because of Mom. From her deck that pool had to look mighty inviting! I bet it would for anyone. So I just found lots to do out side and did enjoy ever minute.............

I did not say anything but these guy trampled under foot a brand new Yellow Peace Rose that I had just planted and it had one tiny little bloom just before the diving board project. Oh well, they have more at the garden center. I never did find the little thing....... bless it's heart.

Now, that is better and they put the fence back up so no longer needed to worry about Mom.

NOW.......................... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am not much of a diver, but love to swim BUT....... there are a couple of my favorite people that I swear have fins!

Chris and PE this day had been working on the shop behind Chris's house and it was 103 this day and they were hot! I was sitting in by the pool when around the corner they came and the new diving board was fixing to get it's first work out! Enjoy the pictures...............

That is my son Chris............... LOOK MOM........... NO HANDS.......... I have no idea why he thought he had to do his first dive HEAD FIRST!
Click on this picture to see it up close! It is too funny!

I think I will think about this a minute and maybe next time put my arms out first!

Now the teacher teaches the student. My brother PE (short for Paul Edward) helped me raise the boys and he taught them to swim. He took them to the Roff lake and threw them off the diving board and told them to swim....... They did....... hahahhah He had them in his sights all the time of course....... They are very both very good swimmers, and he taught them to dive.

Now, show me that again, I would love to try that one!

Ok,ok, let's start with a strait forward dive , now watch me! Let me give this some thought first!

It is that easy, now you try............

Ok, let me show you again, are you watching?

Ok, ok, it's your turn.

Go on, you can do it!

That's it...... good job!

I think Chris got some height on that one.. I just do not have the intestinal fortitude to jump on that board....... Maybe they will teach me next summer.

OK........... Cannon ball time! Let the games begin!

Right there, I am going to cannonball right there! Watch now!

Are you watching?

I can do this but I have to cover my eyes!

And down I go!!!!!!! I think I got your mom................ AND HE DID... I was sitting on the steps at the end of the pool and he got me good!


My sweet DH cannot swim so he loves to just float around on his noodle and watch.. He always wears his hat and he always has his sunglasses on......... He got such a kick out of watching! AND so did I................

Last but not least, my sweet brother PE........ He was headed out of the pool headed back to the diving board....... He could not see very well without his glasses so I took advantage of him and snapped this picture! He is a blessing in my life............

Hope you enjoyed this summer day with us........ It makes good memories........


  1. Thanks for sharing, so much fun.

  2. What a refreshing way to cool down on a hot summer day! Looked so inviting!


  3. Great photos of a great day....

  4. How fun! I felt like i was right there with you guys as i looked at these pictures! Thanks for sharing Denise! I want a

  5. Thanks for sharing your family with us. We had a house that had a pool with a slide & board and my Johnanthon would jump off that thing with any thing could go in the water, he did a lawn chair once and tried to stay in a sitting position, funny.......he's skinny and he's get air like your son did and dive for quarters! Not me! I'd go to the edge, jump for a few (not a pretty sight, cause I'm a biggin and would just jump straight down, gosh I missed my pool this year, I was a floater and I'd look in the sky and see the planes fly by and try to guess where they where going or just look at the blue sky and wonder if people in heaven could see me or if they thought they had their own clear blue pool.....crazy uh?
    LOVE YA~

  6. I love to swim but I will NOT dive! Too chicken! lol I remember my two older brothers diving off cliffs when we used to go camping and it would terrify me, always thought they'd hit their head on the rocks. You have a beautiful pool and it was fun to see that new diving board being put to use:-) xoxo

  7. That looks like a wonderful place to play not. Hope you have lots and lots of fun. On my blog I read your comment about the weather turning cold. I hope it warms up enough for you to enjoy it for a while.

  8. I can't swim either. These photos are great. Hope that pool is deep at the diving end.
    Mama Bear


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