Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mother Is Home

Well, mom is home again and she is feeling good. They gave her 2 units of blood and got her number up where they belong. She has appointments next week for a colonoscopy to see if there is a slow leak somewhere. Her Dr thinks not, but that her bone marrow is just not making red blood cells. Sooooooooooooo I am doing the beet juice every day and red meat, red meat, red meat. Dennis and I do not much red meat at all but the Dr said it is the best way to build blood for mom. Sooooooooo tonight was meat loaf and tomorrow night is roast beef.

I am headed to bed, the last two days have been a bit long, but I did want to stop in and give you an update.

Thanks for the prayers..


  1. Glad your mom is home...praying for a restful night for all and a good day tomorrow....

  2. Well our heavenly farther heard all of our prayers, and answered them!!! Thank you SWEET Jesus, your greatly to be praised! Glad your Mom is home and has you to take care of her, but remember dear Sister, you have to take care of your self as well....I told you this before, "Give her beef liver and onions and Brussels sprouts" Mmmmmmmm, lol I love them, I'll eat it and tell Jesus to take that iron from and give to Denise's mom, and he will! I love you!
    Hugs always~

  3. Praise God that she is home, love you.

  4. Oh Denise ~ I'm so glad you mom is home..I'm sending prayers your way.


  5. Will she be taking shots at home to build her red blood cells back up? I had to do that for about a year.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that she's home again, she's in good hands and I just know you'll take the best care of her. My prayers continue! xoxo

  7. I do pray that God gives the doctors wisdom. I am glad your Mom is home. Take care of yourself and get some rest. Maybe some of that red meet will give you some added umph too! :)

  8. You sure do have your hands full and have had for sometime now with your parents. Mine are thankfully doing well back in Illinois still very independent at 85 and 91...I know this will not last forever of course. HOpefully your mother is better now..

  9. So happy to hear things are better. I saw a comment that you made somewhere. You said you were going to get to go on a trip and that you were getting the camper out. What kind do you have. Honey Bear and I have been looking at pop ups. We are seriously considering buying one. He wants to go the camping route because he says we want to travel when he retires and money will be short. I have talked him out of a tent because I have been there and done that. I do not want to ever tent camp again but a pop up gets me up off the ground but is still within our budget.
    I'm happy you're planning some time away. Long overdue. Thank God for your brother.
    Mama Bear

  10. Continuing to pray for your Mom, you and your family dear sister.

    GOD hears...

    Love and blessings.


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