Sunday, December 30, 2012

Warmth From The Fire.. Hope for Tomorrow..

   Just as the whirlwind it is, it came and went with hardly enough time to enjoy. Christmas this year was a blur and I think I enjoyed it, not sure.
   We have been remodeling a room in our house for months. Converting the shop (my business) which was once a two car garage into a family room with a wood burning stove. I must say that it is beautiful despite the fact that there is still some small details to finish, chair rail and crown molding. BUT we moved in three days before Christmas and just in time for the bitter cold weather and the beautiful snow on Christmas day.
   How many of you know that when you disrupt one room to move it to another it involves much more than the two room.. It involved my kitchen in the process.
  BUT except for some trim work we are enjoying the room and the warmth of the stove...

The wood burning stove! My sweet husband did a wonderful job! We still need to put trim around the tiles and put up the mantel. He did all the tile work himself and installed the stove himself. I guess the most tense time was when he was cutting a hole in the roof............... BUT he did good and we love it!

You can see where we still need to put up the chair rail and then trim around the tiles on the floor, but we decide due to the cold weather that has moved it we might as well be enjoying the warmth. We will work on it most of the winter.

 My son Chris... He bought me a bottle of Channel # 5 for Christmas. I don't know about you but it don't get no better!

MY SILLY BROTHER.......... He looks just like our Mom......... We laughed and laughed.

A gift just in time......... An ash vacuum for the fire place. Sure beats cleaning out by hand. A great gift and my husband, being the designated ash cleaner-outter was thrilled!

And last but not least, the cutest little mouse couch sitter I have ever seen. It was on the back of the couch at my cousins house Christmas Eve. I snapped a picture... I am going to make one! 

Got to get up and get busy, I am taking down the Christmas lights from the fence. Time to put them up for another year...

The hope of Spring.

Happy New Year to each one of you and I pray that your New Year is filled with Jesus.


Friday, December 21, 2012


Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends.. and a New Year filled with Jesus...


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are We Winking At Sin?


                            Go Here To Read


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moses !

Moses taking a bite out of my Aloe Vera  plant. It is good for him so I just let him nibble away.
For those of you that are new to my blog, I want to introduce you to Moses. He is a Love Bird and he is almost 13 years old. He is spoiled rotten and is my buddy. He has a bed in his cage that he sleeps on (lays flat down on a cotton mattress) and he has an electric blanket over him at night (in the winter time) that keeps his cage a toasty 80 degrees. We keep the house pretty cool even in the winter so had to come up with a way to keep him warm. A twin size electric blanket with a small flannel sheet over that keeps him warm at night!  He is a hoot  !
Here he is peaking out of his cage on his bed !

Have a blessed Sunday.......

Friday, September 14, 2012

Two Years Ago Today

      I always speak what is on my heart. That is just who I am. If you have lost a loved one, take your time, let the Father God bring healing no matter how long. HE is not in any hurry.

     It is two years ago today  that I stood beside my mom as she was taking her last breaths here on this earth. She was already gone, living between heaven and earth and I think more heaven at that point than earth. She has ceased to talk more than 24 hours earlier and she just laid quiet and her breathing became more shallow with the passing of time. I remember being by her side for hours and hours and I remember one of the very last conversations I had with her. I was begging her not to go. Please Mom, please Mom stay for a while, just a while. I would sit her up and try to get her to eat a bite or two and after just a few swallows, she would look at me and say "just lay me down Denise, I just want to lay down." I would lower her bed at her request and let her drift back to sleep as I stood and watched her breath.  It soon became so painfully obvious to me that my mom had chosen to leave.

     You see she had just lost her husband of 66 years just a short 72 days before. She was living with me and Dennis and on one occasion she made the statement that she never wanted to burden her children by living with them. Burden! Burden! Mother, you were never a burden. Oh there were days that I was worn to a frazzle and could hardly drag myself out of bed, but never never a burden. I had taken care of Mom and Dad for 8 years and during those years it was laughter and tears. That is just life, but never never once did I ever think in my heart that they were a burden to me. I considered it a blessing to be in the place in my life that I could give back just a minute part of what they had given me. That is what children are to do, give back when they are able. I think that many have forgotten that.

      Mom just could not go one without Dad. They were together side by side for 66 years with the exception of the years Dad spent in the war. When he was you would always find her right beside him. If he was in the computer room, that is where she was, if he was in the living room watching TV. that is where she was. Partners, Soul mates, husband and wife in the good and in the bad.   

   That early morning of September 15, 2010 sometime around 1:30 a.m. after losing her husband and being forgotten by one of her children, she slipped off into eternity. I remember the screams that were coming from my broken heart being the only sounds in the room. We were all there. I did not look at my brother Paul or brother Larry. I knew I could not bear to see their grief. I remember laying my head down on the side of her bed trying to muffle my screams. 

  I had lost my mom having not had the time to mourn for my dad. Both gone, another funeral to plan for. Another set of clothing to choose another casket spray to design. Songs to pick out, caskets to choose, plans to be made.

   I can tell you now, I did not do well. I have been missing from this blog for a long time and missing from life just as long. I have gone through emotions that I did not even had a name for. I have suffered with depression and anger and grief until I did not know if I would survive or even want to. BUT I can tell you this one thing, I was ALWAYS in touch with my Father God. There were days that I was out in my back yard screaming at HIM and venting all my hurt to HIM but I never stopped talking to HIM. You see, HE has big shoulders and HE is there to listen and understand. Too many time we are afraid to tell HIM how we feel but HE already knows so we might as well open up and let HIM begin to heal. HE is the only one that can heal the heart, the only one.

   It is two years tonight. I am not sobbing. Oh I have cried off and on a bit today and will tomorrow, but I can recall memories tonight and smile instead of crying and that is a good thing. I have had a couple of people these past two years that have helped me more than they know and of course my precious husband and son has kept a close eye on me and allowed me the space to mourn and heal. They never once told me to get over it or get on with life. They just loved me through it.

   My brother Paul has been a source of comfort even though he is not one to talk about it much. He would listen.He has always said that the death of both parents were especially hard on me because of being a caregiver and I was right in the middle of watching them die. As I look back on the two years, I think he is right. The last two years of their lives were very very traumatic for them and hard for me to watch. I tried and tried to keep them healthy and alive. That was not God's plan.

    I plan on coming back to the blog full time and talking to old freinds and making new ones. I will be sharing with you so many little stories that I am now remembering about my mom and dad. Memories that make me smile. Gone will be the posts about the sorrow and grief, for that has been replaced by beautiful memories that they left with me and the joy of just having them as my mom and dad. The Father God has replace the sobbing with great anticipation of a reunion that I feel is not far away.

 Psalm 30:5  Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. I think it is now beginning to be my morning.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Past Memories

Time to sort. These three little baskets is all that is left for me to sort of the things from Mom and Dad. It is full of papers and things. A little plastic dish that came from Dad's dresser and a fabric covered jewelry box that belonged to Mom. I have her nursing hat and a few small crochet pieces. They have been sitting underneath my embroidery machine for almost two years now. Hard to imagine it has been that long. Seems that it was just yesterday that I was walking back and forth across that yard with meals or medicine or just to go and visit. God knows how I miss them God only knows. 

BUT it is time to sort this stuff and let some go and keep some things close to my heart.

 I will share for the next few weeks of treasures that I come across. We are but a vapor, here for only a short time and then eternity with the Father God and those that have gone before.  
That is my day today. It is mixed with tears and laughter. After all, that is what we call life. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question.  It has been so long since I was here I have no idea how all this new stuff works. I wish they would leave things alone.  Such a long time since I blogged I just did not know if I wanted to start back up or not. So I went back a few years and started reading all my old posts and all the comments and visited a few of my friends blogs and found myself completely engrossed with what everyone was doing and what was going on in their lives that I realized how very much I had missed everyone.

 For the past two years I have slowly closed myself off to a lot of things without even knowing that I was doing that. So this morning, without even knowing what I was going to say here I am. 

We have been so busy this summer doing things outside but about a week ago the weather turned hot once again and it has stopped us from finishing the outside projects. If I do not get out early in the mornings then it has to wait till the next morning. 

I planted a lot of veggies this year up along the east side of my house hoping that the summer would not kill everything and the east side shade would give them a safe haven. Silly me, the temps are climbing to 110 yesterday and it was 106 by 11:00 am and that was east sun!  Everything is dying!  Oh well. I think I will just rely on the produce department at Wal-mart. 

We are about half finished with the deck around the pool so we are at least getting a start. I hope to have it finished mid September as I plan on having a big family reunion here.  I would like to have it the end of August but not sure if I will make that.

As for me, today I am getting my hair spiked and putting in a dark red streak. I am thinking about going to college and taking beginning Art and possible pottery. My older brother PE is always encouraging me to try my hand at painting so I think I might give it a try. He teaches here at the University from time to time so I need to learn a little bit about art and then maybe one semester take one of his classes.... That would be such fun.

There are a few other things in the works out here right now but I will save them for another post. Just felt that I needed to jump back upon the blog wagon this morning. Hope some of you are still here and still wanting to be my friend..

Have a happy day...... and if you are in the hot box as Oklahoma seems to be............ stay cool! 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Checking

I have changed the name of my blog to my 65th year and I am just checking to see if it shows up on your list? I am not sure what changing the name causes? LET ME HEAR FROM YOU!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine From Heaven and Web Site

The phone rang, it was Dad. I was so surprised to hear his voice. Dad I said, you cannot call me, you are in heaven. I know I know he said but I just wanted to call you and wish you much love on Valentine Day. 

But Dad I continued to protest, you cannot call me from heaven. I know he said.
My older brother PE was sitting at a near by table and try as I might get his attention he never did understand that Dad was on the phone. "I have sent you a valentines card Dad continued, there will be someone bringing it to your door. About that time out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older man pass by the window. He stepped up on the porch and handed me an envelope. I stood in amazement and slowly opened the envelope. 

There on that porch I read a love note from my Dad. A valentine from heaven. Then I woke up. 

You cannot tell me or ever begin to tell me that our Father God is not so in love with us and is so very interested in our lives. He delights in giving us gifts and sending us joy for a moment. HE knows how I grieve for my Mom and Dad and last night gave me just a sweet taste of the sound of my Dad's voice on the phone. 

Me and my Dad were very close and he was my very best friend for many many years. We were involved in many different business adventures and we rode to work every day together in his old truck for many years. I still have the red tulip bulbs from a few years ago, a Valentines Day gift from my Dad. 

I miss my Dad, but last night I got a Valentine from heaven. Thank you Father God for the reminder that Dad is alive and well and one day I will be able to see his face again...... 

Now the web site..

I have been MIA again but have a good excuse. I have been sitting at my pc for hours and hours and hours finishing my brothers web site. I started it in November and the first of Jan decided that it was time I sat down and finish it. I have been teaching myself Dreamweaver which is a web site program so I just jumped in and decided to get it finished.. I will put the link at the end of this post and you can go and check it out. I still have a few more small additions and corrections but  all in all it is finished.... I am proud of it, and very proud of him. 

I have finished painting and putting up shelves in my shop and it looks really nice. I will take pictures and share. I also have my web site finished and am not putting up embroidery files to sale. I hope to have it all finished and loaded and up on the internet by the end of this month. I will have primitive dolls and pillows and stitcheries for sale. The embroidery files are for those that have home or industrial embroidery machines. I hope visitors find something that they just love. 

They are calling for snow and freezing rain tonight, guess I need to take something for my spring fever as it looks like it will be a while.

We did have renters in the little house next door where Mom and Dad lived but they have moved and I am now in the process of finding other renters. Pray that I find just the right person. 

Well I will try and get around to each of you this week. I want to see what you have been up to. I sure do miss each of you...

So for now............. Happy Valentines Day to each of you...  
It seems that I have had my gift from God early.

My brothers web site    BlueRiverArt   I would love to know what you think..


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Just Hate It

So many ladies leaving the blog world and I hate it! I really hate FB and I go there less and less.. I love reading the blogs and interacting with the ladies and reading about your day to day and what life is like around your house... I am not leaving, that is for sure.... and if you no longer blog please come to see me now and then..

I have been going back to when I first opened my blog and reading posts and comments and makes me sad... so many of the gals have not posted in many many months.... I guess I am going to clean out my blog list and try and keep in touch via email....

Anyway, just my thoughts.... How about you, which do you prefer?

Well, we are still remodling my shop. Two weeks now.... I am tired of it now... going to finish today I hope.... I have created my brother another new website and hope to get it up on the web in the next week or so...

I thinking about retiring AGAIN.... I just have things want to do and having my shop open 5 days a week keeps me tied down.... I turn 65 in March and I just think it is time for me to stop.. I want to put in a big flower garden and also a veggie garden this year.. that will keep me pretty busy I am sure.... Money.... I hate it.. it keeps us from our dreams....

Anyway... I am tossing it around in my mind.... My new shope and the changes that I have made is going to make is so nice for me to create my dolls and stitcheries to sell on my web site...
I am also so into the raw food and would like to give that more time..... So many ideas so little time.....

What about you.... what are you up to these days.... are you following your dream? I hope so...

Have a blessed Sunday....


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I love this..........

When I am in heaven tell me there will be last
That in some meadow, filled with sunshine, filled with buttercups and filled with friends, you will sit and chew a straw and fill us in on how things really are............

And if there is some harm in laying earthly hope at heavens door
or in this just saying so,well, have mercy on my foolishness dear Lord.
I love this world you made, it's all I know.........


Sunday, January 1, 2012

No ! A Thousand Times No

yeah, right/(sarcastic) yeah, ok
(sarcastic) sure....
hell naw!
nein (german for no)
nyet (russian for no)
iie (eee-yeh) (japanese for no)

absolutely not,
by no means,
never, nix,
no way,
not at all,
not by any means
Over my dead body
Not on your life..
Don't even think about it

Ok...... get the picture........  I am too old to make any more resolutions. Not going to do it.. I fail and I fail miserably..  sooooooooooo not going to put my self through that............  BUT what I am going to do is give my frail pathetic weak sorrowful will power over .............. to HIM            I give over my will to HIS power and what ever HE has for me in 2012..........  I am ready...........  

Looking forward gals.........  always looking forward........ Looking to HIM the author and finisher of our faith.........

  I think I will spend more time here this year..... I have really missed you...
Happy New Year gals............

!-- gt;