Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Just Hate It

So many ladies leaving the blog world and I hate it! I really hate FB and I go there less and less.. I love reading the blogs and interacting with the ladies and reading about your day to day and what life is like around your house... I am not leaving, that is for sure.... and if you no longer blog please come to see me now and then..

I have been going back to when I first opened my blog and reading posts and comments and makes me sad... so many of the gals have not posted in many many months.... I guess I am going to clean out my blog list and try and keep in touch via email....

Anyway, just my thoughts.... How about you, which do you prefer?

Well, we are still remodling my shop. Two weeks now.... I am tired of it now... going to finish today I hope.... I have created my brother another new website and hope to get it up on the web in the next week or so...

I thinking about retiring AGAIN.... I just have things want to do and having my shop open 5 days a week keeps me tied down.... I turn 65 in March and I just think it is time for me to stop.. I want to put in a big flower garden and also a veggie garden this year.. that will keep me pretty busy I am sure.... Money.... I hate it.. it keeps us from our dreams....

Anyway... I am tossing it around in my mind.... My new shope and the changes that I have made is going to make is so nice for me to create my dolls and stitcheries to sell on my web site...
I am also so into the raw food and would like to give that more time..... So many ideas so little time.....

What about you.... what are you up to these days.... are you following your dream? I hope so...

Have a blessed Sunday....



  1. Hey Denise! I've been mia for so long and I'm finally getting back in the bloggin' saddle and wanted to stop by for a visit! Lots going on in my neck of the woods...trying to get back to normal....whatever normal is (?)
    Hope you are doing well and I agree.....I hate it that it seems so many bloggin sisters are disappearing and primarily just on FB now. I don't like FB...hardly use it at all. Anyway, I enjoyed reading several of your posts and love how the Lord blessed you with a very special Valentine...He's an awesome God, isn't He.


    Sweet Blessings!

  2. Hi Denise
    I am sorry girl. Days are so full with homeschooling both kids. It has been a hard road recovering with all the pains of joints. I will try to post today.
    Loving you. Forgive me the neglect of our friendship.

  3. Hello Sweet Lady!!! I am not leaving but when I am better I will be back!!!!
    Miss you, thanks for the BD wishes!!


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