Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving The Fence

We have this beautiful oak tree just south of our house and with the old fence it was left out of the yard.......So this weekend we moved the fence.....

Here is the old fence or what it left of it. It was my joy to take down the fence boards and that was a job......... but I got it done. Now we need to dig up the old  posts and move the bench. 

This gives you a better look at the old fence to the left......  what a day... You can see the new fence to the left.  The back side is finished and not over to the tree. It is going to make a huge difference in the size of the yard.  Right back there to the left where you see the large tree is where I plan on putting my garden.... What ya think?  It will get good sun but shade in the heat of the day. 

Here is the west side and the oak tree right there in front of you.  The gap in the fence is for a gate......  Yipee!   I do not have a gate on the south side so that will be great........

There is that beautiful oak tree.....  the fence will go right up to it ---- half in and half out of the fence........   We are going to build a round bench around the trunk on the inside ....... that will be too cute don't you think?
Then when the fence is finished I will plant a garden out by that tree..  It will shade the veggies from the hot west sun and maybe I will have an abundance of veggies......
Now right here is the east side of the fence now and to the right of those two trees is a kind of scooped our area. I am going to make a Hosta garden there......  Around that tree and then down the rocks.  ( I have been tossing rocks over there as we moved them for the fence)  It is a larger area than it looks but I will take a picture when I get that finished.    I think that will look sweet!!!!!!!!!!! 
The fence is finished now but I do not have a  picture but it is wonderful.. I will take a picture later when I get the yard cleaned up...   

My sweet DH is taking week after next off and we will get the yard work started.  We need to make a trip to Fort Worth Thursday .  My high dollar embroidery machine quit yesterday and we have to take the "brain" to be fixed. Mercy, no telling what that will cost but without the brain it is just a big piece of metal worth nothing but using as a boat anchor!  I do not own a boat so I guess it is to Texas to be fixed.  

 As for Mom and Dad, that is another post........   They are ok but this has not been a good week for either of them.  Prayer is always needed.  I am so concerned for Dad this week.  He is stage 3 kidney failure and more anemic than Mother.  Speak his name in prayer for me please.  

Headed to bed, love you all........

Sunday, March 21, 2010


First day of Spring here yesterday ........... YEAH!!! It was 70 the day before yesterday.......... Yesterday it was 21 degrees and snowing! This morning cold cold cold and windy with snow everywhere!

Go figure!

Had to cover my peonies as they have blooms coming all over them! Spring........... It is the promise of new life......................
Jesus is Spring…

All is good here at my house……

Love ya all!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving My Blog List

Does anyone out there know how to add all my blog list gals to another blog without having to copy each. I do not want to move them one at a time All help will be appreciated.................:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here Again

I do not think that the blog reader picked up this post. I am getting email from you ladies asking me when I am coming back....... sooooooooooo I am going to post this again with a new title and see if it shows up on your updates........... :) Have a good Tuesday!

My hope for Spring.

Hello girls and how are you all? It has been such a month and it seems that I have been gone forever! February was a hard month but I see Spring coming up all around me. Today is my 63rd Birthday and what better was to celebrate than to return to the blog land and all my wonderful friends.

I accomplished a great deal while on my break and I feel refreshed and ready to attack the spring and summer season that is headed this way.

I cleaned every room along with the baseboards and walls. Rearrange the pictures on the wall and rearranged each room. WHEW!!!!!

The ice storm was terrible and we were without power for days. After about 4 hours we had to leave the house and take Mom and Dad somewhere warm. My son Chris was without power and so was my brother so we had to go to the Holiday Inn here in town . That was quite a deal...... It was not hard for us but very very hard on Mom and Dad. They got their days and nights mixed up and slept most of the day and up all night.

We got through it and after 4 days got mom and dad home. Mom has never recovered and keeps wanting to go home. We have talked to her at length but she has no idea of where home is. She has no memory of before the ice storm. She will ask anyone that comes into the house if she can go home now. It just breaks my heart and after a trip to the Dr we found out that there is nothing left to be done. She is on all the medicine she can take. Nothing else for her. It has been very emotional around here. Also Dad has gotten very very confused in the past two weeks and the nurse said that she has never seen anyone that has changed that much that quick. I have had to take his medicine from him and give it to him as I do mother.. He gave it up willingly. Tough days girls...... tough days.......... BUT MY GOD IS ABLE .........

This is our beautiful tree in our back yard... Down it came! What is so very sad about this is that this is the tree that my little hummingbirds nest in. I am so sad. I hope they just move up a little higher and nest in the taller branches.

On a brighter note, I have some pictures of my Valentine roses that my sweet DH surprised me with. They looked beautiful on my side table under my new mirror. I think they were the most beautiful roses I have ever been given. I have dried them since then and they are sitting on my table and look beautiful.

Yes that is a bottle of Riunite Raspberry wine. I sip a small glass of wine every night. Have for years. This is my very favorite.

I also got some beautiful red tulips from my Dad. How sweet was that. I have since then dried out the bulbs and will soon plant them.

I did finish the web site for my brother and I will put a link at the bottom. go and take a look and tell me what you think. I think I did a good job but it was very very time consuming. I have decided to make mine and I am about finished with it and hope to publish it to the Internet in the next week or so. I will post that when I get it up and running. I have worked hours and hours on the files to sell so I so hope they do well. I have also created a Sew The Word blog and will be putting things to sell on there. I will post that when I have a few things to sell. I have finished the 6 Pay It Forward boxes and will be sending them out a couple a week. So ladies, you know who you are, watch your mail , they are on the way!

I have been a busy little gal, but computer things are so time consuming.

I have missed everyone here in the blog but I have to tell you that I was so addicted to the blog and needed very much to get away for a while. I had to get my priorities in order and understand the roll of the blog in my life. I think I have accomplished that.

I have started my book and have been in touch with a publisher. It is a long story about the book and I am going to write about it on my other blog, Samaritan Women Among You. That will be a few days away. I did not know what format the book needed to be and I have been hitting and missing on it was a long time now but I think that the Lord has done a wonderful thing and shown me how it is to be done.

There is another thing I have embarked on but I am going to wait on that for a few days because I need to take some pictures to go with it.

Also I have been waiting on the other SURPRISE that I want to share but as of yet it is not here... BUT it is on its way and I will share then!

Can you imagine that????

Now let me explain this picture........... I was trying to take a picture of my new hair do and was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I took several and they just did not turn out at all and looked really silly...... but this last one was taken from down low to the side toward my face....... NOW what in the world is those blurred streaks on that mirror I have no idea... my mirror looked clean and had been cleaned the day before with windex and paper towels.......... LOOK AT THOSE STREAKS............ I choose to go on and share the picture as I am sure I would never get another picture that I liked....... soooooooooooooooo here you go girls....... you have been asking so ok.............I am going to go and clean that mirror again!


I am turning 63 today and this was taken on Friday............ sooooooooo use it for your garden, it is bound to scare something! I will try to get Dennis to take a better picture this week.

I am headed out to dinner with my son and PE and Alpha and my sweet DH to celebrate life at 63......

Love you gals and I will be out and about in the blog world tonight.... Can't wait to "see" all of you!

Web site for my brother's web. It took me the entire month of February to finish it.. He loves it.....He is a very talented artist and I am very proud of him. So go and look and tell me what you think..

!-- gt;