Sunday, March 21, 2010


First day of Spring here yesterday ........... YEAH!!! It was 70 the day before yesterday.......... Yesterday it was 21 degrees and snowing! This morning cold cold cold and windy with snow everywhere!

Go figure!

Had to cover my peonies as they have blooms coming all over them! Spring........... It is the promise of new life......................
Jesus is Spring…

All is good here at my house……

Love ya all!



  1. That IS spring around here! We get our very worst storms then. I hear that your state has recd more snowfall this year than ever. Have a great Sunday. I love your pictures.

  2. In my part of Cali. we've been having some great spring weather!! Love hearing the birds chatting with one another!! I love THIS weather, just dont like what comes next.....HEAT!! ick.
    Have a super blessed day!!



  3. I hope that's the last of your snow! Soon you'll be swimming in your pool. :)

  4. Hi Dear Friend,

    Here in the north country it was 34 today and some light snow here and there, but last week all of our snow melted and it was in the high 50's.

    I love spring...the newness of life everywhere I look...the light green of the budding of trees and plant absolutely beautiful.


  5. Those vintage pictures are sweet...

    Ready for spring to stay for good....

  6. "Jesus is Spring" that is an awesome statement! Blessed my heart.

  7. OH MY...We are to get SNOW this morning in Atlanta ! Our open house was great ! One of these days YOU will walk through the door....It will make my year ! HAPPY SPRING...HE IS RISEN...

  8. Snowing here now,big white flakes but none is accumulating.
    Mama Bear

  9. Spring has sprung here in Utah however now the wind is blowing but that is fine. Tomorrow should be good. Love your post. And the music is wonderful.

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  11. Such a lovely post, Denise ~ Sorry the weather was not more springlike! It was beautiful here in NC, and I went to my favorite garden shop.

  12. Yup...we had snow last weekend too. But I'm so used to it! It's supposed to be 60 today...I just wish the flowers would start to bloom!


  13. Happy Spring Denise...what sweet pictures. Our weather keeps bouncing about too....warm and sunny now today showers. Peonies take me back, my mom had them and I love them. Hope you share them in full bloom. Glad all is well....glad you are back...hugs, Linda

  14. Me your new picture.

  15. Hi Denise,
    Hope your peonies made it okay. You have them ready to BLOOM? Mine are growing but no where close to blooming. I can't wait though.
    I've never heard the song you have playing and I love it! Can you tell me who it is?

    Have a day...
    holykisses xoxo

  16. How very sweet the pictures are. This chick is so ready for spring after the horrific winter we've had here in the Ozarks.

    I just wanted to thank ya for poppin' over with your sweet comment.

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend, ya'll!!!

  17. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Hugs, andrea

  18. Our flowers decided to wait to come out until after this last crazy snow - it's melting again, and crocuses are up - hope it's the last one! Only rain from now on, please!

  19. Love you too sweet lady, be warm for you know you are blessed.:)

  20. Over here, when it was still Winter we were having such mild temps and then the first day of Spring it turned cold again...go figure! lol This past week has been very cold but now it`s starting to warm up again and by Friday we`re supposed to be in the 70`s which is so unusual for us for this time of year. I`m not complaining, though:-) Good to hear that all is well!! xoxo

  21. I hope that's the last of your snow! Soon you'll be swimming in your pool. :)
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