Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine From Heaven and Web Site

The phone rang, it was Dad. I was so surprised to hear his voice. Dad I said, you cannot call me, you are in heaven. I know I know he said but I just wanted to call you and wish you much love on Valentine Day. 

But Dad I continued to protest, you cannot call me from heaven. I know he said.
My older brother PE was sitting at a near by table and try as I might get his attention he never did understand that Dad was on the phone. "I have sent you a valentines card Dad continued, there will be someone bringing it to your door. About that time out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older man pass by the window. He stepped up on the porch and handed me an envelope. I stood in amazement and slowly opened the envelope. 

There on that porch I read a love note from my Dad. A valentine from heaven. Then I woke up. 

You cannot tell me or ever begin to tell me that our Father God is not so in love with us and is so very interested in our lives. He delights in giving us gifts and sending us joy for a moment. HE knows how I grieve for my Mom and Dad and last night gave me just a sweet taste of the sound of my Dad's voice on the phone. 

Me and my Dad were very close and he was my very best friend for many many years. We were involved in many different business adventures and we rode to work every day together in his old truck for many years. I still have the red tulip bulbs from a few years ago, a Valentines Day gift from my Dad. 

I miss my Dad, but last night I got a Valentine from heaven. Thank you Father God for the reminder that Dad is alive and well and one day I will be able to see his face again...... 

Now the web site..

I have been MIA again but have a good excuse. I have been sitting at my pc for hours and hours and hours finishing my brothers web site. I started it in November and the first of Jan decided that it was time I sat down and finish it. I have been teaching myself Dreamweaver which is a web site program so I just jumped in and decided to get it finished.. I will put the link at the end of this post and you can go and check it out. I still have a few more small additions and corrections but  all in all it is finished.... I am proud of it, and very proud of him. 

I have finished painting and putting up shelves in my shop and it looks really nice. I will take pictures and share. I also have my web site finished and am not putting up embroidery files to sale. I hope to have it all finished and loaded and up on the internet by the end of this month. I will have primitive dolls and pillows and stitcheries for sale. The embroidery files are for those that have home or industrial embroidery machines. I hope visitors find something that they just love. 

They are calling for snow and freezing rain tonight, guess I need to take something for my spring fever as it looks like it will be a while.

We did have renters in the little house next door where Mom and Dad lived but they have moved and I am now in the process of finding other renters. Pray that I find just the right person. 

Well I will try and get around to each of you this week. I want to see what you have been up to. I sure do miss each of you...

So for now............. Happy Valentines Day to each of you...  
It seems that I have had my gift from God early.

My brothers web site    BlueRiverArt   I would love to know what you think..

!-- gt;