Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Past Memories

Time to sort. These three little baskets is all that is left for me to sort of the things from Mom and Dad. It is full of papers and things. A little plastic dish that came from Dad's dresser and a fabric covered jewelry box that belonged to Mom. I have her nursing hat and a few small crochet pieces. They have been sitting underneath my embroidery machine for almost two years now. Hard to imagine it has been that long. Seems that it was just yesterday that I was walking back and forth across that yard with meals or medicine or just to go and visit. God knows how I miss them God only knows. 

BUT it is time to sort this stuff and let some go and keep some things close to my heart.

 I will share for the next few weeks of treasures that I come across. We are but a vapor, here for only a short time and then eternity with the Father God and those that have gone before.  
That is my day today. It is mixed with tears and laughter. After all, that is what we call life. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question.  It has been so long since I was here I have no idea how all this new stuff works. I wish they would leave things alone.  Such a long time since I blogged I just did not know if I wanted to start back up or not. So I went back a few years and started reading all my old posts and all the comments and visited a few of my friends blogs and found myself completely engrossed with what everyone was doing and what was going on in their lives that I realized how very much I had missed everyone.

 For the past two years I have slowly closed myself off to a lot of things without even knowing that I was doing that. So this morning, without even knowing what I was going to say here I am. 

We have been so busy this summer doing things outside but about a week ago the weather turned hot once again and it has stopped us from finishing the outside projects. If I do not get out early in the mornings then it has to wait till the next morning. 

I planted a lot of veggies this year up along the east side of my house hoping that the summer would not kill everything and the east side shade would give them a safe haven. Silly me, the temps are climbing to 110 yesterday and it was 106 by 11:00 am and that was east sun!  Everything is dying!  Oh well. I think I will just rely on the produce department at Wal-mart. 

We are about half finished with the deck around the pool so we are at least getting a start. I hope to have it finished mid September as I plan on having a big family reunion here.  I would like to have it the end of August but not sure if I will make that.

As for me, today I am getting my hair spiked and putting in a dark red streak. I am thinking about going to college and taking beginning Art and possible pottery. My older brother PE is always encouraging me to try my hand at painting so I think I might give it a try. He teaches here at the University from time to time so I need to learn a little bit about art and then maybe one semester take one of his classes.... That would be such fun.

There are a few other things in the works out here right now but I will save them for another post. Just felt that I needed to jump back upon the blog wagon this morning. Hope some of you are still here and still wanting to be my friend..

Have a happy day...... and if you are in the hot box as Oklahoma seems to be............ stay cool! 

!-- gt;