Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Past Memories

Time to sort. These three little baskets is all that is left for me to sort of the things from Mom and Dad. It is full of papers and things. A little plastic dish that came from Dad's dresser and a fabric covered jewelry box that belonged to Mom. I have her nursing hat and a few small crochet pieces. They have been sitting underneath my embroidery machine for almost two years now. Hard to imagine it has been that long. Seems that it was just yesterday that I was walking back and forth across that yard with meals or medicine or just to go and visit. God knows how I miss them God only knows. 

BUT it is time to sort this stuff and let some go and keep some things close to my heart.

 I will share for the next few weeks of treasures that I come across. We are but a vapor, here for only a short time and then eternity with the Father God and those that have gone before.  
That is my day today. It is mixed with tears and laughter. After all, that is what we call life. 



  1. Bless you....I still have some jumbles I've yet to go through after 6 years...it just makes me sad.
    Mama Bear

  2. Hi
    I do trust the process was cathartic for you. It has seamed time has but vanished like that vapor.
    Today I sit here with my son who is doing 6th grade on line. He is doing well. My daughter is loving 8th grade! She is so happy each day and full of humor.
    Makes this mom pleased within the blur of each busy day.
    Health wise pain is almost a constant. Next week we will most likely schedule the scope on my left shoulder. Torn something in it.
    Infusions are doing well really good actually. My numbers are up and no infections for some time now. It really is wonderful not to be sick.
    My love with my husband is full and rich. Again busy for folks our age, but that may well keep us young.
    All in all we are full and blessed.
    The pain syndrome is under a bit more of a managed state. Teaching my son is making it hard to do yoga stretching classes. They are a wonderful control for the muscle spasms.

  3. Denise, I am feeling your sentiment so much and I doooo understand where you are coming from. You have been in my thoughts so much and I know that you have had such a hard time dealing with the loss of your parents. We ARE here for just a short - a very short - time but the knowing that we will have an ETERNAL life makes the pain of loss more tolerable. Walk by faith, not by sight. Love you, girl!


  4. It was so good to hear from you, Denise!!!! I think of you so often and pray for you every time you come to mind. I know about the sorting thing, going through things, and all the thoughts and feelings that go with it. It's so hard to part with what was once part of someone we loved so dearly. Sometimes I feel so much like an orphan --- a strange feeling for someone in their 60's!!!!! But I find when those feelings come over me, that I get really clingy to things that take me back in time and bring back those warm, safe memories. It's so good to see you here again, Denise! I've missed you so much!


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