Monday, June 28, 2010


Not much time to write, I am headed back to the hospital. Dad is critical. You can read some of it on Face Book.  Just pray for Dad. This has been coming since April. He is tired and he is giving up.. I just pray for him to be safe in the arms of the Father God........................

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have a new hobby!   Kayaks...........

My brother Paul got started and then came and took us out to try his.

He loves to go out on his own and just blaze a trail........
(what is it called when you blaze a trail in the water?)

  His is lime green... You can see him for a mile. Then he wears that orange shirt,
and don't forget that hat! 

They had to pose for me........  they are a pair.......

  We loved them! Sooooooooooo it was off to Dallas Bass Pro for two of our own. I am sorry that I did not take any pictures that day... I was sick and fighting asthma, so I forgot to even take it our of my purse.  


It is easy to do and cost nothing to take them out.  Leaving Mom and Dad is very difficult because of the level of care now but there is a beautiful lake only 45 minutes from here. The  lake is pretty large and full of coves and nooks and crannies!   

It is something we can do and only be gone a few hours.  Mom and Dad can be out here for a while alone.  So Sunday with fishing poles in hand and small tub of worms we headed out. PE and Alpha met us down there and Chris came down with his boat.  It is perfect for us right now........... Good exercise and good fun with family. 

Chris and his main squeeze Tara taking our Kayaks for a test run....  Look, my oars match my Kayak...... hahahah   I am going to tie dye a hat to match!   How funny.......

Have you ever been on a Kayak?  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

YES! We Have No Banana’s

Ye Have Not Because Ye Ask Not!
Going Bananas!
I just did not know what to title this post so I just put all three.  Just wanted to share with you a blessing.  

Since I have been on this raw food diet I eat a lot of bananas.  I found out that you can freeze them!   So I went to Wal**** and asked them if I could buy their “ripe” bananas that they toss out.  Well you would have thought that I asked for something free.  “My goodness no “ was the response.  When asked what they did with their ripe bananas they explained that they go out side into the dumpster!  Now how crazy is that!  I would have paid for them.  

Well I was a bit befuddled and then remembered  a nice little grocery store north of town and they have a pretty nice fruit and produce department, so off I went.  After shopping and  picking up some fruit and veggies I inquire as to who I might talk to about “ripe” bananas. 

The nicest smiling faced young man named Mark came out from the back and was happy to answer any questions we had.  When asked about the “ripe”bananas he was excited to hear that I was willing to buy the bananas. Off he went and came back with this!  

I was overwhelmed with his kindness and willingness to work with us.  When I asked him how much he wanted for this box of bananas, $5.00 was his response!  $5.00……… and you imagine.   So with my prize in hand we headed home.

Peel the banana and put them in a vacuum bag and pull all the air out of the bag and these bananas will last for months and months and they stay as pretty 6 months from now as they were the day we put them there…

I was doing the peeling............

I got ahead of him.........  He was doing the vacuum machine...

You can tell it is Dennis by the hairy arms!

 This is what you get....   I got 15 bags of 3 each for $5.00...  

They have been in the freezer a month now and this is how they still look!  

What a blessing……….   Take those out and leave them for just a few minutes and then put them in a blender with some frozen strawberries or fresh strawberries or blueberries or any berry you might have………  YUM!  Healthy!  AND not expensive!  A BLESSING!

!-- gt;