Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Here we go again.......... Hurricane Bill is bring to us LOTS and LOTS of water. We are still saturated from the rain in the month of May and the first week in June. I have lived here most of my life and have never seen anything like this.  If you look at the map in the yellow toward the southeast it says 7.8 inches of rain expected in the next 3 days.......... That is me..  OMG....

They are calling it life threatening rain fall.  I have never heard that in my life..
We have a creek behind the house but it is at least 25 feet lower than our home...

 We have seen it up quite  bit but never in the field behind the house. This will be interesting...   We have pontoon in the back, we might move onto that at sometime in the next couple of days.. well maybe not........ but it is an idea........


Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pearl of Great Price

    While still going through the things that belong to mom I have found a treasure. Mom had lots and lots and lots of jewelry. Lots. Many years ago when Dad was stationed in the Azores, we stayed with Grandmother in Roff Oklahoma.

    While in the Azores Dad sent home a pearl for me and one for Mom. Mine was a single pearl on a chain but Mothers was a pearl encased in a gold "cage" so to speak. Many years ago mom decided that she had lost her pearl. Dad and I search over the years and we never found that pearl. It was decided that it was lost forever.

  I have been going through moms things over the past couple of years and this past week I am dealing with her jewelry boxes. One of the boxes is the one that I sent to her from the Philippines. It is carved on the top and the front of the draws and it is chocked full of pieces of old jewelry and chains. While unraveling the many pieces of broken chains I found THIS! 

 It is mothers pearl. It is dull and worn and needs some TLC........ but after a little soap and water and some cleaning, it will look just like it did 50 years ago......... It is truly a pearl of great price.  I will show you what it looks like after some TLC and a new chain.... I will wear it with great pride.

!-- gt;