Monday, May 30, 2011

Garage Sale !!!!!!!!!! Stuff !!!!!!!!!!

For the past three weeks Dennis and I have been cleaning out a storage unit that we have had for 10 YEARS !!!!!!!

10 Years ! That is crazy, just crazy. It is all the stuff that we had when we moved from Kansas and then stuff when his mom and dad moved from Springfield and then stuff that my mom and dad had when they moved to Ada 9 years ago.

To give myself a little credit we have just not had time to move it to Ada (it was about 16 miles from here in Roff where mom and dad lived) BUT to pay $45.00 a month for 10 years is just nuts! Add it up! that is a lot of money.....


we have spent the last three weeks moving it and going through all those dirty, dusty moldy boxes and totes and furniture. We have thrown away a lot of stuff that is just no good and then put all the rest in MY SHOP! MY SHOP, my beautiful shop....... Wall to wall stuff (the storage unit was 10 x 20 so that should give you an idea of how much "stuff" we had in there.

We are having a garage sale on June the 3rd and 4th. There is a community wide garage sale in Dear Creek which is a large community estate right behind , so we are going to take advantage of the traffic that will come by the house.......

The storage unit
is empty as of yesterday and it is all in my house and yard. We did not want to pay for June so this weekend while everyone is out have a good time and barbeques in the back yard and lounging around the pool or at the lake we are going to be bringing MORE stuff into my shop!!!!!!!!! 

After a long day yesterday of moving and cleaning and pricing, my sweet son called and said he was cooking and invited us and brother Paul and Alpha. Chris and Tara cooked shish-kabobs with chicken and shrimp and steak and all sorts of veggies!  Cold slaw and  pasta and corn or the cob and steamed asparagus! 
What a treat it was to clean up and go to someone elses house and sit and visit and have them cook for me!  
What a wonderful evening.

BUT today is Memorial Day

We are headed out to see mom and dad and his dad and take flowers then back to the house to finish up some pricing and sorting.
Good thing about this is there is less than one week and all this goes out into the yard. Dennis is taking off Thursday and Friday and we will take everything outside on Thursday. I have been pricing things as we unpack them and putting them back in clean new boxes, so things are kinda organized, kinda.

Over the past 10 years 

I have always said that the only thing in there was my tea set from Japan. I do not have a china cabinet so I was never really in a hurry to find the set in all those boxes. During all the moving and unpacking and finding things that I had forgotten all about I found my tea set! Now I HAVE to have a china cabinet. I want an old one that I can paint... I will take pictures when this stuff goes out into the yard, right now  my camera needs batteries!...... 


my house looks like a garage sale from front to back. I have cleaned out every closet and every kitchen cabinet. I am throwing away stuff in my house and going back to just the essentials.  Very tired of stuff. 
So I have just given up on getting anything done in the shop or the house. After the garage sale I am painting every room and putting up crown molding in every room. From the back to the front........That is my goal for the summer......... "Whew"


that is where I have been and what I have been doing. Some days I was a bit overwhelmed but just 3 more days and it will all go out into the yard. (Dennis is going to sleep in the bed of the truck on Thursday night to make sure we do not have any early shoppers! hahaha!

We are hoping to get $2000.00 for all the stuff and we will turn around and buy all the patio squares that is going around the pool! Mercy.......... it is going to be a busy summer!

Love ya! 

Pray for Israel, pray for peace, pray for our country. We are STILL at war in too many places. 


Saturday, May 14, 2011

YUCK !!!!!!!!!!!

Took the cover off of the pool this past weekend! YUCK, was the word for the day!

 Not sure what happened this winter but I have never seen the pool this bad. Could not imagine what in the world happened but no time to stand and wonder, had to clean it up.

 Taking a closer look we realized that it was not the water but dirt on the bottom. Now how in the world that much dirt got in the pool is a mystery.

Out came the long hose and the vacuum head and Dennis got busy. It is a one man job trying to vacuum the bottom but he did a good job and once again after a few hours it started to look like a pool!

Ready for Summer! 
We worked several hours in the yard and around the pool and by mid to late afternoon we were done. Hot and tired my husband turned and looked at me and told me that there was just one thing left to do, and with that he stripped down to his undies and........................................... you guessed it............ he jumped in the pool!

It the temperature of the water  was a balmy 56 degrees!  Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  
I had no time to grab a camera!  What a Kodak moment!  He did not stay in there long......... but it sure was a fun ending to a hard day.

Life is for living............ laugh and enjoy.

THEN got up the next morning and what did we find?  A copperhead snake in the pool. He was swimming around looking for a way out. I think the June bugs thought he was an island and they were climbing on!
He was fished out and off came his head!  He was only about 12" long, wonder where Mama is???????

He is a dead snake now!

I was going to take a blog break this next few weeks of May  and the month of June but have changed my mind. I love to blog and am going to get back into it.......this is where my heart is and I miss so many of you.

We cleaned out part of our storage unit today. We have been paying on it for 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!  That is crazy. There are some things in there that I have not seen since we put them there. Now have a dozen of large boxes are sitting in my shop.   Our plan is a garage sale the 10 of June. We are hoping to make $2000.00 and then build our new potting shed/ work shop.  BUT there is a lot of work to do before then.

Hope every one is good and having a wonderful weekend.  I will go now and visit some of you before bedtime.

!-- gt;