Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Am Still A Dizzy Broad!


Tuesday January 25th 2011

Outside my window...

It is a beautiful day.  It was a beautiful day yesterday. Right now I am looking at the lattice sitting in front of my mail box, it is still decorated with the Christmas stuff.....  I forgot to take it down.  I think I am just going to take the bows off and leave it....... Maybe.

I am thinking...

that this is day 11 for me and this inner ear thing. Today is the last day of the antibiotics. I am much better but still very light headed and have to be so careful bending over or reaching up. I will topple like a double dip of ice-cream stacked off center on a warm summer day.

I am thankful for...
My husband. He has been such a help to me the past 11 days and hoovered over me like a hen over her chicks. I am thankful for information. I am an avid reader and I Google everything. I have learned much about inner ear disorders and then I have learned much about natural cure and natural things to take to help build immune against it. Information is a blessing!   Take your life in your hands and read..  Listen to your Dr. but be PRO ACTIVE!   Our bodies are amazing! It will heal itself if we know what to feed it. 

From the learning rooms..
My husband called me from work yesterday with a bible question. Job 1:7 (and again in Job 2:2) And the LORD said unto Satan, From whence comest thou? And Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.  

Rev. 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. I have read that many times over the years but I guess I have never studied it. 

Our enemy has access to the throne of God and he is the accuser of  the brethren. Has been since he was thrown out of heaven eons ago. However he is still allowed to come and go and have conversation with the Father God. UNTIL in Revelations 12:10 where he, our accuser is thrown out for good. he sees the end of his days coming and in that time he will raise unholy hell on earth. The tribulation.

Now I said all that to say this. Jesus is our intercessor. When the enemy comes and gets in the face of God accusing me, Jesus intercedes for me. HE is my defender. HE reminds the Father that I am in Christ and my sin is forgiven and the blood has washed me clean. HE intercedes. What a thought for this beautiful morning.

From the kitchen...

Not much going on here. I am fixing to make my juice for the day. I have discovered that I can make it in the morning and put it in pint glass jars with lids and it will stay just fine all day. That is a good thing. I have been trying to juice when I am hungry and sometimes it is easier to get a piece of bread with lunch meat than to juice. So, I think this will work for me. Today is honey dew, 4 carrots, two oranges, one pear, two apples an hand full of organic spinach. (The spinach does not go into the juicer, I put it in the blender after the juice is made to mix it all together.)  Oh yes and a very SMALL piece of ginger. I learned yesterday how potent ginger is and it make my juice rather "sharp".

I am wearing...

Black stove pipe sweats with white sweater. My favorite colors are black and white together. Strange I know, then I have big pink fuzzy socks. Just washed my hair and it is wild and all over my head (I think that is a good thing)

I am creating...

Still with the dolls, I have two on the counter and 4 in the drawer and they are in various stages of construction. I am going to work out there all day today..  I can sit in my desk chair and work and not tire out. I also have three stitcheries in my computer that I am anxious to make and a design for a really pretty sweat shirt.  I am the crafty dizzy gal.

I am going...
Nowhere!  I tried going out Sunday to an art show that my brother was competing in but that was a nightmare. I could not enjoy it at all and most of the hour that I was there I sat. They were all going out to eat afterward but I had to come home. That was at 4 pm and I slept the rest of the day in my chair. Wore me out!  My sweet brother has called me every evening since then, bless his heart, he loves me.

I am reading...
Still reading the Visitation by Frank Peretti and The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee. I have the study of Paul by Beth Moore on the table and a study of the book of Ruth right under it. My dizzy brain will not let me concentrate on ALL of them so I am staying the the Visitation until the head clears. The Spiritual Man is so deep that it gives me a headache so that one is waiting for me to recover.I am hoping...

I am hearing...

That furnace running, mercy our electric bill has been so high. AND still the drip of the kitchen faucet. I have a brand new one sitting in the utility room waiting to be installed. "Sigh"

Around the house...
 My love bird Moses is wreaking havoc on my books. Lovebirds are paper shredders. My gosh, He can shred a magazine in no time and then there is all these little pieces of paper EVERYWHERE!   I try to keep him a magazine on the kitchen table for him to chew. BUT he has discovered my recipe books on the bakers rack in the kitchen and if I am not careful he will get up there and make a terrible mess and destroy my books before I know it!   So, I have learned that he is VERY smart and the word NO gets his attention. However the fly swap really gets his attention !  hahahahhahha   All I have to do is holler no and shake the fly swat at him and here he comes!  Have you every heard a lovebird "bark" Well he will attack that fly swat like it is a predator and bark and puff up and fight that thing for all he is worth.  Now I do not let that go on too long, just a few seconds. It works well and I think he is learning to stay off of my bakers rack. The only BAD thing about this method is the 18 lb Schnauzer if afraid of the fly swat!  He will be traumatized the rest of the day if he sees it in my hand! He runs for cover and shakes the rest of the day. NOW, NO, I have never used the fly swat on him ever! That dog is spoiled rotten and has never heard a cross word. Go figure!
One of my favorite things...

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Just continue to rest and the plan is to work on the little house on Thursday and Friday. Dennis is taking off work to finish the shower and put up the tile and I am going to TRY to dye the carpet in the front bedroom. YES I said dye. I Googled it (remember I said I was a Googler) Well I found out that with a carpet shampooer and Rit dye you can dye light carpet dark. The carpet in the bedroom where mom and dad slept is pretty stained but the carpet is really nice. Just one spot over by the side where mom slept. She took cans of pop to bed with her and usually it was the strawberry pop. Need I say more. It is the size of about 2 ft square and it will not clean. I have tried. Sooooooooooo  I got to reading and found out that you can dye carpet. I have bought dark navy dye and Thursday if I am feeling up to it, I am going to dye the carpet. The nice thing about it is, if it does not work, we will just pull it up and replace it. It is only about 10x 12 room. Wish me luck!  We hope to rent out the little house by the first of March. It does not need to sit empty.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

He has an itch!

 Just the edges please.  If you will notice in the magazine at the top of the picture. Just the edges. When all the edges are gone he goes looking for more!  I am so busy keeping him in edges!

Look. all the pieces are almost the exact same length. He does that all day! Always the exact same length! He wants to build the perfect nest!

On to a new one.
Get that fly swat!

See how he is all puffed up!  Get that fly swat!   

 Ok.....  Now he is the keeper of the laptop!  Tired of the effort to get the books on the bakers rack (you can see it behind him to the left)

And as I bid a fond farewall to you,  he is on the table behind the laptop gettn' and goin'

Have a good day!  I have to go and clean up little shreds of paper now!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Jan 19th ... My House

FOR TODAY Jan 19th 2011

Where in the world is it going!!!  

Outside my window...

Dark! It is 5:30 and I have been us since 3:00 am. Asthma and breathing treatment. BUT the sun will rise soon and I will sip my coffee and enjoy the early morning birds flitting around for food. I need to go out and give them something to find......BUT wait, it is dark outside. I will wait.

I am thinking...

I would not want to live the rest of my life with this inner ear vertigo. I have been to the ER early Sunday morning (3 am to be exact) with vertigo so bad could not stand or sit or lie down....... bummer....

I am thankful for..
Antibiotics, Vertigo medicine, and rest.

From the learning rooms...

I have been studying the parables. The one where the husbandman hired some to work in his field early in the morning, some in the noon time and others in the late day. He paid them the amount promised each of them and the ones that were hired first felt that they should get a greater wage. I paid you what I promised, why is it that you want more than those that worked the least. Moral, we may serve the Lord for many many years and others may find HIM moments before their final breath. We all receive the same reward. Eternal life with the Father....... Mercy, we should rejoice that they found the Christ as we did regardless of how long or short they served. It is not like we have missed something for serving HIM longer........ Just saying...

From the kitchen...
I wish it were time for coffee... Hubby still sound asleep and I sure would like a cup of coffee........  Wait, I have a Keurig.......One cup coming up! 

I am creating...
This Day Journal for all to read. Out in my shop is three dolls laying on the counter, two bunnies in the drawer waiting on their ears, three stitcheries waiting on a frame or stuffing to make a pillow. This dizzy broad needs to get busy!

I am going...
Absolutely no where. Yesterday I helped my cousin move her dad, (my uncle) to a 24 hour care unit. He is my mothers brother and he is failing pretty fast. Dennis and I took him Mom's twin bed and Dad's Chest an a bed rail to help him in and out of bed. I really should not have been out there working, but that is what family does. He is settled and I pray he does better now that someone will be helping him with his medicine.  BUT today, I am staying in. Weather is going to turn later today and they are calling for freezing rain! OMG

I am reading...
The Visitation by Frank Peritti ,  The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee, an Paul by Beth Moore.

I am hoping...
I HOPE in a lot of things because the word tells me that Faith is the substance of things HOPED for. Without a vision my people perish. WE must have HOPE for it is what fuels our faith. I HOPE my vertigo is better today, I HOPE that my oldest son Darryl has a safe day on the highway today. I HOPE that Chris my enforcement son is covered by the blood of the lamb.  I HOPE my sweet husband Dennis is full of faith and ground in the Lord as head of house. I HOPE each of you reading this today is well and happy.
I am hearing...
A constant water drip drip drip from my kitchen sink. I have a brand now faucet to be installed as soon as it gets just a bit warmer. YEAH........  got to get rid of that drip! BUT at least the water will not freeze while it is drip drip dripping in here and cold cold cold outside..

Around the house...
We completely rearranged the living room this past weekend and now I am looking around the house what I can move next. It drives my family crazy!   They say it is a sign of insecurity and control issues. Really? Me? Really?  Well maybe just a tad bit... I will let you decide if the tad is the control or the insecurity! Ha!

One of my favorite things..
Deep Dish combination Pizza. Have not had any in months and months. Will not have any for months and months.  Need 40 lbs gone first. My shop is MY FAVORITE thing. I love love love my shop. I love to make an create and listen to my Christian music while I do both. It is my favorite place in the whole house to be. I will have more pictures one of these days....

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Not too many plans for this week. Need to get over this inner ear and sinus infection. Cannot drive the car with the vertigo, so I am pretty stuck here.......BUT did I tell you I love love love my shop and that is where you will find me the rest of the week...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

You have heard me say I love love love my shop.. so here it is MY SHOP,,,

My Shop when you come in the front door. Totes to go back up in the attic with Christmas stuff.

Behind the counter looking toward the door.

My desk with computer .  This is where I sit and create my designs. The window faces outside to the West in front of my house. I can watch all the coming and goings from my desk. But being in the country there is not much coming and going.
My embroidery machine. 15 needles SWF

Miss Priss sitting on the ironing board watching the whole thing. That is the back door of my shop that goes out to the back yard.......

 My stash of material. 
Doll to be finished, Betty Boop with her cute little body watches over the bits of tea stained lace. She hides it well.

More material and patterns that I have collected over the years. Time to get busy.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Day

Outside my window

... Just a touch of snow left from last weekend. My woodpeckers searching for food. I need to get out there and refill their suet. Temp's still below freezing. I am ready for Spring.
I am thinking
...I need to finish the dishes in the sink, but I think I will have one more cup of coffee.
I am thankful for
...forgiveness and grace which allows us to have a clean slate every morning that we rise. I am thankful for my husband Dennis, he is an ever present stability and comfort in my life.

From the learning rooms
...My learning room is my shop desk. I have my bible and study book there for each morning. I am learning discipline.

From the kitchen
...I see out the front of my house. It is peaceful but I so wish for Spring.

I am wearing
...Warm sweat pants and sweat shirt and heavy fuzzy socks.
I am creating
...primitive dolls and appliqued sweatshirts in my shop.
I am going
...to help move my uncle to a 24 hours care center tomorrow. He is my mothers brother. His health if failing pretty quick and needs 24 hour care. It is sad to see him failing so fast. He was in such good health 4 months ago. He said the closing prayer at mothers graveside.
I am reading
...The Oath by Frank Peretti and Paul by Beth Moore. Frank Peretti is my favorite Christian writer.
I am hoping
...that tomorrow morning I find that I am down another lb. I am tired of talking about losing weight. Time to do it.
I am hearing
...Nothing........ except for a slow drip in the kitchen sink. All is well.
Around the house
...I see the need to paint. Spring cannot get here quick enough.
One of my favorite things
...Coffee in the morning's with my husband before he goes to work.
A few plans for the rest of the week
Finish the shirts for the Sheriff Dept. Finish the doll for the doll swap and help with the little house. Time to get it finished.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Many of my blog friends are in a winter wonderland right now......... Sigh..... I wish we had more snow.......

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not sure about the bible now..........Something in my spirit is not right. So, will hold off until I make a peaceful decision.


Saturday, January 8, 2011


I am going through all my books, for we have many, and among those is a lot of bibles. I am going to donate all of them except one. 
Many years ago I was given a Dake bible. I can tell you I just emerged myself into it. I study from the Dake an the Spirit Filled Bible from Jack Hayford. Those are the two that I have my nose in all the time. There are a lot of people that have never heard of the Dake bible and that is a shame...... I learned a lot by reading it along with the other. 
I said all that to say this, my Dake that I have had around since the early 80's is small print and I could no longer read it and  even with my glasses I had to strain my eyes , so my wonderful husband shopped around and found me a large print Dake! I am in hog heaven. 
Now my question to you is what do you think about me giving my old one away here on the blog. It is marked up a lot with scriptures underlined and writing in the front. I just have not brought myself to the place to just give it away indiscriminately.

I have so enjoyed this bible for years now and would love to know that it was in the hands of someone that really wanted it.


What do you think? Is it a bad idea or would someone out there like to have it? If I get some positive feedback then I will post it with a picture in a few days.
If I give it away I will post a picture of my bible then.



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections of 2010

Hard to imagine that we are now in 2011. I remember when we went into 2000. All the fear and worry and stress over the computers, and here we are a decade later and I wonder where the time went.  

We spent New Years with my brother PE and wife Alpha and we went to Tulsa for the day and visited my favorite place......... The Whole Food Market.  They were amazed at the size of the place and the people shopping there..........  We spent two hours there and had a little bit to eat at the deli. 

 There is walls of any kind of nut or seed or seasoning you can imagine. It is all whole food and most all is raw. I am like a kid in a candy store.

 Now some of you might have stores like this where you live but we do not!  We go about every two months. They are building one in Oklahoma City and should be finished in early fall..........  I will be thrilled as I do not like going to Tulsa, and Oklahoma City wold be closer......  soooooo it is something to look forward to.

From there it was off  to the Bed Bath and Beyond. I needed some coffee for my Keurig coffee pot

(which I just love) an Alpha needed to try some new coffe for her new pot. We got them one for Christmas so she was like a little kid in a candy store when she saw all the different flavors. If you have not tired one, be careful you will get hooked real quick.

Then it was back home before it got too late and the crazies got out on the highways and I had Taco Chicken soup ready and waiting for us when we got home. 

They stayed a while and then they headed home. They live about 15 miles from us and they do not like to be out  on News Years Eve at night. 

Dennis and I stayed up long enough for the ball to drop in NY City and we headed to bed.  
I was a little weepy right there at the end of the day and as I laid down to sleep I talked to the Lord about life in 2010 and the changes that it made and I talked about HIS plan for my life in 2011. You see I need a little direction from HIM as I am still in a bit of a haze. 
I will be still and read and see where HE is taking me.   

I pray that the first day of this new decade brought with it peace for your heart and a smile for your face. Joy for tears and contentment for despair.  

Love ya!
!-- gt;