Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Jan 19th ... My House

FOR TODAY Jan 19th 2011

Where in the world is it going!!!  

Outside my window...

Dark! It is 5:30 and I have been us since 3:00 am. Asthma and breathing treatment. BUT the sun will rise soon and I will sip my coffee and enjoy the early morning birds flitting around for food. I need to go out and give them something to find......BUT wait, it is dark outside. I will wait.

I am thinking...

I would not want to live the rest of my life with this inner ear vertigo. I have been to the ER early Sunday morning (3 am to be exact) with vertigo so bad could not stand or sit or lie down....... bummer....

I am thankful for..
Antibiotics, Vertigo medicine, and rest.

From the learning rooms...

I have been studying the parables. The one where the husbandman hired some to work in his field early in the morning, some in the noon time and others in the late day. He paid them the amount promised each of them and the ones that were hired first felt that they should get a greater wage. I paid you what I promised, why is it that you want more than those that worked the least. Moral, we may serve the Lord for many many years and others may find HIM moments before their final breath. We all receive the same reward. Eternal life with the Father....... Mercy, we should rejoice that they found the Christ as we did regardless of how long or short they served. It is not like we have missed something for serving HIM longer........ Just saying...

From the kitchen...
I wish it were time for coffee... Hubby still sound asleep and I sure would like a cup of coffee........  Wait, I have a Keurig.......One cup coming up! 

I am creating...
This Day Journal for all to read. Out in my shop is three dolls laying on the counter, two bunnies in the drawer waiting on their ears, three stitcheries waiting on a frame or stuffing to make a pillow. This dizzy broad needs to get busy!

I am going...
Absolutely no where. Yesterday I helped my cousin move her dad, (my uncle) to a 24 hour care unit. He is my mothers brother and he is failing pretty fast. Dennis and I took him Mom's twin bed and Dad's Chest an a bed rail to help him in and out of bed. I really should not have been out there working, but that is what family does. He is settled and I pray he does better now that someone will be helping him with his medicine.  BUT today, I am staying in. Weather is going to turn later today and they are calling for freezing rain! OMG

I am reading...
The Visitation by Frank Peritti ,  The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee, an Paul by Beth Moore.

I am hoping...
I HOPE in a lot of things because the word tells me that Faith is the substance of things HOPED for. Without a vision my people perish. WE must have HOPE for it is what fuels our faith. I HOPE my vertigo is better today, I HOPE that my oldest son Darryl has a safe day on the highway today. I HOPE that Chris my enforcement son is covered by the blood of the lamb.  I HOPE my sweet husband Dennis is full of faith and ground in the Lord as head of house. I HOPE each of you reading this today is well and happy.
I am hearing...
A constant water drip drip drip from my kitchen sink. I have a brand now faucet to be installed as soon as it gets just a bit warmer. YEAH........  got to get rid of that drip! BUT at least the water will not freeze while it is drip drip dripping in here and cold cold cold outside..

Around the house...
We completely rearranged the living room this past weekend and now I am looking around the house what I can move next. It drives my family crazy!   They say it is a sign of insecurity and control issues. Really? Me? Really?  Well maybe just a tad bit... I will let you decide if the tad is the control or the insecurity! Ha!

One of my favorite things..
Deep Dish combination Pizza. Have not had any in months and months. Will not have any for months and months.  Need 40 lbs gone first. My shop is MY FAVORITE thing. I love love love my shop. I love to make an create and listen to my Christian music while I do both. It is my favorite place in the whole house to be. I will have more pictures one of these days....

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Not too many plans for this week. Need to get over this inner ear and sinus infection. Cannot drive the car with the vertigo, so I am pretty stuck here.......BUT did I tell you I love love love my shop and that is where you will find me the rest of the week...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

You have heard me say I love love love my shop.. so here it is MY SHOP,,,

My Shop when you come in the front door. Totes to go back up in the attic with Christmas stuff.

Behind the counter looking toward the door.

My desk with computer .  This is where I sit and create my designs. The window faces outside to the West in front of my house. I can watch all the coming and goings from my desk. But being in the country there is not much coming and going.
My embroidery machine. 15 needles SWF

Miss Priss sitting on the ironing board watching the whole thing. That is the back door of my shop that goes out to the back yard.......

 My stash of material. 
Doll to be finished, Betty Boop with her cute little body watches over the bits of tea stained lace. She hides it well.

More material and patterns that I have collected over the years. Time to get busy.

If you would like to join us in the simple Women's Day Book go over to Peggy's and join us. 



  1. It was fun to "visit" with you this morning. Your shop looks organized.

  2. Well...I enjoyed my visit with you this morning. :)
    I do hope that you feel better soon. Not planning on getting out today either. I have two studies that I am doing and they will be on the priority list today...kind of neat staying in with God for the day.
    Loved the view of your shop. I still use the bag you sent me with my name on it....It usually draws compliments from those who see your work.
    Love you girl...glad you are staying busy.

  3. good Morning
    not too fun having the spins. I do so hope that they go away soon.

  4. Denise, I enjoyed reading your day book and I loved seeing your shop... I can see why you enjoy spending time there. What a wonderful spot to create.
    Stay warm and cozy and feeling better soon...hugs, Linda

  5. I too HOPE you get well soon! Looks like such a nice cozy place to be creative...

  6. Oh sweetie, I will be prayin' for ya ...I hear vertigo is just horrific! Bless your heart!!!

    I too can see why you love your shop...I love it too!

    God bless and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  7. I enjoyed reading your daybook and seeing your shop...Happy to see you working again.....sorry you're not feeling well. I have Meniere's and know just what you're going through.....I've read a couple of Frank Peritti.
    Stay warm,
    Sending my love,
    Mama Bear

  8. Hoping you get over that vertigo stuff real soon! It can be a doozy!


  9. Hello sweet lady!!! Thanks for visiting with me. Y'know of all the good things you do, and you remain so upbeat during times in life [like helping move your uncle to a day care for the aged], I feel you're an inspiration to us all.

    Oh and I can't go without mentioning your Betty Boop...she's sweet.

  10. I enjoy your daybook entries...and hope you are feeling much better soon...

    The Visitation is one of my favorite Perretti books...did you know they made a movie of this one?

  11. I can see why you love your shop! Praying you will be well soon, Dear. Just take it easy and get well. Blessings ~

  12. Oh, I feel for you with the vertigo. It's awful. Most of the times I've had it, the cause was a high level of toxicity and a detox worked wonders. Not a drastic one, just lots of water and no meats until it cleared. Lemon water is wonderful too. For me it has always been food related but I know it's different with everyone.

    I want to thank you for your prayers for Miss C.--my daughter's soccer friend with the head injury. Her mom finally listened to advice and took her for the scan and we are awaiting results. Will update.

    Have a beautiful day sweet friend.

  13. Oh dear, I sympathize with you having vertigo, that's something I've had for years and years. It's been a lot better these last couple of years but every once in a while it will act up. To this day, though, I still can't sleep with my head turned to the right, I get all dizzy.

    Love your workshop, everything seems to be so well organized and I can just picture you in there creating all your wonderful creations:-)

    I love rearranging rooms as well! hehe Take good care of YOU my friend. xoxo


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