Saturday, January 8, 2011


I am going through all my books, for we have many, and among those is a lot of bibles. I am going to donate all of them except one. 
Many years ago I was given a Dake bible. I can tell you I just emerged myself into it. I study from the Dake an the Spirit Filled Bible from Jack Hayford. Those are the two that I have my nose in all the time. There are a lot of people that have never heard of the Dake bible and that is a shame...... I learned a lot by reading it along with the other. 
I said all that to say this, my Dake that I have had around since the early 80's is small print and I could no longer read it and  even with my glasses I had to strain my eyes , so my wonderful husband shopped around and found me a large print Dake! I am in hog heaven. 
Now my question to you is what do you think about me giving my old one away here on the blog. It is marked up a lot with scriptures underlined and writing in the front. I just have not brought myself to the place to just give it away indiscriminately.

I have so enjoyed this bible for years now and would love to know that it was in the hands of someone that really wanted it.


What do you think? Is it a bad idea or would someone out there like to have it? If I get some positive feedback then I will post it with a picture in a few days.
If I give it away I will post a picture of my bible then.




  1. I think that is awesome!!!!!! I need a new Bible, what a special bond it would be to have one from my sweet friend "Helen", he he....just teasing.... but really this is a fantastic giveaway!!!!
    Love you, happy weekend Sweetie!!!!

  2. I have never heard of the Dake Bible!!

    So, yes! Give it away to someone who would treat it just like you have!! ME!!! lol....

  3. Well - go ahead - but if you can't read it - neither can I ... LOL! :)
    God bless ... I have my Great Gramma Lizzie's Bible from 1882 - and I have started a blog on her markings of it ... check it out ...

  4. Wow Denise - that was FAST! Thanks! God bless you!

  5. Looks like you're getting it done. ;)
    God bless and thanks for the encouragement - if you have a blog roll - put my Great Gramma's blog on it ... Please! ;)

  6. I think passing it on would be a great idea. I have never heard of a Dake Bible....I loved my Thompsons Chain for so many years.
    I would say put my name in the drawing..should you choose to go that way...but I wouldn't be able to read it either. :) I am getting ready to update my glasses....because when I am wearing them I can't even read my large print. It is getting bad girl! LOL

  7. Oh, Denise, what a beautiful idea. Giving is always of God. I love it. I pray God Himself puts it in the right hands.


  8. I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing Denise. I found my old Sword Drill Bible the other day and I am giving it to my Granddaughter who has a loving relationship with the Lord. I read your Devotional and I must say, you said you were crying over my post, Sweetie I was awash in tears over your testimonial, and you know I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck...

  9. I think it's a FABULOUS idea, it's blessed you and now it's time for someone else to enjoy it and be blessed by, ummmmm, ME
    God will tell you who it needs to go too. I've never heard of that bible either.


  10. Denise, I think this would be wonderful to pass it on to someone who would treasure it as you do. I know I love my Bible..a gift from my brings me much comfort and joy...hugs, Linda

  11. Denise what a wonderful and blessed gift that you have decided to give away to a very lucky person, someone like me who lately has had no luck at all. I have never heard of the Dake bible either. May have to take a trip to Barnes and Noble. 'God will surely bless you for passing it on to another lover of God. Love and hugs, Pat

  12. Dakes are awesome bibles...especially for those that want to study and learn. They aren't cheap of course. I say that if you aren't using it and it's just sitting there..then yes, maybe donate it.
    We have one as well....but it's part of my husband's library so it will stay with us!
    Great ideal though to get rid of things that are hanging around.
    I like to do that too.
    Hang in there, Joyce


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