Friday, January 14, 2011

My Day

Outside my window

... Just a touch of snow left from last weekend. My woodpeckers searching for food. I need to get out there and refill their suet. Temp's still below freezing. I am ready for Spring.
I am thinking
...I need to finish the dishes in the sink, but I think I will have one more cup of coffee.
I am thankful for
...forgiveness and grace which allows us to have a clean slate every morning that we rise. I am thankful for my husband Dennis, he is an ever present stability and comfort in my life.

From the learning rooms
...My learning room is my shop desk. I have my bible and study book there for each morning. I am learning discipline.

From the kitchen
...I see out the front of my house. It is peaceful but I so wish for Spring.

I am wearing
...Warm sweat pants and sweat shirt and heavy fuzzy socks.
I am creating
...primitive dolls and appliqued sweatshirts in my shop.
I am going help move my uncle to a 24 hours care center tomorrow. He is my mothers brother. His health if failing pretty quick and needs 24 hour care. It is sad to see him failing so fast. He was in such good health 4 months ago. He said the closing prayer at mothers graveside.
I am reading
...The Oath by Frank Peretti and Paul by Beth Moore. Frank Peretti is my favorite Christian writer.
I am hoping
...that tomorrow morning I find that I am down another lb. I am tired of talking about losing weight. Time to do it.
I am hearing
...Nothing........ except for a slow drip in the kitchen sink. All is well.
Around the house
...I see the need to paint. Spring cannot get here quick enough.
One of my favorite things
...Coffee in the morning's with my husband before he goes to work.
A few plans for the rest of the week
Finish the shirts for the Sheriff Dept. Finish the doll for the doll swap and help with the little house. Time to get it finished.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Many of my blog friends are in a winter wonderland right now......... Sigh..... I wish we had more snow.......

If you would like to join us in the simple Women's Day Book go over to Peggy's and join us. 



  1. Have a wonderful day!!!! I am trying to get my doll finished.....hard when I am working so much! That is really sweet of you to help out!

  2. It sounds like a rather peaceful morning. I hope you enjoy your day today. Soon you'll be swimming in your pool again. :)

  3. It's 3F right I'm wishing for Spring as well just about now! lol We don't have much snow but jeepers it's cold out there!!! I have to go out a bit later and I'm wearing the gorgeous sweatshirt you sent me, I love it so much:-) It will keep me nice and warm under my coat!!

    It sounds like you were having a peaceful morning when you posted this and I hope your day continues that way:-) xoxo

  4. Sounds like a good day so far! I would love to see your sweatshirts that you make.

    We've been in the deep freeze, but today it's much warmer - it'll be in the 40s next week with maybe some more snow.

    I am thinking I should do this one sometime. I am looking foward to some solitude in the mornings when the girls are with their mommy more.

  5. I love this post!! Great notes!
    I too am tired of talking about weight loss/food etc. It can't have such a central part of our
    We CAN do it!

  6. Hi Denise, I didn't know that you have two blogs..count me in as a follower..The weight issue seems to be never ending but I am determined to have total victory in this area...Thanks for stopping by to visit..(:

  7. I wish I could send you some of our snow, Denise. Nice thoughts for the day. Diane

  8. Frank Peretti is one of my favorite Christian fiction authors, too...Ted Dekker is another good one...

    Spring will be here before we know it!

    Will keep your uncle in my prayers, sister....


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