Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving The Fence

We have this beautiful oak tree just south of our house and with the old fence it was left out of the yard.......So this weekend we moved the fence.....

Here is the old fence or what it left of it. It was my joy to take down the fence boards and that was a job......... but I got it done. Now we need to dig up the old  posts and move the bench. 

This gives you a better look at the old fence to the left......  what a day... You can see the new fence to the left.  The back side is finished and not over to the tree. It is going to make a huge difference in the size of the yard.  Right back there to the left where you see the large tree is where I plan on putting my garden.... What ya think?  It will get good sun but shade in the heat of the day. 

Here is the west side and the oak tree right there in front of you.  The gap in the fence is for a gate......  Yipee!   I do not have a gate on the south side so that will be great........

There is that beautiful oak tree.....  the fence will go right up to it ---- half in and half out of the fence........   We are going to build a round bench around the trunk on the inside ....... that will be too cute don't you think?
Then when the fence is finished I will plant a garden out by that tree..  It will shade the veggies from the hot west sun and maybe I will have an abundance of veggies......
Now right here is the east side of the fence now and to the right of those two trees is a kind of scooped our area. I am going to make a Hosta garden there......  Around that tree and then down the rocks.  ( I have been tossing rocks over there as we moved them for the fence)  It is a larger area than it looks but I will take a picture when I get that finished.    I think that will look sweet!!!!!!!!!!! 
The fence is finished now but I do not have a  picture but it is wonderful.. I will take a picture later when I get the yard cleaned up...   

My sweet DH is taking week after next off and we will get the yard work started.  We need to make a trip to Fort Worth Thursday .  My high dollar embroidery machine quit yesterday and we have to take the "brain" to be fixed. Mercy, no telling what that will cost but without the brain it is just a big piece of metal worth nothing but using as a boat anchor!  I do not own a boat so I guess it is to Texas to be fixed.  

 As for Mom and Dad, that is another post........   They are ok but this has not been a good week for either of them.  Prayer is always needed.  I am so concerned for Dad this week.  He is stage 3 kidney failure and more anemic than Mother.  Speak his name in prayer for me please.  

Headed to bed, love you all........


  1. Praying for your parents. I hope to see the pictures of the new fence and all you are doing.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. Your yard is going to look so pretty, what a lot of work! And how is Moses? I mean to ask every time I see his picture. You're a good daughter, I'll keep your mom and dad in my prayers. Diane

  3. My, my, you have been busy...your plans sound really good...can't wait to see pics of the finished product...

    Always praying for your sweet mom and dad.....

  4. Praying for you, and your precious parents.

  5. Oh, my friend, you have really been a very busy lady, indeed. It is so great to be blessed with spring and to be able to be outside working in the yard....It is going to be so nice when all is finished. Sorry to hear about your Dad's failing health... will keep them both in my prayers, as well as you. Hugs to you, my friend.

  6. WOW -that's alot of work. Great job though. :) Now you can rest!

  7. Denise,
    Don't you worry about that mailing as I will be late! Take care of your Mom and Dad...
    prayers for them both.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.
    hugz, Pam

  8. You are doing good on this big fence moving project. I love your idea of a bench around the oak, and also of hostas. I said a prayer for your parents. Prayer is so powerful,

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing your garden especially when the Oak Tree is full of leaves. It will be a beautiful site indeed. I'm sorry to hear about your parents. Both of my parents have passed away. It's not an easy road.

  10. Happy Easter to you and yours, dear Denise!! I love the new fence and although I know it's a lot of work, your yard will look so beautiful once it is all done. Please know that my prayers are with your parents. xoxo

  11. Denise, that used to be my favorite thing to do---gardening, but with my spine I can barely get up in the morning. Going in for another MRI and my yearly mammogram today. Say a little prayer for me---I always worry, because I have 4 aunts who had breast cancer and many friends. Hope you had a Blessed Easte. Love and hugs, Pat

  12. Girlfriend you have the most beautiful fence I have ever seen.
    I love it! Love your ideas for the garden and everything. Wish I were there to pick rocks. Actually, I'd give you some of mine. lol I think we have a rockranch.
    My love to you, and I pray you get your sewing machine fixed and prayin for your Mom and Dad.

    Love ya,

  13. Praying for your precious parents and for you and your husband. The photos look wonderful...fence is coming along nicely. A major project I'm sure.

    Remain well in the LORD.

  14. I will pray for your parents. You are very ambitious but what rewards. Keep us posted it is so fun to see a work in progress

  15. I can see the beautiful yard already, you work way too hard!!!! It will be awesome!!!
    I will check when I get back to see how far you have gotten!!!
    Margaret B

  16. What an undertaking!! Big Big Job!! In answer to your question..this is the front of our home!! The back has a deck but here with gnats you just cannot sit out side which is just the pits...Great home though!! Thanks for stopping by..Sandy

  17. It is - if you follow the link - it's a USA Today article. WOW!

  18. I love your idea of a bench around the oak, and also of hostas. I said a prayer for your parents. Prayer is so powerful,
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  19. Hey Denise! I'm so sorry about your parents. Lifting them up in prayer now.

    I'm so disappointed! You were right over in my neck of the woods and I didn't know. I would have loved to meet you! Ah well. Maybe another time. :)

    Enjoy your week!

  20. Denise, praying for your parents and for your family. I miss my parents so much and it's a pain that just doesn't want to go away.

    Can't wait to see the finished garden. Check out my giveaway. Hugs and prayers, Pat

  21. You have been working hard in the yard! The new fence is pretty, and your yard looks very big. I have missed you on FB, but I know you have been busy. Thanks for your sweet visit. Praying for your parents ~


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