Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moses !

Moses taking a bite out of my Aloe Vera  plant. It is good for him so I just let him nibble away.
For those of you that are new to my blog, I want to introduce you to Moses. He is a Love Bird and he is almost 13 years old. He is spoiled rotten and is my buddy. He has a bed in his cage that he sleeps on (lays flat down on a cotton mattress) and he has an electric blanket over him at night (in the winter time) that keeps his cage a toasty 80 degrees. We keep the house pretty cool even in the winter so had to come up with a way to keep him warm. A twin size electric blanket with a small flannel sheet over that keeps him warm at night!  He is a hoot  !
Here he is peaking out of his cage on his bed !

Have a blessed Sunday.......


  1. :) Oh, my, I would say that he really is spoiled. That is so cute. He has been well taken care of to live so long. Hugs ~

  2. Denise, Moses is so CUTE!!!!!! I am sure he brings you such sweet joy. And his bed, how stinkin' sweet is that!? He really lays down on it, too? Never heard of such a thing ever.

    Love you, dear friend. Keep on smiling!


  3. So Moses is still there? How very wonderful that I happened upon this post on my feed today!!! I'm so happy to hear about him and that he's doing well. Thanks for the update.

    Hoping you and yours are all well, Denise. My blogging has been very lax, just come on to talk about the grandkids here and there, little else.

    Give Moses a kiss for me. :) God bless

  4. I love hearing about Moses...
    Thanks for stopping by my place...
    Mama Bear

  5. Hi ya Moses!! Oh gosh Denise that Moses is such a "prettybird!" Okay now what I wanna know is HOW DO YOU keep that aloe vera plant looking so thick and healthy looking!
    It's sure gettin chilly here tonight. Bet Moses will be all snuggled up under his electric blankie? I'm guessing it's probably about as cold there as here! My garden flower you made me is still holding up sooooo good! Have you made any more!!!?

  6. Blessings and prayers,


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