Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Cold Cold

Well, I guess it is going to get cold. My sweet dad is so worried. We are total electric out here the silly news channels are warning people not to turn the heat up too high as not to stress the terminals.

That is all it took and now dad is a nervous wreck. Bless his heart. This part of the country has not seen temperatures this low in 10 years. I have assured dad that my son Chris is only 3 minutes away with two bedrooms and natural gas heat. Now he is worried about having to go out in the cold to get there. To help with the electric crunch he unplugged the humidifier, and we think he is unplugging the timer on the coffee pot! I make their coffee every evening and have it on a timer, both of them have forgot how to make coffee.. Bless their hearts! Help me in asking the Father God to keep my dad's electricity on, I just do not need him stressing out.

Cannot work in the shop right now. It is a converted garage and there are no heat ducts in there. We have a small wall propane heater that usually keeps it very comfortable but not in this weather. So I am holed up in the living room/dinning room with Moses and Zeke. I have moved my computer chair to the dinning room table and going to work on my web site today and start a pot of stew or maybe even add to the beans that we had last night and another pan of cornbread. YUM!

I am headed outside after while to fill up the bird feeders and the bird baths with hot water. Last winter I had an old artificial Christmas tree sitting on the back porch with suet and bird seed hanging all around and inside. I had birds everywhere taking shelter in that tree.. It was something to see......... BUT decided after cleaning up the porch and dragging that tree to the dump that God has created them well enough that I do not need to worry about them being in the cold. I am a goober!

Stay warm and cozy girls.. I am dreaming of Spring!!!!


  1. it did not crash this time

    Steve worked a few hours last night

    I miss you and have been trying to get a comment to you.
    warm hugs

  2. Bless his heart! And bless you girl with patience and understanding. My parents were the same way. It was usually a problem with money, though. Like it cost too much to do this or that. The biggest thing was their medicine. They just wouldn't get it if it was too expensive. Bless my daughter's heart. She made a deal with the pharmacist that he would fill their prescription and charge them what they could pay, then bill her for the rest. They never knew half of what was being done on their behalf.
    We got Daddy one of those life alert bracelets but it irritated his wrist so he put it in his pocket but half the time, he wouldn't have it when he fell.
    I am keeping you all on my prayer list.
    Love you, girl
    Mama Bear
    I'd love to see another post about Moses.
    Your new look is great.

  3. Hope you figured it out if you were havin problems... I've not had any trouble here.
    I'm gigglin at your tree with suet but you pitched it thinkin the Lord will take care of em. heehee
    When you had me all puzzled over Zeke I had to totally crack up. SORRY my brain LEFT me for awhile... bet you were REALLY wondering!!
    I'll be praying for your Mom and Pop to have peace through this bad weather. And that they leave that coffee pot plugged in. heehee
    Love ya girl!

  4. One more thing........ I really want to eat those icicles in the tree haha

  5. I am from Central Kansas, so I grew up with branches and twigs freezing. I don't ever see it where we live now. (I love the way it is snowing on your blog!!)


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