Thursday, November 11, 2010

105 Degrees

Good morning girls!   It has been so long AGAIN since I was here to visit and share.!!  I so miss visiting and sharing with you girls!   105 Degrees!  NO NO not the weather, a new restaurant that me and my sweet husband found in OKC on Tuesday.............   I have seen it in the paper and read about it on line but we finally got up there and had lunch. It was WONDERFUL.  

As some of you might know I have been going "raw" for sometime now and I do good and then do bad and then do good and then do bad. You know the routine.  I was so excited to go and eat someone else's raw food to see if I was even remotely close to the way it is supposed to taste.  I can tell you I have  MISSED the mark on taste and my efforts are renewed.   My goodness what a treat to the taste buds and it was every bite RAW.  

While we were waiting for our meal I was busy looking around the room at all the wonderful things that others were having. I was like a kid in a candy store.  I was even bold enough (fancy that) to ask the two pretty little twins sitting next to us what they had in front of them.   Lasagna !  OMG.........  it looked wonderful and that was what I had ordered........  I was now ready to dig into one of my own.  

I actually took pictures!  

Now this one is my sweets dinner. He ordered Mediterranean Wraps,, Swiss Chard, Zucchini, Kalamata Olives, Sweet Red Pepper.  On the side was his hummus (white stuff) made from Macadamia  nuts, olive oil and touch of paprika. YUM!!!!!!!!!   The other little dish is Tabouleh,  Now this was VERY tasty.  Made with sesame seeds, finally chopped tomatoes and finely chopped spinach.  It had olive oil and something else that my palate just could not figure out. BUT I bet I figure it out.  You dip your wrap in the sour cream (macadamia nuts) and eat it with the Tabouleh. It is kind of hard to see the wraps but there were three of them.

Now this one was mine. OMG!!!  Heirloom Tomato Lasagna, Macadamia Ricotta, Spinach, Pesto, Sun Dried Tomato Marinara. I took this with my phone so I did not get a good picture of the layers.. so the next picture is a stock picture from their web site... It gives you a much better view of what each layer looked like.

 Mine looked just like that but the spinach was left whole whereas this one is chopped.  Now let me tell you about the layers. Bottom layer was very very very thin slices of zucchini squash and yellow squash. Now when I tell you it is thin I mean it is thin. On top of that is a very nice thin (not as thin as the squash) slice of  Heirloom tomato. on top of that was a ample portion of  the  Macadamia Ricotta. It is cheese made from macadamia nuts with other spices. Then again a layer of raw spinach with a ample layer of the Sun Dried Tomato Marinara.  Now that stuff is tasty! Then comes another layer with the tomato, spinach and then the basil pesto! OMG.......Taste buds are dancing now!  And then so goes the layers and then drizzled with the Olive Oil and sliced tomato on top and sprinkled with a bit more of the Macadamia Ricotta cheese. It was a lot of food and after my sweet finished his meal he helped me with mine!   YUM YUM............  I cannot tell you how all those flavors just exploded in your mouth.  

While waiting on our meal I tried to take some pictures of the kitchen. It was wide open and you could sit and watch them build your dinner or other dinners. We kept watching and saying "what is that" .......  They were wonderful to watch and you did not hear any noise at all from behind that counter. A well oiled machine working together to create the most wonderful healthy food. 

 The front of the building was solid glass. It was an incredible building just one year old and made from solid black iron beams and looked to be very 21 century.  The inside was purple with white and every thing was spotless and tidy. The servers were very attentive and knew the menu as to make recommendations if needed.
 Right next door to the restaurant is a teaching center where they have classes on raw food. They have week long classes for those that are wanting to be chefs and daily classes for those just wanting to learn a bit more about raw food.  Each class centers around a certain topic. The blue represents the week long classes and the green represents the one time day classes.  Would that be fun or what! Click to read if you want... 

We have promised ourselves to go back once a month and taste everything on the menu...........  AND to top off our experience we splurged and got dessert! 
Blood orange cheese cake!  OOPS !!!  Got so excited about eating it forgot to take a picture!  But yum yum. Cheese cake so smooth you would never know it was cashews, almond milk and drizzled with juice and sections of a blood orange.. topped with pieces of pistachio nuts. Need I say more. 

What a wonderful day it was and by the expression on my sweets face no more words need  be said.  



  1. It's good to "see" you. I'm glad you had a chance to visit OKC and a nice restaurant. If it's not 105 degrees, what is it? We were at 31 F today. :)

  2. RYC: I'm the one who should have made myself clear. I knew you weren't referring to 105 degrees but I didn't write out my question properly.

  3. What an interesting place! Maybe we'll have to check it out next time we get down there.

  4. Taste is so huge...especially when you are trying to stick to a specific diet. I can't imagine going raw....I would really have to do some work to keep things interesting.
    This restaurant sounds fantastic. I so miss the creativity of working with neat you can take classes.
    Glad ya'll had such a great time.

  5. Denise,thanks for stopping by. I have missed your post and this restaurant sounds very interesting. I do like some foods raw but it gets boring sometimes. I am a true lover of salads and I wish they had a restuarant with nothing but a salad bar. My kind of place. Happy to see you posting. Love and hugs, Pat

  6. Your pictures and descriptions have made my tunny rumble! So glad you enjoyed this nice time with your DH....

  7. Hi Denise,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and I hope to see you again soon!
    Love your post today and the restaurant sounds good.
    It is so foggy here and freezing fog too for the past two days!
    Have a great evening.

  8. The sign of a true blogger...taking pictures of your food in a restaurant! lol My mom always knows to expect my camera to come out when we go to a restaurant:) hehe What a delightful sounding restaurant you found and the food does indeed look delicious. Just goes to show that foods don't have to be fried and such to taste good!! I'm really happy for you that you had such a nice time there:-) xoxo

  9. It all makes me want some. I know you had a great time...m...

  10. Oh my Helen Denise, that place looks so yummy!!!!
    How I wish I could try this diet...nothing like that here!!
    I really feel that if I did, my health would really improve....what books should I read to get started?
    You sound like you getting back to your old self, are you doing okay? I'm sorry I have been lacking in the comment section...I have been putting in long work days and sometimes I just collapse after work!!!!
    Margaret B

  11. Denise, You succeeded at making me very hungry. That looks delicious and sounds every bit as good as you describe it. I love subperb taste.


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