Friday, November 26, 2010


This is what we woke up to on Thanksgiving Day.   ICE!!!!!!!   It is far too  early to have ice in Oklahoma.  BUT we did.   It was beautiful, and I caught it just as the sun was coming through the trees in the back field. The picture does not do it justice.  It is Friday morning now and it is still there!  Temps are going to go back into the 50's today so it will all go away, but it was just a beautiful sight on Thanksgiving morning.

We had TG over at my son's house yesterday and I took my camera but never took it out of my purse!  I am so ticked off!  BUT Christmas is coming and I will take pictures then.  

PE and Alpha were there me and Dennis and Chris.  We have such a fun day and great food. My son is getting to be quite the little chef!  After we ate we watched a couple of movie on his BIG screen TV and laughed and talked and yes of course took a little nap.  Chris was headed to Lawton to be with his main squeeze later that night so we headed over to our house for coffee and cake and just to sit and visit.  I wish you could know my brother PE .......HE is just a hoot and he and my husband get along so very well.........  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  Me and Alpha just look at each other as those two get on a roll. 

We did not share stories of Mom and Dad this year as I think they knew I was not able to do that so it was loudly avoided.  
They stayed late and after too much coffee and more desert, we divvied up all the food and everyone went home happy. They are headed out this morning southwestern Oklahoma to have TG with her siblings.  She has a big family and every year I am always very envious of her. She has two sisters that go and do a lot together and four brothers.

I then talked to my other brother Larry. He wished us a happy TG.  His wife's family was there but he wanted to wish us a Happy TG..   Me and Dennis are headed over there sometime this week.  She is the SIL that is getting all the quilting books. It has been about a month since we have seen them so we are anxious to get over there.  
It was a wonderful day and having it over at Chris' house was a good idea.  

I am looking forward to Christmas. We are going to have our Christmas the day after to accommodate for a couple of other family members to be here.  It will be here, so I need to spend this next few weeks doing a little more decorating.  

I will be doing all the cooking as I have planned something so very different. I am going to cook an English meal with roasted leg of lamb and Yorkshire pudding with roasted potatoes and carrots with brussel sprouts!!!!!!  Followed with English trifle pudding an maybe black pudding if I can figure out how to make that.  I have been promising Chris and my brother and husband to fix an English meal like I used to and I think that Christmas will be a good time to do that!  Makes me hungry to even type it!  I promise to take pictures! 

I promise........  Some of you might know that I spent many years in different countries and England was one of them. I lived there 3 year from 1965-1968. I lived in a town called Newmarket and learned how to live "English" I loved it!  Soooooooooooo  it will be English cuisine this Christmas. It will be fun! 
Well time for me to do some work here, my shop is full of empty totes from all the Christmas decor and I need to clear them out so I can work on some dolls and Christmas gifts planned for a few folks.......

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do........We are NOT shoppers after TG......... We stay home and let the rest of the world fight that traffic!



  1. I don't like guys be extra careful!
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. It IS very pretty, but too cold for me! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. I never knew about ice until I came here to the lower 48 states. I'm glad you had a wonderful time yesterday - Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Beautiful!! And I did the same thing..took my camera but totally forgot to take it out of my bag!! Bummer!!

    I thought about you Denise, and knew exactly how you must be feeling - while I didn't lose both my parents, still losing a mother who lived with you - that's rough! But we have such sweet memories...


  5. Your Christmas dinner sounds amazing. I haven't had Yorkshire pudding in years. My Mom used to make it all that time. So needless to say, it's been a loonnnggg time. :)

  6. Love your new look, and I am so happy you had a great Thanksgiving. The pictures are beautiful with the sun shining on the icy trees. Its wonderful to see you planning a fun Christmas. . .:)

  7. Oh sweetie, I' quite smitten with your header!

    I too am not a lover of the ice. We had sleet then snow but a grand Thanksgiving anyway. I hope you did too!!!

    God bless and have a most splendid weekend!!! :o)

  8. Love the pictures of the ice...but most of all I love the peaceful sound in your voice.
    Love ya girl

  9. Your blog looks beautiful! Your meal sounds awesome...can't wait to see pics and hear the reviews....


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