Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee and Root Beer and Good Company

Me and my sweet DH went out last Sunday night and met up with brother Paul and Alpha.  With coffee and root beer and good conversation we had a wonderful night. Brother PE brought me a plant stand with a red  ivy that goes back to my grandmother.  I need to take a picture..........  Ok........  Just a minute.............  

There now you can see what I am talking about.........   

We made plans for dinner at their house next week. I am going to make them the BEST soup!!!!!!!!!!

I will post the recipe next week for you, it is amazing soup, great for winter. I promise to post it.

I put up some wreaths from last year, not really into making any new ones this year. I am thinking that I am not going to be very festive this year.
They look ok, could have used a little more flowers but did not want to go up in the attic.

I took the third one over to  my son's house, Chris, I put a big black crow on his.  It was the wreath that I made for Mom fall of 2008 for her porch. She sat outside in the shade while I worked on the wreaths.
 I have no idea what she was saying.  But we talked and laughed.

This was the finished product.  She loved it...

I will miss them this year. We always had such fun decorating their little porch.

Other than that, it has been a quiet day  here . I went out and sat on the porch a while and low and behold, I had a visitor sitting quiet watching and sometimes taking a nap. Can you see him?

 Just a minute

Now can you see him?

A cute little tree frog. He seems to be napping under my fall colors. Sssshhhhhhhhh  do not wake him.

DH has been off for 3 days and that is always nice. I love being at home with him. Lots of things planned for the next few weeks that I will share, but not today, time for bed.



  1. Its almost midnight here...I am watching the rescue of the miners in Chile...amazing that they survived down there for 2 months.
    I know you are having a tough time right now...it will get better...I promise.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  2. Hello
    I have been eager to read that email you teased me with.
    The little frog is a adorable. As are you.

  3. It's the sweet memories that will get us through....

    I so wish I was creative!! I would not even know where to begin to make a wreath - or anything else for that matter!!


  4. You're definitely talented that's for sure. I enjoyed your "interactive" post today and am glad you had a nice visit with your brother and his wife. :)

  5. I will be back to catch up on your posts but right now I just wanted to invite you to my birthday party on my blog...get ready to do the jitterbug:-) xoxo

  6. I am so happy that you are having some fun times with loved ones. You need it! I can only imagine how tired you must be and the feeling of lethargy is so okay! I also imagine that decorating and celebrating will be very low key this year. I've been there, and not even having lost anyone - just loss of dreams, you know.

  7. Dear Denise, I'm glad Dennis has had a little time off....our DH's are always there for us and family too.
    What a sweet picture of you and you mom, I know how you miss your parents but dear memories like this picture help carry us on.
    I like your little companion almost didn't see him...hugs, Linda

  8. It sounds like you are doing well...I am sure this comes and goes. I know Mom says the memories that pop up of her parents still take her by surprise after all these years....but now the pain is not as strong. Thanking God for the sweet memories you have of your parents.

  9. Hi there!! What a lovely wreath. I remember that picture of you and your mom:) You will feel more like decorating and being festive next year,just enjoy your family this year and take care of YOU!! Love you,

  10. just thinking about you
    big hug

  11. Denise, what beautiful fall colors and wonderful picture of your mom.I am so happy that you are back posting. I have been ill and then I burned part of my kitchen,, so I haven't spent as much time on the computer, so catching up on your posts. Love Ya, Pat


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