Monday, December 21, 2009


I left the house today to finish my Christmas shopping in a town called Shawnee about an hour from me. Dennis and I were so looking forward to another day out together.
We went through our usual routine before leaving. I had to take my medicine and make sure that Moses had his cooked rice and Dennis had to make sure that Zeke (the schnauzer) was fed and had his "time" outside before we left.

I took Mom her medicine and fixed breakfast for her and dad (hot cream of wheat) and got them settled into their day.
Made sure that the money was under the cookie jar for the gal that cleans for us on Monday and Thursday and started a load of laundry for Mom.

Hurried back over to the house took a shower, dried my hair , dressed in something comfortable with comfortable shoes slapped on a bit of make up , lined my lips and applied my lipstick. A look in the mirror and a pair of earrings to match my mood , travel cups for the hot cappuccino that we would indulge in on the way out of town, and out the door we went.

Cappuccino in hand, seat belts , cell phone, sun glasses and we are headed west for a day of shopping and just being together. HALF way there I began to frantically search for my lipstick. You do not understand, when I wear nothing at all I wear lipstick. Hahahahahahah

First thing in the morning after I have brushed my teeth, lipstick and even in the evening after I have washed my face and applied my wrinkle cream (does that give you wrinkles) I put on LIPSTICK.

I just cannot help it, I am a lipstick person and always have been. Red lipstick is my very very favorite but I have to be dressed to the nine's to wear that. Most of the time it is very pale mocha or very light beige. BUT I have lipstick in my pocket and lipstick in my purse and lipstick by my chair ...... Mercy...... what is that all about?

It was not there, there was no lipstick in my purse or in my pocket or in the pocket of the car or behind the seat! NO LIPSTICK.

I told my sweet DH that the very first stop in Shawnee was Wal-Mart. I had to have a tube of lipstick. (Am I obsessed or better yet possessed, is there a lipstick demon?)

Well it really did not make sense to stop at Wal-mart first as most of the shopping was to be finished at the mall... soooooooo with great personal grief I agreed. It was off to the mall first.

We shopped, we laughed we strolled through the mall in and out of shops.. so enjoying the day. THEN right before me was Dillard s! Dillard's! They have lipstick! Dennis saw the gleam in my eyes so he opted to go to the mens department as he knew this would take some time.

Ladies, I have not purchased make up in a department store in years! I usually buy Clinique' and as I have been using it for years I just know the colors that I wear. I also wear Revlon or Max Factor lipstick. I do not wear face make up so I quickly by passed that counter and there it was LIPSTICK and lots of it. I am a taupe coffee kinda color so it is easy to find, and find I did and while standing there some cappuccino colored eye shadow caught my eye. After applying a dab to the inside of my wrist I was sold.

I will take a tube of that cappuccino lipstick and the cappuccino eye shadow. She smiled and headed to the cash register. She had her back to me and I am so thankful for that, but I could see the total on the registrar. $ 48.78 ........ $48.78 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Was she crazy or was she just mistaken! $48.78 for one tube of lipstick and one SMALL round container of eye shadow...

OMG........ She had my card and she rang it up and handed me that slip of paper to sign and sign I did and took that SMALL bag from her and walked away with a less than cheery Merry Christmas.

Dennis was over in the men wear and he knew something was wrong when I walked up to him. I lifted my LITTLE bag and told him to peer inside and look at what I got for $ 48.78!!!!!!

LIPSTICK I said with a DAB of eye shadow. He had a good laugh and asked me why in the world I paid for it when I saw the price...... I told him I was tooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed to tell her to stop!

Now ladies, I am worth $48.78 I know that. But not this time of year when we are watching our $'s and we are out shopping for others. But really $25.00 for a tube of lipstick? Nope not me.

This is where I love my sweet husband, he took my little bag and told me to stay where I was and off he went across the floor. A few minutes he returned with a refund in his hand and a smile on his face. "There" he said, all done. I was so thankful.

We finished shopping and headed home and I finally asked him what he told the lady at the counter when he returned the items. He just told the gal that he was there to return the items and there was nothing else said.
Don't you know that she thinks that he is an ogre of a husband that will not let me have my lipstick! hahahhahha!

I survived the day without any lipstick and that is a good thing.

AND ladies do you know what the difference in Estee Lauder lipstick and Revlon lipstick?




  1. Woo Hoo, this made me smile. I love you bunches.

  2. lol, That is just too funny, Denise. You are something else! I don't know how you got through the day with no lipstick on! I went out tonight and ate a chicken sandwich at a deli. Well, I knew by then I had no lipstick on, but I did not worry about it.

  3. Heehee....amazing how brand names shoot the prices of anything up!

  4. I hope you're sitting down. I don't wear lipstick at all! :) Denise? Denise?? Hello??? Are you okay? Can you hear me? I hope you didn't hit your head when you fell off the chair. Denise???

  5. Laughs cute post! My mother always wore lipstick also. Was a huge must!! :) I have not followed suit, although i think maybe i should. lol. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and hope that this year brings you lots of joy and blessings my friend. I know i have been absent a lot this year in blogger land. Maybe this year will be better for me. Know though i have not forgotten my blogger friends. You all are such a huge blessing to me.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. What a great blog!! I only love liptstick too. I use the Cover Girl that does not come off for around $8.00 and I also like the same colors thatyou do!! Fun!! What a fun day!! I know all about that expensive stuff!! How funny..Good for Dennis...

  7. Girl I'm right there with ya. I gotta have my Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick 467 "Pearl Plum Baby." I keep wondering if they stop making it how I would truly live?*

    I haven't bought anything from a department store like that in forever either and may have had a heart attack to see it cost that much too. -- My Momma used to use rouge like it was goin outta style. We'd go to chemo and she'd have two rosey circles on her cheeks; some days SUPER rosy and I'd look at her and say, "rub it in just a little," and she would.
    So Denise my friend, I think it's in our blood. Lipstick n rouge deary... lipstick n rouge... and maybe a dab of shadow to boot right?!!

  8. You are a HOOT girl...I would have done the same thing...Once i found the cutest dish towel in an Antique store ( no glasses with me ) I thought it said $8.00 , a lot but it was so cute..hand stitched apples on it. When i went to pay it was $28.00 ....Needless to say I bought it...Put it in the Shop and finally resold it 3 years later ! I still think about it ! MERRY CHRISTMAS GIRL ! YOU ARE LOVED...

  9. Ah - sis! Good to know there's another one here! :) I don't know what's wrong - I think it's greed and broken-heartedness .... :( I'll have to pray for them ...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. What a cute post, Denise! We all have our hangups and I don't think lipstick is a bad one. It really DOES make such a difference in how we look. Let the sales ladies think what they will, if your husband returned it because you just couldn't it was an act of love.

  11. I am the same way about lipstick. I hate how my lips feel without it. I once bought a tube of Clinique because I had gotten a tube in a bonus pack that I loved but never again. I'm pretty partial to Lorel these days.
    Loved this post.
    Mama Bear

  12. Remember that sales lady is working for a living...she is probably laughing at all the women who actually spend it. She was probably more than understanding when he took it back. imagine her just saying now there one man with some common sense. and a few extra dollars.

    I just started to make up a bit again. It does feel nice.
    At walgreens here the physicians formulas line is being discontinued and i got some for Dove and I at 75% off.
    Good products.
    Try some burts bees lip sticks $5 and they are great!~

  13. I have so been in your shoes..but too embarrassed to take the stuff back. How neat you had your man with you.
    I am not really a makeup person either...but I DON'T leave the house without mascara...I just don't do it.
    Glad ya'll had a great day...even without lipstick. :)

  14. What a cute story...I love my lipstick too. I always say I can't talk unless I have lipstick on:). Aren't the prices crazy...Dennis is a hubby would save me too...hugs, Linda

  15. Enjoyed your story...your hubby is a sweetie....


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