Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have pictures FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the tree in the shop.. I like to have it decorated for my customers when they come and go. There are lamps in each window that light at night. I decided on red this year........

This is just a little something that I put across the lattice behind the mail box....... I think it turned out too cute what ya think?

Each window has a wreath and sitting inside on each window is a candle......... Clear lights look real nice at night............I choose blue and white this year.

This is the very very large wreath...... It looks pretty small here but I cannot even lift it.... It is about 4 feet across and heavy.

Kitchen window with the tree inside...... I love to use fake snow for the windows...... It is hard to clean off but worth it........
Front of the house in the daylight. Looks so pretty......

Two bedroom windows on south side of the house..... Each window has a candle. You can just barley see them.

Entry into my shop. (I need to paint the door facing this spring)

Long distant view of the house... I bet you think it strange that there is a tree planted in the drive way......Yeap we did that this summer. We are taking all the concrete drive out and turning it into yard. We had converted the garage two years ago into my shop and now we want it to look like part of the house and not a garage convert....... Sooooo out comes the concrete and a circle drive will go in a little to the left of this picture. We planted a globe willow...... Can't wait to see it grow this spring.........

Night time just at dusk. The icicles look so pretty....... They are white but have a bit of color here in this picture. You can see the concrete drive way here. It will come out this spring.

Little tree in the front even got some lights.......

You can see the blue lights on the wreath now...... Actually blue and white snow flakes.

I love my life and love my home and love my husband and love my sons and love my mom and dad and love my brother PE and he sweet wife Alpha........ I love the Lord Jesus that calls me friend and I love you all...............

Merry Christmas my blog friends......... Merry Christmas.


  1. I love you sweet friend, everything is so beautiful.

  2. You did a nice job on the decorating. Of course you know I'm curious what you do with your vehicle(s) now. :)

  3. very nice - Merry Christmas

    Love to you.

  4. Oh, your house is so pretty decorated for Christmas, Denise. You even have lovely snow to go with it. Very pretty!!

  5. Sending you holiday wishes for a peaceful happy Christmas and New Year!!

    From Bud and Me to you...

  6. How pretty every thing looks Denise. I love all the wreaths and candles in the windows and icicle lights are my favorite. Your evening shot is just beautiful...hugs to you sweet friend...Linda

  7. Denise, I found your blogs from Deena and I would love to print the numbered things about friends on my blog, because you sound just like you could be my twin. Please email me and let me know if it's okay to copy and print them.
    Your house and shop look beautiful. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Pat

  8. Your HOME is so beautiful Denise and I'm so happy to get to see it!
    I LOVE that you sprayed snow in your windows. I LOVE THAT STUFF! Looks like Jack frost has been nipin at your nose!
    I can so envision the circle driveway. How smart to do that! And the tree you planted is going to be perfect in your circle drive. Everything is so beautiful!! Do you have pictures inside your shop on your blog? If so, please direct me.. I wanna see!

  9. Thanks for sharing. It all looks so pretty.
    I've been having a problem with your blog lately. When I start scrolling down, the page just takes off and I have to scroll back up and then it takes off the other way. I don't know what is wrong. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Mama Bear

  10. Hi Denise, I'm finally getting to visit my blog friends again. I've been without power since Saturday.
    The power came back on sometime today..will post about that experience soon. Anyway, I want you to know that your decorations are so, so pretty. I just love the really, really big wreath... you have done a great job on it all.

  11. Just beautiful, you, too!


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