Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today was mothers 90th birthday.

I cried a lot today. I am so sorry girls that I say these things to you and I do not say them to get sympathy. I do not have many people to talk to and we do not have a home church. My brother PE is so very helpful to me with the care of my parents but I am the one that see them day after day. Some days I am just overwhelmed. Today was one of those days.

Mom is leaving us every day and each day I see her leaving. Today she looked at me and I think that it took her a minute to recognize me.

This was her 90th birthday and Dad and I and Dennis bought her flowers and got her a little cake. We lite the two candles and she laughed and laughed as she blew them out. I gave her a new sweatshirt. She loves the applique sweatshirts that I make. She just went on and on about her sweatshirt. We sat and talked and then she asked what year it was and began again to try to figure out how old she was.
I had wanted to celebrate her 90th birthday with a big party with lots of people but she is just not able to do that anymore. Going out anywhere causes her much confusion and a large group of people sets her into a major meltdown.
Now, I say this because I know that I can just sit here and write and you will listen and you will understand that I just need to talk. I think after the first of the year I am going to see if there is a support group for ladies like me. I really could use a listening ear.......

Happy Birthday Mom...... I so love you.....

See the little bird sitting in her lap. His name is Dickens. He has bonded to mom and he so loves her and goes everywhere with her. He is such a joy.......

Now he has moved to her hand and looking for a Frito. He so loves Frito's.

New sweat shirt for Mom. It is a snow man and she loves the applique sweatshirts that I make. She looks real good in red.

She had on one of the red shirts that I made her last year. I love making her sweatshirts.

The birthday card.

Cake, flowers and balloon.

She loves roses... There is a dozen yellow roses in her vase. She just kept getting up and looking at her flowers. I need to buy her roses more often.

She got them on the first try. I love you mom.


  1. Denise, I understand your need to talk and share and cry with someone. I'm glad you can blog about it-I'm glad we can be here for you. We need each other, sometimes it's the other way around.

    You made your mom's birthday so special, it looks like she's enjoying it. You're a great daughter, Denise.

    It's so wonderful that we have God to help us through things whether we have a church or not. Bless you, have a good evening. Your friend, Diane

  2. Such sweet pictures of the special day for your mom...she looks happy...

    Please know your bloggy sisters are here for you with cyber hugs, encouraging words, and loving hearts...we have to hold each other up in prayer during these overwhelming you!

  3. I'm glad you know we are here and that we want to be and walk along this with you. She looks like she is enjoying her day...and you are right she looks great in red!! I'll continue to keep your parents both in my for you too...I pray you find a listening ear there....hang in there!
    Love you much,

  4. Bless her heart, you are a wonderful daughter, Denise. You do so much for your parents. I know you are very tired. A group would be a good thing for you. Praying for you all and that God will give you strength to endure ~ Love and Hugs, Cathy

  5. I understand that you just need to talk, I understand your feelings also.
    Thank you for sharing the photos :)
    I found your blog from A Life Uncommon :)

  6. Yes Denise Bless you. It pains us when our beloved parents age and forget us. When there is much love for them, it hurts us even more. I pray that you find some support, give your mind and heart a rest. That God will be with you to comfort and strengthen you.
    Have a great 2010, pray that all will be well.

  7. (((hugs))) to you and a very Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  8. Oh Denise ~ reading this made me sit and just cry my eyes out. I so miss my mom and know how hard this must be for you. This disease is so terrible to live with...a support group is a wonderful idea..I wish they had something like that when my mom was still here. I think it would have helped me deal with what she was going through.

    Have a wonderful New Year!


  9. Anytime you need a shoulder or an ear, we're here. I understand how it can be overwhelming and how you can feel guilty about it too. But you are a dear, loving daughter. I know it must be hard to see her mind going. You are blessed to have her with you still. Mama went home at age 77. I would have loved to have kept her with me for many more years but not in the condition she was when she passed. Enjoy your Mom while you can. But take care of Denise, too.
    Mama Bear

  10. Denise, my friend, don't worry a thing about "talking" to your blogging friends. That is what we are for...and I do understand. Your mom is so sweet...I wish I still had mine...I lost her over 13years ago at the age of 72...that was the biggest hurt that I've ever had, and I miss her and think of her every day. I pray that God supply you with just the strength that you need to care for your parents, both physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Don't forget that you are loved. I wish you a blessed New Year.

  11. Happy belated Birthday to your dear mom! She certainly does look wonderful in red:-) I know how sad your heart feels that you couldn't have the celebration you wanted for her but look how happy she looks with her presents and cake. I had an uncle with Alzheimer and his family always said the hardest part was losing a bit of him every day. She knows you are there for her, though, and no doubt always feels your love. xoxo

  12. Those are lovely pictures ... thanks for sharing.


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