Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Eve

Well, my turkey is in the oven and the dressing is ready and sitting in the fridge. The ham will go into the roaster in the morning and the gifts are wrapped and sitting under the tree. It is my Christmas eve and I am so ready for tomorrow.

We have all been gone in different directions and tomorrow we will all gather here. I so love Christmas and love the laughter and the fun. We again have put our Christmas off a couple of days so my Uncle Ed could be here to spend Christmas with my mom. They so enjoyed last year spending time together ...... it did our hearts good to see brother and sister enjoying Christmas after so very many years. Thus we decided to do it again this year. Mom will be 90 on December 30 and Uncle Ed is 87. I so look forward to watching them tomorrow as they share their memories of their childhood.

So as you go to church and have your quiet time and reflect on your Christmas I will be in the middle of mine. I think there will be about 12 people here so it should prove to be festive!

I promise to take pictures and share with you my day. But for now, I need to head to bed so I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning! (where in the world did that statement come from) Oh well, it paints a funny picture don't you think........ !

Hugs .................



  1. Denise, you are a truly loving daughter and a good friend. How thoughtful you are to have Christmas later, to include your Uncle so your Mom and her brother get a chance to visit!!!
    I love Christmas for the simple fact that the family is brought together to celebrate, not only the birth of baby Jesus, but our own families. A time to reminisce and be thankful for each other. My siblings are too caught up in the commercialism to remember they have brothers and sisters........ I miss the old days for that reason.
    Enjoy the day tomorrow and have a wonderful time!!!
    Margaret B

  2. I'll be thinking of you today and hope you have a sweet day. I'm looking forward to the pictures. :)

  3. Hello friend!
    I've been neglecting blogging until this past week when I've been home for several days in a row.
    I think of you often and pray that you are doing well. In fact I was just admiring the little Valentine/birthday gift you sent me last year and thought of you.
    Hasn't this weather been crazy?
    It has altered a lot of plans, but it's all been good.
    God took good care of my family and kept us all safe, warm & fed.
    Praying blessings upon blessings for you and your family in the coming new year.

  4. Blessings,hugs, and prayers,

  5. Enjoy dear friend!!!Love you~Sharon:)

  6. Oh, there's Moses in your header, so cute! Hope your Christmas Day was wonderful.

  7. There is nothing better than getting together with family. It's worth waiting a few days to celebrate Christmas for that!

  8. Have a happy celebration with your family..just being together is what is important...hugs, Linda

  9. :), It sounds like something from the South to me. I know you all had a wonderful time. Love, Cathy

  10. I guess by now even your Christmas is winding down as it is Sunday evening. My mother is 89 and she gets to be with her siblings regularly. It is a blessing. Glad you and yours have that experience too.

  11. Dear Denise,
    I hope that you and your family had a Wonderful and joyous Christmas! I love your blog it is so beautiful - I haven't been by here in a while and it is looking just lovely.

    There is an award for you a couple posts down on my blog. Enjoy, my blogger friend!
    God bless you, Denise!

  12. Sounds good. I'm coming late to this post. I didn't spend any time visiting yesterday. We had the funeral to attend, the drive there and back so the day passed quickly. It was very cold but probably not as cold as in Oklahoma. I see another, later post so I'm going to see how your day went.
    Mama Bear

  13. I bet you enjoyed hearing those stories of way back when!!

    It's supposed to start snowing again this evening. Hope yall don't get hit too hard this time!!

    Happy New year Denise!


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