Thursday, December 17, 2009

HE is busy building bridges.....

A little girl was taking a long journey, and in the course of the day her train crossed a number of rivers. The water seen in advance always awakened doubts and fears in the child. She did not understand how it could safely be crossed. As they drew near the river, however, a bridge appeared and furnished the way over. Several times the same thing happened, and finally the child leaned back with a long breath of relief and confidence: "Somebody has put bridges for us all the way." So God does likewise for His children all through life.


Now you go and live your life and do not fear........HE is before you building bridges.

I am going to post pictures of the outside of the house today......and a few of the inside....... I did not decorate much this year but it still looks so pretty....... I want to share....



  1. Hi precious friend,

    I am visiting everyone before I go off line for a few weeks to spend time with the LORD and my family.

    Denise, you have been such a beautiful part of my year. I am thankful the LORD has allowed me to link hearts with you online this year. Perhaps next year HE will permit an in-person hug :)

    I pray the absolutely abundance of GOD for you, your husband and the extension of your family. I pray that 2010 will find healing, strength, comfort, restoration and more of GOD's grace in all areas of need. HE is faithful indeed!

    Thank you for being a willing heart unto the LORD. Your header is beautiful and says it all -- JESUS! Oh the wonder of His Glorious Name!

    Love you and Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. So true and sometimes we forget He is always there...hugs, Linda

  3. Thanks for the sweet, inspiring thought, Denise. Sometimes that's just what we need. I'll be watching for your pictures.

  4. Such a sweet assurance...going before us...walking beside us...behind us as our rear guard...and dwelling within...amen!

    Thank you for the beautiful card and the sweet note bless me!

  5. You always have such inspiring and beautiful posts, just what I needed to read!!!
    Margaret B

  6. I love your post and I love you!! sometimes, well most of the time to be honest with you, I try to cross a river, when I all I need to do is just look further down and I'll find that bridge, I'd take any bridge that the lord builds, they are all safe,and sturdy, he doesn't do half jobs, just looks at us, all of his children we ARE perfectly made and all a different pattern and different material, but perfectly made!!

    Hugs to always~

  7. Oh, now, isn't that wonderful to reflect on. So thankful for those bridges. . .

  8. Thank you girl....I know He is faithful. I know He has gone before us to make a way....just feeling a tad weary of the "road".
    But I know He is faithful...I know.
    Love you much!

  9. Hi Denise ~ thank you so much for a wonderful post. I'm so grateful you're my friend...God has blessed me with the best friends ever.


  10. That is a beautiful analogy, Denise. I will be remembering there is a bridge up ahead when I see the curves coming in my life. Thank you for sharing.

    Looking forward to seeing your home.



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