Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my little Mom's 91st birthday. I always baked her a cake and bought her flowers. Today there are others that are singing to her, others that she has not seen in many many years. What a time she must be having. I know that Dad sang to her first thing. He always sang Happy Birthday to each of us. I miss baking her a cake an I wish that the Father God would let me here the singing, but I will just need to wait.  

Happy Birthday Mom..............  I know today's celebration is unlike any other you have ever had.........


  1. Happy Birthday Mom! :)

  2. My arms are reaching out to hug you tight sister. He is giving her the celebration of a lifetime! ;)

    Do something today to put a smile on your face. Make that cake--or pie and sit down with His Word and share your heart with the One who has given us this LIFE everlasting that she is experiencing right now! :D That's what Aimee, mother and I do when Wanda's birthday comes (right around the corner) If we are shopping, we buy a small token to remember her sweet life by....and we share all the wonderful things we remember with those who love her still.

    I love you friend....and am praying for your heart.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom.
    Just wanted you to know that I love you. :)

  4. 2010 has been rough for you. But I do know that your mom is having a blast on this 91st birthday - probably running up and down the streets!

  5. I thought about you while at work yesterday, remembering it was your mom's birthday...what a celebration she's having though...and look who's attending the party!! Jesus!!


  6. You've had a hard, difficult journey...that we know, but you can also feel blessed to have your mother and share her birthday. How wonderful is that!?!!

    may your new year be filled with happiness in each and every corner you turn.

  7. You touched my heart, sweet friend...I talked with my Mother a little about that homecoming she was going to have when she reached heaven in the days before she went grandmother, her mother passed away when she was 54, Mother was she must have missed her and what a joy to be reunited.
    Daddy always sang to us too. He'd call on my Birthday and not even say hello before he sang....they both enjoyed southern gospel and like you, I'd like to hear that heavenly choir now and then...Its hard to be without them but what peace to know they are in that beautiful place.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  8. Aww, Denise. I wish she could sing with my mom. Her birthday is on the 13th of this month. Her 92nd. She always sang to me too, but now is singing to Jesus.

    God bless you, dear.


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