Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We had the best weekend this past week.  You hear me talking about my brother Paul an his sweet wife Alpha all the time, well he was a featured artist at The Paseo Art Walk on Friday night in Oklahoma City. It is a very quaint little part of  OKC with little shops and sidewalk cafes'.  Every Friday night they have an "Art Walk' and there is one featured artist.

This past Friday PE was the featured artist and so we headed to OKC.
I do not know what happened here.. no idea of why the orange!  BUT there he is standing in the doorway..

This is what the door way should have looked like.  The outside is actually blue... Very small but such a fun place

Here is the outside color........  and then other gallerias that go up the street are orange and pink..

I was so unprepared for what we found.
there were about 20 art galleries, and each one had a little mini  band playing. You could hear anything from hard rock to classical on flutes!   Each one had a table set up with a beautiful spread of finger foods and a vast array of hors d' oeuvers.
Here is PE  doing what he does so well..............  TALKING ART!!!!  We just leave him alone and let him do his thing.........  This was a beautiful gallery........

Table full of dolls out of clay...  They caught my attention.......

Each store and gallery was decorated with all the twinkling lights.. I wish the pictures did them justice........

It was about two block filled with these little galleries with caorlers on the sidewalk and lots and lots of people!
Street side hot chocolate and cookies   YUM!!!!!!!!!


The harmonica man........ playing Christmas carols!!!!!!

PE had to stay with his gallery but me and Dennis and Alpha were free to see the sights. 

Do you see the gal standing on the upper balcony?  Click on the picture to see her better....

She is a mannequin!  There were several standing around the galleries........ If you did not look closely you would have thought they were just people standing around..

We walked both sides of the blocks and we did not miss a gallery. Each one filled every one of your senses with beautiful art which is candy for the eyes and sounds of music for the ears and oh my gosh the smells and tastes of all the different cuisines for the taste! It was such a treat for me and Dennis. We have not enjoyed anything like that in such a long time. 

After walking the blocks up and down both sides (which took us over two hours) we ended up at one of the sidewalk cafes' for coffee and Dennis and Alpha to split a delicious blue cheese hamburger!  OMG I got just a taste of that......... slobber slobber!!   I did not take a picture!  Shame on me........  We must have sat there for over an hour drinking the most wonderful coffee and people watching..... and let me tell you there were some people to watch there!

The weather was PERFECT for December. We sat just a few doors down from where PE was hobnobbing with all his friends and people that stopped in to see his art. (He was in hog heaven)
This was outside the door of a very very nice gallery.  Me and Alpha and Dennis so enjoyed this one. Good food and lots to see....... It is called "The Elms"  The following picture of a bronze statue is just outside the front door.
I think she needed a coat!

I did not know my camera would take a video......
This young man was so cute!
I caught him on video!   It is only 30 seconds long...... take the time to listen...

Did you know that I am going to buy a Cello? it is something that I have wanted to do for a few years now..  So my sweet husband is going to buy me one after Christmas and we look around a bit and then maybe find someone that gives lessons.......  How neat is that!

Well, me and Dennis and PE and Alpha are going back to OKC one of these Friday nights and do that again!  This time PE will be able to go with us to each gallery and not stay at just one.......  I look forward to that!




  1. I so enjoyed my visit here. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time there. The pictures are gorgeous. And the young boy was very good. It's great you are getting an instrument. I really want to learn to play a guitar. Hugs ~ Your blog looks lovely.

  2. Hello Denise:-)

    I was thinking of you this morning when out shopping with mom...saw some books and thought "omigosh, I must get in touch with Denise to find out what kind of book she wants"!! lol As for me, any recipe or decorating books I love, especially from Gooseberry Patch. Any will do, though, I'm not hard to please. lol Let me know what you would be most interested in.

    I so enjoyed this post, what a fun time you all had. Hot chocolate on the street, I love that:-) I love it when vendors come out on the streets and everything is decorated...the art galleries must have been terrific to go through as well. Congratulations to your brother for being the featured artist!! xoxo

  3. (((( hugs )))) Denise, take your time, you've been through a lot. I'm sure it's not easy to get into the "routine" of life, when your life has changed so much. May God give you lots of comfort and joy this season. Thanks for popping by my blog! Good for you on the -10 lbs!!


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