Sunday, December 19, 2010

Healing of Relationships

I think I might have said something about the healing that has come to me and my brother Larry and his crazy wife Mary Marty (inside joke) .  We went to visit with them last night and we laughed and we cried.  I took him a quilt top that was hand made by our grandmother on my mom's ,  Ida Potts.  I have been quilting them and giving them away for a couple of years now. Marty did not want me to have his quilted, as she has a lady that does all her quilting so I took just the top. AND I forgot to take a picture!!!!!!!!!   I will have Marty take a picture of it for me and send to me later.

Anyway, Larry is the second oldest and out of all four of us he is the most kind, honest, giving, compassionate human being that I know.  He always has been. He was the middle child actually.  PE being the oldest and me being the youngest with only 14 months between each of us.... PE just turned 66, Larry will turn 65 in Jan and I will turn 64 in March. My poor mother.   There is a sister but she came along 8 years after me so actually Larry was the middle child and we tormented him without mercy when we were children.

PE is an extroverted person with a wild sense of humor he took after the Walsh side. My dad was very outgoing an extroverted. I also am extroverted to a fault thus I too am a Walsh. Larry on the other hand is quiet and introverted a bit and took after my Mom which is the Potts side of the family. Now can you imagine living in-between the two of us for years and years with our Type A personalities! OMG....... It i a wonder he is not plumb nuts! 

I think in later years it crated some insecurities in him but being the person that he is, he has overcome them and has a passion for the Lord. We laughed about those years as children growing up and I told him that the Lord used our abuse to make him stronger, so he really needed to thank us!   lolololo...........  We laughed and laughed..........

Now Mary oops Marty on the other hand is a hoot! Where Larry is pretty laid back and quiet , she makes up for it for both of them.........  She is more fun to sit an talk with and let me tell you, she will speak her mind and you might as well just sit and listen. She IS going to tell you..........  Isn't it strange how each of us has our own unique personality but in those personalities we are all individual and different and we add to the lives of others different colors from the color wheel. How sad it would be to be a world of  all neutral and gray world. If I had a box of 120 crayons she would be the HOT PINK!    hahahhahahahh
Larry would be the light sky blue. What a combination!  

We have not been over there since we lost mom so we had some tears to shed over the oh so tender open wound that we all still feel. It was good to talk with him to see how he is doing so I can gauge it with how I am doing.  Tender heart is Larry.  I gave him a picture of Dad standing tall and proud in his uniform and a young man in the military and Larry was visibly shaken.  
It is one thing to know that Mom and Dad are rejoicing with the heaven host but it is another thing when we talk of how we miss them.

It was a good visit. I promised to have a big Sunday dinner one day in January and have them all over. I love my brother Larry I love his funny funny wife Marty. They are my family. 
I am thankful that the Father God has healed a relationship that was once so very strong. 
It is once again strong. It will remain that way.
What a wonderful gift this Christmas, my brother.



  1. Family is so important...both the blood type and the church body type...don't know what I would have done without them both.
    So glad that things are going well for you...and happy that there is healing taking place.
    Love you girl

  2. Oh, Sharon you said it so is so important!!!
    Denise, I was going to say the same thing, it is wonderful that you had a great visit and laughed and cried is a healing medicine that works for everyone!!!
    Margaret B

  3. So glad to see everyone is healing - esp. relationships after the death of your Mom. Hey how about putting under each pix who's who? :) I'm lost on it ... :)
    God bless and Merry Christmas

  4. There is nothing greater than the love of family - so glad you've had time to bond even closer since your parents' passing...


  5. Hello Dear heart
    this is so wonderful that your days are being filled with this type of healing.
    we here are a bit rather undone of late. goodness what a battle.
    We all had a nice evening tonight.
    Made ginger bread houses with the kids.
    Denise sure would appreciate your prayers.

  6. Denise healing old wounds is what we did also. After our parents died, it became a war and I had not spoke to my siblings in over a year, but our wounds are all healed and we are all back together. Glad yours are healing. Beautiful post today. I have my son in from NYC and we are having a wonderful time catching up on things. I wish for you the same. healing doesn't come over night and I just wish my parents were here to enjoy our visit together. Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat


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