Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Did Something Wrong

Ok, I think I have really messed up! I HAD these beautiful beautiful hydrangeas on the north side of my house. They were covered in blooms this year and pink and blue and huge. Due to the fact that we are in such a terrible heat wave, I have had to be pouring the water to them day after day. Hard to get enough water to these plants when it is that hot.... They (the blooms) started turning brown and I figured it was time for me to cut and dry the blooms. I love using them around my house.......

So I did.. I was very careful to cut them and put them all around the shop for them to dry along without touching anything. That was yesterday. This morning walking out in the shop, EVERYONE of the blooms, (maybe 35 in all) are wilted down and look TERRIBLE. OH NO! What have I done? Did I cut them too soon, should I have left them on the plants longer? What can I do now? Is there any hope or any chance that they will sit up if I put them in water?

I am soooooooooooooo PO'd at myself..........

You hydrangea experts out there give me some tips! I know, I know, you are going to say, be careful with the NEXT years crop aren't you?


  1. I have NO idea, but I am praying someone comes to your rescue soon. I would be so upset with myself, too.

  2. I don't about the hydrangea thing, but I looked at your house and saw the brick and it reminded me of Oklahoma, so many of the homes there are bricked, just looking at your place made me home sick for Oklahoma, my goal is to go back there in November to have Thanksgiving with my real Dad, never done that with him..but I'm glad I'm not living there now after reading your post on the heat!!
    Love ya bunches~
    lets drink sun tea from a mayson jars

  3. Sorry no green thumb here ...

  4. I do not have a Green Thumb so I have no idea!! I am sorry that these flowers wilted on you. Hugs Grams

  5. Oh, this is too bad...I'm sorry and have no idea what to tell you. I hope someone has the answer...hugs, Linda

  6. I don't know what to tell you but it happened to me too. Had the biggest fluffiest blooms, but then they started to get brown spots all over so I cut them and did just as you said. Same thing happened. I think one year, I left them on my plants and they dried to the point that I could cut them and they held their color. But dadgummit, the ones I cut this year died in the house, and the ones left on the plant are so ugly now I don't even want them. If you figure out what the problem is or how to do this differently, please post about it. I'd love thee answer as well.
    I'm sorry for your loss. :(

  7. I can't really help you with this. Sorry. I know most plants, you're supposed to keep the blooms on to get the nutrients back to the plant. Google and see what you find out. I've had to water too. And we are staying inside. It has been two weeks since it rained. Th triple digit heat index is rough.
    Mama Bear

  8. So sorry...I just have one small hydrangea so no expert advice from me....

  9. I know a few things..I think they couldn't stand being watered and then stand in it all day.
    This heat is tough. Before you pick them..and do NOT pick them all..they need to have a papery feel.

    If you pick most or all of the blooms, you'll get no new ones next year.

    At the paper feel stage, I bring mine in and
    put them in a vase of water..let them dry that way..sounds weird..but it's true

    I know some folks hang them upside down..but if they don't feel a bit dry.. (the blooms) I don't think any way will work.

    Smiles Deena

  10. I don't pick until at least late September here in Illinois

  11. So sorry about your lovely blooms!I have never had hydrangeas myself but LOVE them.especially the intensely blue ones!Blessings~Sharon

  12. I am so sorry. I wish I could help but do not know the answer...m.

  13. Well my only experience with these lovely flowers was at a dinner I was throwing for the women at our church.
    I spent too much on them at the florist....and by the time I got to the church they were starting to droop. I cut the bottom of the stems and put them in luke warm water and they did come back. But they sure did not last long.
    Hope you get it all figured out.

  14. Awww man I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful flowering plants! I hope that they recover.

    I want to thank you for your support and prayers. Know that they are appreciated.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  15. Oh, dear!! How disheartening!! But, 'sorry....I know nothing about hydrangeas....ummm, actually, I don't know a whole lot about flowers, etc at all!!! :o)

  16. I am zero help in the plant/flower/gardening dept.
    I'm so sorry, but hope they do like my flowers do every once in a while....just suddenly perk back up.

    It's just been so hot. Maybe it's has nothing to do with anything you did.

    Have a great Sunday!!! It's looking a little cloudy here.
    They say we're gonna get a little "cold" front. :)

  17. Denise,

    Hydrangea and I don't get along so I'm not much help. So sorry about the blooms. Looks like Deena has given you some sweet words of wisdom.


  18. I'm so sorry about your hydrangeas. I don't know what advise to give. My thumb isn't very green.

  19. Oh dear Denise, at the flowers shop we would soak the hydrangeas upside down in water for an hour and then cut the stems at a sharp angle and lightly smash the woody stems to absorb water, or split them up the bottom of the stem about three inches....... this might help, they don't like to be with other cut flowers. The water would always be luke warm, never cold.
    Hope that helps!!!
    They are such beautiful flowers, and they dry so nicely, hang them upside down in a dark room.
    Margaret B


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