Sunday, June 21, 2009



No I did not find my blog list! I am busy restoring them...... So if you do not see your name in my list it is because I am busy getting them all put back!


Just a small crisis!

Love ya!!!!!!!!!! ALL !!!

Will one of you please tell me where my blog list went? Do you know how long it took me to copy my blog list from my other blog? A LONG TIME! Now today, sitting down to take it easy on this HOT HOT day and chat with my buddies and LOOK.......... My blog list is gone! Guess I will start the process all over again unless someone can tell me how to get the list from Samaritan Women over to Life at My House? Or the question remains, does it matter where the list is? YES it does.. Soooooooo unless you tell me soon I will start again!


Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I am ! (Making a special dinner for my Dad for Fathers day and will surprise him latter today) Other than that, just out and about in the blog world.

AND does anyone out there know how to create a blockquote with different colors? I click on mine and it just changes the format!


  1. Sorry I'm no help on either ... wish I could.

  2. For the blog quote try going under settings, like when you change your template(blogger kind, before we all figured out how to get pretty ones) and there should be a thing there on fonts & colors.
    I called my mom and wished her a Happy Fathers Day, cause for years she was my father too. I love you~

  3. Well Denise, either you've already replaced it or it has reappeared because it's there now.

    And sorry, I'm CLUELESS on the block quote. Try asking Beth from NC over at Heading Towards My Destiny. She uses them all the time.

  4. Denise, You look(sound) like you have a note of panic in your voice. I checked onto both of your blogs and I can see them fine. This one is in the side bar, the other one Samaritan women you click on the blog box and it comes up. Don't panic, I know it's there somewhere.

  5. Hope your Sunday was a beautiful one...m.

  6. Hi Sweet Lady , I hope your Daddy appreciated your heart and efforts.
    Big hug

  7. Girl you are cracking me up. Sorry, I'm no help at all.

  8. I went to change an address on my list on my blog and lost the whole thing. I'm glad I had most of them in dashboard.
    Mama Bear


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