Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RLS Help

Does any of you gals know anything about RLS? I am having a terrible terrible time with my legs for the past two months.. Loosing much sleep every night and just am beside myself as what to do. I refuse to take drugs for this, and I know that God has giving us all the natural things for our bodies.........Does anyone out there have this or know of any natural healing or something to take that will help..........

I have had this for years and years but it is getting much worse and most night I sleep about 3 hours........... I am getting bags under my eyes..!!! hahahahah Got to get some help....

Restless Leg Syndrome effect millions of people. No idea what causes it........

P.S. I have lots and lots of pictures uploaded ready to post tomorrow....sorry I have been gone to long again!

Love ya!


  1. I have had this for a long time and it is terrible. I have walked the floors many nights and prayed. I can truly say I know what you are going through...prayers...m.

  2. Hi Denise!!! :-))) I will be back here too!!! Often!!! All the best and big hugs from Poland! :-)

  3. I have this horrible syndrome also. The doctors did put me on meds for it and It became worse! I also suffered from no sleep after taking the meds. What i have found to help a little is exercise (water aerobics)I have found minor relief when i exercise three times a week. However this does not help fully. In fact last night i suffered from the problem! I wish i had a cure, because i to would like to sleep fully! Hugs my friend.

  4. I'm sorry you are in pain!! My problem is cramping at night...and it's only one leg that cramps, not both!! And I do eat bananas for the potassium...at least I've always been told that is what you need when you get leg cramps...

    and of course, my knees, too...but that is another story!!



  5. Well, I have something similar, I guess. The muscles in my legs twitch and crawl. Sometimes it leads to cramps. I think it is worse when I walk a lot in shoes without padding for support. I don't know of any non medical cure. I just live with it like I do with my arthritis.
    Hope you get some sleep soon.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  6. My husband has dealt with this before and a combination of stretching exercises, walking, hot soaks, and extra water help him SOMETIMES....sorry you are having difficulties...

  7. Denise, I'm so sorry you are having this problem. I don't know of any natural remedy....but I do know that God knows...I will pray that He help you with this problem.
    ...He knows all and can do all.

    Hugs to you.

  8. Let me check with my health care provider. I'll see if there is anyone that does Nutri-Energetics in your area.

  9. Restless Leg Syndrome treatment can be specific to the individual, but symptoms may be alleviated by:

    Starting the day with stretching exercises. It has been found that strenuous exercise does not help RLS. Half an hour of gentle exercise before bedtime can also be beneficial for some sufferers. End with the yoga posture Child Pose to stretch the legs and relax.
    Walking three times a week.
    Regular massage to relax the muscles. Self massage of the legs can be helpful before sleep.
    A warm bath before bed may help insomnia. Mix four drops each of marjoram essential oil (avoid if pregnant) and lavender essential oil in four teaspoons of sweet almond oil. Add to the bath to relieve anxiety and as a muscle relaxant.
    The homeopathic remedy Rhus tox (30c) treats muscle disorders.
    Tissue Salt Mag. phos. (6C) treats spasms and involuntary muscle contractions associated with RLS.
    Exclude all forms of caffeine.
    Include foods rich in potassium, such as dried apricots, bananas, avocados, potatoes.
    Include more calcium from milk products, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, sardines, almonds and Brazil nuts.
    Include more magnesium, which is found in many fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lentils and brown rice.

  10. Hi Lady
    It is 11 pm and I got to run off to bed Be back tomorrow.
    I look forward to it


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