Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All Fixed!

Now that was a mess! Something about Photobucket account for the three column format that I downloaded for this blog............. She was so nice to let me know she was working on the problem..... BUT I am back and tonight I am going to post my Pay It Forward! YEAH ! I love those things! I have three ladies already to send to and I have decided I want three more!

So you watch tonight and be one of the first three!

Have a good day......... I HAVE to clean house!


  1. I have to clean house right this second, but wanted to stop by and visit first...I clicked onto your blog last night and saw that, I thought "Whats my friend doing to her blog now?" but your back to normal ;) Love ya, and happy house cleaning...

  2. It good to see all is well and back to normal. Yesterday laundry, today a bit of cleaning for me too...hugs, Linda

  3. Denise,

    Glad it's all fixed. It looks lovely and am going to be checking for your Pay it Forward. I do enjoy doing those.

    Glad I could identify your spiderwort. I had no idea what it was either, but Diane from Diane's told me what it was and when I goog*led it, she was right.

    I'm not sure if it comes in different colors, but like you, I'm wanting more of it. It is a beautiful plant. I'm looking forward to more photos of your garden as the year progresses.


  4. Good Morning Happy Cleaning!
    I better go get dressed and get started myself. Well I did get his lunch but the washer did stop time to reload...

  5. Say how do you do that blog list like that? It is cool.


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