Monday, June 29, 2009

UPDATE.... and When it Rains It Pours...

Dad is home and nothing broken........ Thank you Lord....... He is bruised up real bad and he will hurt tomorrow but only broken skin on his elbow..... His skin is paper thin and it tears so easy. Tylenol and rest and he will be just fine......... That is such good news......... My brother Paul just left (10:07) and I got a call from my sweet DH.......... He is on the way to see a surgeon here in town to see if he is going to have to have double hernia surgery right away......... Ok Lord, I can do this, or else you would not be asking............

Thanks for the prayers for Dad and now pray for Dennis.........

And I am looking for that silver lining behind those dark clouds.......



  1. Hold on girl!
    He is the ever present help in times of trouble....and I am going to thank Him right now for sending His strength pouring in during this hectic time.
    He is there...just lean.

    Sorry for this rough ride....praying.

  2. Hi, Who is dh dear husband? Surgery?

    It is He that will do it through you. He is inspire you as you rest in that ever present help. Ask for all that you need even that little bit of salt. (Mortin salt image there)
    That salt is the savor the flavor of life. Even in the hard times He can make Life taste so good.
    Standing with you.

  3. Oh dear! You're right. It's seems to be pouring. I pray for God's wisdom for all of your dh's caregivers.

  4. No doubt you'd much rather be laying around in that pool of yours instead of all this going on!! lol Wonderful news, though, that your dad has nothing broken. He will be sore for a little while, poor man. Prayers are being said for him, your dad, Dennis and YOU!! We're all here for you. xoxox

  5. Goodness Gracious!!!!! You are right, when it rains, it pours! Hope you got your nap in ok! Glad to hear dad is ok and mom is home, too! Wonder if I'll make it to 90???? Do I WANT to make it to 90???? Let us know how your mom and dad are doing, won't you? And please, take care of yourself, too!

  6. Oh my's raining buckets. I'm glad your mom is resting comfortably and your dad did not break his hip...both blessings.
    So sorry to hear about Dennis, you all are in my thoughts and prayers...hugs, Linda

  7. bless your heart....I'm praying! Hang in there!!

  8. Still praying and believing with you, Denise....

  9. when you come out on the other side of this valley you are walking through right now...the sun will shine even brighter...remember you are not walking alone...
    prayers for your mom, dad, Dennis, and you.....

  10. Praising GOD with you that your dad did not have anything broken and he is home resting.

    Blessings, andrea

  11. Oh, Denise......I wonder what God has in store for those of us that must take care of our parents???

    I'm so glad your dad has no broken bones....and glad your mom is okay too! Bless you my friend!!

    The Lord is our strength...


  12. With God as your strength....this too shall pass. By faith we can see that silver lining.

    Praying for you and yours.

  13. Girl, I miss a few days of your post and all kinds of things happen. Will be keeping hubby and parents in my prayers. When I saw the title, I thought when it rains it pours showers of blessings. It may not seem like it but I know they are coming your way.


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