Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOT HOT HOT Here in OK........ and An Award

Thank you Linda over at Somewhere In Time for this lovely award. It has been a while since I sent out an award so I will be happy to send this on to : Annette over at Just Annette: Shirley over at Mama's Place and Rowann over at Antiques In Old Time

It is steaming hot here in Ok...... 99 today with heat index of 104..... too hot to do anything..... Long range looks much of the have a glass of tea or lemonade and stay in the shade.

Hope you ladies are enjoying your summer....... Hard to find time to get to the blog world but I will come by your house some time soon!



  1. Denise,

    You are so deserving of the award. It's very pretty and I absolutely LOVE your new look. You did a great job.

    It was 87 F here today, felt like 97 with the humidity. Too warm for this old gal. It's supposed to be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow and the weekend looks promising.


  2. Hot here too and I don't have a pool. I have closed the blinds which I never do with the ones toward the back. I like them pulled up with all that light coming in but I know our electric is going to be much this month with all this heat and humidity so I'm trying to help.
    YEA, I'm back on the list. You knew I'd look to see. Thanks!
    Mary says the journals are on their way to you. Its almost July and they aren't half way around so I guess this one for 2009 will be more than an annual thing but that is okay.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Mama Bear

  3. My sweet Denise...thank you so much for the award. I want to say that I just love the new look on both your blogs...just so, so pretty...and I like the three columns.

    I is hot here too...but not that hot doesn't agree with me...I love cool weather.

    Hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Wow It is hotter there than here in Phoenix! It is dry here.
    Your blog here is so lovely Denise.
    That heat index must just stop you in your tracks!
    I hope your folks are weathering it alright it must really be hard on them. Do you have a dehumidifier in your home? We were visiting Virginia and stayed by the Shenandoah River. The place was not so nice but...They had one of those and it took a lot of water out of the air. Perhaps that might help inside a bit.

  5. Congrats on the new award. It is well deserved. Your new look is awesome.

  6. Thank You SWEET Friend for the Award...It's Hot but your new Blog is SO COOL....REFRESHING...Pour out that LIVING WATER...

  7. My pleasure Denise.
    Oh, it hot, hot here too. Have you been enjoying your pool yet? hugs, Linda

  8. Ahhh, yes bet your in the pool yes? We have no AC!!! So we are in the pool:) Hoping to update the AC to our new furnace soon. . .Have a great weekend and stay cool:)

  9. Thank you my sweet sister in Christ!! I will take this absolute honors! I SO love you!
    Love & big bunches of HUGS

  10. I imagine the pool would feel like bath water in those temps. Thank you for your encouragement at my blog. I appreciate your prayers and you.

  11. Good for you, an award, they should give you one for suffering computer problems!!! I like the new looks!
    Stay cool if you can my dear!
    Margaret B

  12. Congradulations and stay cool. It is pretty warm here in Richmond, Va, too!!

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  13. Congrats on your neat award!

    I love your new look! It does look cool on a hot summer's day! It is HOT in Missouri, too!!! Praise God for the AC! Hugs Grams

  14. Congrats on the award!

    And yes, after having spent two weeks between Texas and Louisiana I was sooooo glad to get back to the mountains. We left temps in the 101 range with a heat index of 107. That is just disgusting! :)
    Enjoy that pool...and don't forget the sun screen.


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