Monday, June 29, 2009

Called An Ambulance

Mom at ER last night and ambulance called for Dad early this morning. And you thought I was just laying around in that pool!

Mom is home and it seemed that she was sleeping well till Dad got up early this morning and fell and hit the electronic keyboard in the computer room. Mom called us at 5:21. He has tore his arm up and was complaining about his hip. It is 6:00 a.m now, Dennis and I are not able to lift Dad so we needed an ambulance. They are headed to the hospital, Dennis has followed and I will be here with Mom. Older brother PE is on his way in, he lives about 45 minutes from us.
I had one of my sleepless nights last night and I think I had just fallen asleep, that tells me that a nap is in order later today.........

Just pray that Dad's hip is not broken. Bless his heart, he will be 92 in December and Mom will be 90. Life is a hoot!

Blessings to you gals!


  1. Oh my goodness....oh my goodness. Yes, take a long needed nap. I so know how stressful all this is for you and your family. Taking care of the aged is not easy. But necessary.

    [ps...I have been to see Rod Stewart in concert. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!!!]

  2. So, so sorry, Denise. I sure hope you get rested up and that your dad didn't do too much damage to himself. I can't imagine living that long....I'm only hoping that God takes me before I have to be a burden to my girls.


  3. Oh dear!!! Denise, you must be so tired!! Yes, have nap and get some sleep, it's like having children again. You have get sleep when you can!! I do hope Mom and Dad are okay!!!
    Margaret B

  4. How awful!!! I'll be praying for your parents!!! And try to get some rest!!!

  5. I am so sorry. Sending prayers for healing, restoration, peace, comfort, and rest.
    Blessings, andrea

  6. I'm so very sorry to hear about your parents! I hope it's nothing and your Dad will be back home soon and your mom too.
    And thanks for visiting...and yes you're right.

  7. I have prayed for your dad. I'm glad it wasn't too serious. My grandma is 94.

    How blessed your parents are that you and your hubby are there to help them.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about this...Man you are really in a praying mood right now I bet...It is so hard to see our parents with these bad problems. I know...we have them this summer and will be taking them home at the end of july or take care...Sandy

  9. 90 and 92 how wonderful ... hope all is O.K.

  10. Praying for you and your parents....

  11. Oh you dear friend...praying for you.Love~Sharon


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