Friday, July 10, 2009

Shhhhhhhhh... I Want To Show You Something!

I thought I would take a quick picture of this........ I tried to take one of the little babies, but it is just too dark... Little Miss Wren has built a nest right back under the lip of this water pitcher and there are about 3-4 little yellow beaks looking out! How cute is that! AND how HOT is that! How in the world they can live in a metal pot like that when the temperatures are over 100, I will never know........ I make sure she has plenty of bird seed right there for her, I know she has to be tired after a long day of feeding three hungry mouths!

Me and my sweet husband are not going to get away this weekend. He has had 4 pretty rough days and I fear that traveling and in and out of the car and just the normal stuff of going off for a couple of days is going to be too much for him. So, we have decided to stay put and try and get a few days off in a month or so. BUT this morning his is pain free, last night at 10 p.m. was his last pain pill. That is a good thing, but he has to take it slow. Have ANY of you seen a man that would "take it slow"? I think not! hahahahha

I am headed to Wal-mart to buy him a comfy lounge chair for around the pool. He is able to swim now and out in the shade by the pool is a good place to park him. A couple of good books and a water bottle and he should be a happy camper (so to speak).

I think that we are on the down hill side of this now. I am thankful that Mom and Dad have been ok this week. BUT I think I am going to buy me that nursing hat and wear it around here, but I bet they running screaming into the night if I pick up an enema bottle! hahaha

Have a great Friday girls!


  1. Good Morning!
    How wonderful to have a reprieve from the pain for him and for your heart loving him through it.
    I know how exhausing. I wish a nice gardener would come help me fill these hungry mouths...oh thats right He did . She is so blessed of your kindness.
    sleepy mom this morning.
    I have that scrap in an envelope address and it has been sitting here awaiting that next phase of the process hahahha
    Thank you for the reminder. I cut the envelope open for some reason I so not recall now...I need to re tape it.
    big hug'
    I made several napkins for the table of the same fabric too.

  2. There is nothing like being free of pain after days of having it. You made the right decision. Sometimes the best thing in life is to stay put and enjoy the quietness of life in our home. Blessed weekend, dear Sister.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say. You are a woman after my own heart. There is nothing more fascinating then a bird's nest and I would do the same thing: help out the momma however I could.

  4. Loved the picture and appreciate the updates...hope your weekend goes well and hubby continues to mend...your nurse reference cracked me up!

  5. That is so cute ... birds are amazing.

  6. Denise...this is good news. I'm glad hubby is on the mend and I hope he remains pain free...I think sitting in the shade by the pool will be wonderful. Glad your parents are holding their own...I hope you have a restful weekend...hugs, Linda

  7. Praying your husbands recovery continues to go smoothly and I pray for him to be pain free and for you both to be able to enjoy every moment together.

    Enjoyed the photo and my visit.

    Blessings and love...

  8. I'm sorry y'all were not able to go anywhere, but it is for the best...and hopefully y'all can make up for it next month...glad hubby is beginning to feel better, too and your parents are not needing special attention right at the just chill out and enjoy your weekend!



  9. I am sorry you didn't get to go away. You are doing a good job taking care of your crew....don't forget to take care of you.
    Glad your Mom and Dad are having a great weekend....we will pray that stays that way. :)
    Loved the picture in the last post and this one.

  10. Denise,

    I so enjoyed talking to you tonight. You are such a comfort. Maybe meeting up with the other Denise tomorrow morning. We have talked on the phone for a few minutes to try to make arrangements.

    Love the photo of the wren. I'm baffled that the babies could live in such a hot spot. God's creatures are wondrous.


  11. Hi, my friend...I'm just now reading your last three posts...I haven't been visiting for a while..
    good to hear your parents are OK..
    it must be hard to see your mother the way she is mom has been on my mind a lot lately...I just miss her so much...and it has been almost 13 years that she's been gone...glad your hubby is doing are such a sweet loving lady who has her hands full of taking care of family...I do hope you get to go away and take it easy deserve know I love the little bird house now has it's second family of bluebirds taking up occupancy now....they do stay busy all day with feeding the you bunches....take care of yourself too....hugs.

  12. I'm sorry you didn't get to make that trip...but so glad he is feeling better. How wonderful that your parents had a good week. I know that must have helped you so much. I agree with others that we pray they continue to do well.
    When I first saw the photo I that's the cutest flower and pot...and it is! but how sweet that it back "home sweet home".
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Much love!!

  13. Ohhhhhh, to be able to relax by poolside is so comforting. And the fact he can swim is good news too, I'd think. Water is very therapeutic.

    Have a wonderful day Denise.

  14. Stopping by to say hi dear friend.Rest up dear as you surely need it.Love~Sharon

  15. Praise that Dennis is doing well, and with less pain. Also, praise for Mom & Dad holding their own. Denise needs a break from nursing and stress. Now, don't tell me you don't. I know we say we're fine and keep pushing ourelves until we realize, hey, I can't take anymore.
    Men seem to suffer more when they're incapacitated by pain or illness. Or maybe they just complain more. Who knows. They don't listen to us very well and hate being mothered by their spouses. This is just my experience talking.
    I love you girl, hang in there and soon, very soon you'll be able to take that time away.
    Mama Bear


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