Monday, July 13, 2009

Paul and Helen

Paul and Helen Walsh 2005....

Good morning girls.... Not much going on here. Weather is too hot 105 today with 110 heat index. My tomatoes and cucumbers did not survive yesterday, 103. I really hated to see them laying on the ground last night but it is hard to keep them alive in that kind of heat. Maybe a fall garden is on the list.

Dennis is on the mend thank goodness. Today he is pretty much pain free and I am thankful for that. He is a precious gift to me and I could not do what I do here without his strength. He has one more week off and we will do just exactly as we did this past week. Nothing! He needs to fully recover before he goes back to work next week. He has a very hard 6 weeks ahead of him at the college when he returns so this week is just more rest.

The ones that I most grieve for these days is Mom and Dad. Dad is very very depressed and try as I may nothing is helping. He is sleeping a lot during the day and when he is up he is just slumped in the chair. I feel obligated to do something but there is nothing I can do. You cannot give joy to others, the joy comes from within.

Mom is moving to a place in her mind that nothing is of any concern to her. She does not remember when anyone was there to see her nor does she care. This is such a cruel disease. Her personality is changing and I hear that that is one of the characteristic of this disease. She has always been mild mannered but lately she is becoming aggressive. I am learning to treat her as a child. That is difficult.
I grieve over the fact that I cannot do some of the things "as unto the Lord" that I once did and I know that I have not been put on the shelf for ever. I am a teach at heart and I find myself teaching to me most of the time. There are seasons in our lives and when the seasons are upon us we rejoice in the knowing that God is in all seasons of our lives.
Well, did not mean to go on so long about Mom and Dad........ I am FINALLY going to post on my Samaritan Women blog. The Lord has been helping me to schedule my days a bit better and I am finding time to write. That is a blessing, I need to write. I have much to say and it builds up in me and I want to share.........

Love you gals a lot and you may not know it but your prayers do reach through the cyber space corridors and find they way into my life.........

Thanks for listening.

Be blessed!


  1. Sending prayers for your Mom and Dad and the rest of your family.

  2. My friend, I do admire are always in my thoughts and prayers. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to be so close to your parents and watch them going down hill. You are does take the love and strength of God to see you through these times. Your reward awaits you. As the song goes...It will be worth it all. Hugs to you....
    my special friend.

  3. Oh honey, this is such a horrible disease. I feel horrible for your dad too...he just misses the girl she used to be.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you always!


  4. I know this is a difficult time, watching those you love change and age. I've been there. I miss my Mother and Daddy every day but I would not have them back here the way they were at the end just to make me happy. I know they are together and happy, no longer suffering because of the body they inhabited here.
    Your Dad, perhaps is depressed because of the changes he sees in your Mom. It is hard to see someone you've loved for so long changing like that. My Dad suffered from depression and like yours, spent a lot of time sleeping. When he could still read, he enjoyed westerns like the Louis Lamore series. I got him started reading after his first bout with cancer. It seemed to help him to take his mind of himself and what was going on around him. Then Mother got really bad although her mind was still sharp. It was so hard to watch her waste away. Once she was gone, Daddy was so sad and lonesome without her. Maybe that is part of your Dad's problem. His lady is not the person she once was.

    Do not ever apoligize for talking things out here. We are here for you and we feel these things with you. I'm happy Dennis is doing well. Just take it easy these next few days.
    I love you,
    Mama Bear

  5. Hi
    Sweetie does your pop need some help with bio chemicals in the brain . The stress of your mom is a tough thing for the both of you. He must really be grieving the loss of her.
    Perhaps some anti depressants might help his brain chemistry levels.

    so very sad of your mom
    Steve is so scared of me the possibility of times to come.

    It is all Gods loving kindness that we each have one more day.

  6. Hi Denise, good to hear Dennis is recovering well and with each day he will feel that much better.
    It is difficult and sad when our parents grow older...all we can do is our best and just be there for them. Prayers for you and yours are being sent to you...hugs, Linda

  7. Donetta .. Dad has been talked to about depression and he will not admit that he is depressed. We have talked to the Dr before about an anti depressant and we cannot give it to him without him knowing.. He has a sharp mind.. BUT I am going to talk to the Dr again and see if he will talk to Dad. It just hurts my heart!

  8. Thank you girls, each and every one for the encouragement. It does help..

  9. That's a beautiful picture of your mom and dad...I loved what you wrote about the Lord being in ALL the seasons of our we can know that comfort, grace, and wisdom will all be there, too...

    Love you!

  10. Sweet friend, I love you. I am glad that Dennis is doing better, my prayers continue for him. My heart really goes out to you in regards to your parents. I am praying for all of you. I know this journey is a painful one, my memories from taking the journey with my mom remain. I am asking God to give you much strength.

  11. Hey sweet Denise...I stopped in to catch up with the new look of your blog!
    So glad that your hubby is on the is so important!

    I feel your heartache and frustration about your parent situation. It is tough to treat you parent like a child, and try to reason with them when their minds won't allow them any understanding.
    God knows and He understands, and He is pleased when we honor them.

    Bless you, dear one...

  12. I'm sorry about your Mom & Dad. Your faith is so strong.

  13. What an adorable couple....I will be praying for all of you, I get bouts of depression sometimes, and it diffidently affects the whole family, and you as person HATE how you feel, depression in the elderly isn't uncommon, it isn't fare, I know! ask the Dr. if anything comes in liquid form and sneak it that way? sometime, well most of the times with the elderly you have to treat them as children. I will be praying, the power of prayer is HEALING!!!!
    Love YA LOTS!!

  14. Denise,

    The photo of your parents is beautiful. How lucky they are to have you there so close. I'm sorry you are trudging through this valley. It's difficult to watch our loved ones become frail. Praying for God to strengthen you, my friend.


  15. Oh, my friend, how difficult it is to watch our parents suffer...and we stand by and feel helpless...we do what we can but sometimes it is not enough...yet we can do no more...

    Praying for you and your family....and truly looking forward to your "writings"..can't wait to see what God has been saying to you to share with us!



  16. Denise, you know I worked with that Disease for many years . . .I only say this now because you mentioned mom is getting aggressive, this is the time to talk (seriously) with the DR and get some professional help to come in and take over part time. Dad NEEDS to be on something!
    You are not helpless, there are steps to take with your DR and your Lawyer. . .E-mail me Sweetie, I will give you more info to help them and yourself if you need to.
    Love you. . .Praying for you:)

  17. Oh Denise, I saw so many changes with my Grandpa who went to be with the Lord in 2007. It had reached the point where I was the only family he remembered. I was always his baby girl.

    It is hard to see our loved ones change especially when affected by something we can not do anything about.

    I pray for God's comfort and peace for you as well as your precious parents. May the JOY of the LORD be yours and their strength.

    Blessings to you. Love you.

  18. such a difficult time for your he watches the love of his life retreat into herself...
    and so difficult for you as you try to give proper care to both...
    sending prayers your way...
    love ya girl,

  19. You know my grandfather was a true southern gentleman. He was a southern Baptist pastor for over 40 years...and still never raised his voice. :)
    But when this disease came on...he changed. No, it is not a nice disease. At first it was just his voice..and the words he used...never had he used them before...and then he began to get physically more aggressive.
    It was sad.
    I pray for strength for you.For the ability to walk in His joy even with sickness all around. May His joy be your strength!


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