Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Post in the Fast Lane!

Thought I would stop a minute and say that things are getting better here at my house...... Dennis has had a couple of pretty bad days. Much pain and thought at one point needed to take him back to the ER. BUT today was better and he is able to back off the pain pills a bit. Mercy... hate to see him in such pain...... he is a good patient but does not listen!

Is that just like a man or what! He is off till July the 20th and we hope to be able to take a few days and go away.. Maybe on Friday.

We think we might go to Tulsa and just get room, take lots of books and turn the A/C down and sleep and read. We have gift certificates to Red Lobster and Macaroni Grill. Time to take a break from here.

Mom is not good today, she is slipping pretty bad and I sure would appreciate your prayers. She is forgetting a lot of things now. I have had a couple of melt downs this past week. I do not know how to help her and I worry about keeping her safe.

Well, got to run it is late and my sweet DH has headed to bed. I pray that he sleeps through the night tonight. He needs the rest.

Love ya'll lots!


  1. Praying that Dennis will be up to his normal self real soon, and no more pain!! Hope you do get a chance to take a couple of days to just chill!!

    Praying your mom will be's hard, I know...


  2. I'm behind on what's going on.
    I'll need to dig into some past posts to see what happened to Dennis.
    You guys take care. Those restaurant gift cards definitely need to be used. :) Yummy!
    Praying for you, Dennis and your mom.

  3. I love you...
    It might be time to try to get some extra help for your mom. Look into the Alzheimer sites and ask questions.
    There are support net works around. Even opportunities to gain greater understanding. It must be very frustrating and painful and a hole big bag of every feeling under the sun.
    It is good to go and just relax.

  4. Sending prayers for peace, love, comfort, and divine guidence.


  5. Glad Dennis' surgery is over. I'm sure he will mend quickly. I hope you both have a good trip and enjoy those gift certificates. I will keep your mom in my prayers.

  6. Love your post picture...saying extra prayers for you, hubby, your mom, and your dad that needs will be met and that special grace will come at just the right time....

  7. Denise, my dear, I so understand your 'melt downs'...I've been there and done that [to use a cliché]'s so difficult to see your parent/parents take a turn for the worse and not be able to do a darned thing. Thing is tho, you're there for her...even if it's just in your thoughts and heart. She knows that! Truly. You can see it in her eyes....I was with my mom at the bedside when she passed...her eyes told me everything...even to the last breath. She was content at last. It's so hard to deal with it.

    And yes...the best thing to do is get away from it all...take time for yourself and husband...breathe a little. Get a whole new world in front of you, if it's in a motel bed and a good book...then, so be it!!

    As you say, there isn't anything you can do, and even if you're gone from her side for a still have her remain in your mind and heart!!! Always and forever.

    Prayers for you ALL!!

  8. ...oops that was "Me"...above. Hootin' Anni. I clicked too soon. LOLOLOL

  9. I have been wondering how hubby was doing..I hope he is on the mend now!! I hate it when Mike is sick. I would rather be sick myself than him..easier on me for sure!! Smile!!
    I hope you get to go someplace..Would be good..Who watches after you mother while you are gone? I am so sorry to hear that she is not doing well. My mother had her first massage today and simply loved it.
    How do i post my link for facebook on my blog??/

  10. Hey Girl,
    I've been wondering how he was doing. I'm glad he is feeling better. My Dad had that surgery and he hurt really bad after too. Praying for your mom...and for God to give you wisdom on how to help her. Take care of yourself!
    I got my card in the mail today! That was so thoughtful and you are too sweet!! I posted so you'll have to check it out when you get time. =)
    Sending big hugs and lots of love!

  11. Thanks for the update, prayers continue.

  12. Denise you have a lot on your plate ... please do take care.

  13. I do hope ya'll get to get away. I remember when we were caring for PawPaw....I looked so forward to our short getaways. It was nice to let my brain just sleep. :)
    You need that time.....take care of yourself.


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